Journal: IJMHCI

Volume 9, Issue 4

1 -- 14Frederic Kerber, Sven Gehring, Antonio Krüger, Markus Löchtefeld. Adding Expressiveness to Smartwatch Notifications Through Ambient Illumination
15 -- 24Andrés Lucero, Marcos Serrano. Towards Proxemic Mobile Collocated Interactions
25 -- 40Alan Chamberlain, Mads Bødker, Adrian Hazzard, David K. McGookin, David De Roure, Pip Willcox, Konstantinos Papangelis. Audio Technology and Mobile Human Computer Interaction: From Space and Place, to Social Media, Music, Composition and Creation
41 -- 57Kristian Lukander, Miika Toivanen, Kai Puolamäki. Inferring Intent and Action from Gaze in Naturalistic Behavior: A Review

Volume 9, Issue 3

1 -- 16Ioannis Politis, Stephen A. Brewster, Frank E. Pollick. Using Multimodal Displays to Signify Critical Handovers of Control to Distracted Autonomous Car Drivers
17 -- 33Ariel Telpaz, Brian Rhindress, Ido Zelman, Omer Tsimhoni. Using a Vibrotactile Seat for Facilitating the Handover of Control during Automated Driving
34 -- 53Ignacio Alvarez, Laura Rumbel. Skyline: A Platform Towards Scalable UX-Centric In-Vehicle HMI Development
54 -- 72Phillip Taylor, Nathan Griffiths, Abhir Bhalerao, Zhou Xu, Adam Gelencser, Thomas Popham. Investigating the Feasibility of Vehicle Telemetry Data as a Means of Predicting Driver Workload

Volume 9, Issue 2

1 -- 17Missie Smith, Joseph L. Gabbard, Gary E. Burnett, Nadejda Doutcheva. The Effects of Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays on Drivers' Eye Scan Patterns, Performance, and Perceptions
18 -- 38David R. Large, Gary E. Burnett, Adam Bolton. Augmenting Landmarks During the Head-Up Provision of In-Vehicle Navigation Advice
39 -- 57Wayne Chi Wei Giang, Huei-Yen Winnie Chen, Birsen Donmez. Smartwatches vs. Smartphones: Notification Engagement while Driving
58 -- 74Marcel Walch, Kristin Mühl, Martin Baumann, Michael Weber 0001. Autonomous Driving: Investigating the Feasibility of Bimodal Take-Over Requests

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 15Xu Sun, Andrew J. May, Qingfeng Wang. Investigation of the Role of Mobile Personalisation at Large Sports Events
16 -- 29Wing Ho Andy Li, Kening Zhu, Hongbo Fu. Exploring the Design Space of Bezel-Initiated Gestures for Mobile Interaction
30 -- 44Samit Bhattacharya. A Predictive Linear Regression Model for Affective State Detection of Mobile Touch Screen Users
45 -- 62Fei Gao, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, Yubo Zhang. Perceived Mobile Information Security and Adoption of Mobile Payment Services in China