Journal: International Journal of Parallel Programming

Volume 17, Issue 6

475 -- 495Lionel M. Ni, Chung-Ta King. On partitioning and mapping for hypercube computing
497 -- 522Jim A. Crammond. A garbage collection algorithm for shared memory parallel processors
523 -- 528Michael J. Swain. Comments on Samal and Henderson: "Parallel consistent labeling algorithms"

Volume 17, Issue 5

367 -- 402James S. Miller. Implementing a Scheme-based parallel processing system
403 -- 423George Cybenko, T. G. Allen, J. E. Polito. Practical parallel Union-Find algorithms for transitive closure and clustering
425 -- 473Benjamin Goldberg. Multiprocessor execution of functional programs

Volume 17, Issue 4

303 -- 345Carla Schlatter Ellis, Thomas J. Olson. Algorithms for parallel memory allocation
347 -- 366Mark T. Vandevoorde, Eric S. Roberts. WorkCrews: An abstraction for controlling parallelism

Volume 17, Issue 3

207 -- 257Zoltan Somogyi, Kotagiri Ramamohanarao, Jayen Vaghani. A backtracking algorithm for the stream AND-parallel execution of logic programs
259 -- 275Elizabeth W. Edmiston, Nolan G. Core, Joel H. Saltz, Roger M. Smith. Parallel processing of biological sequence comparison algorithms
277 -- 301Virendra K. Janakiram, Edward F. Gehringer, Dharma P. Agrawal, Ravi Mehrotra. A randomized parallel branch-and-bound algorithm

Volume 17, Issue 2

95 -- 124Anoop Gupta, Milind Tambe, Dirk Kalp, Charles Forgy, Allen Newell. Parallel implementation of OPS5 on the encore multiprocessor: Results and analysis
125 -- 152John S. Conery. Binding environments for parallel logic programs in non-shared memory multiprocessors
153 -- 206Rance Cleaveland, Prakash Panangaden. Type theory and concurrency

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 17Debra Hensgen, Raphael A. Finkel, Udi Manber. Two algorithms for barrier synchronization
19 -- 37Patrick Valduriez, Setrag Khoshafian. Parallel Evaluation of the Transitive Closure of a Database Relation
43 -- 58Stephen L. Stepoway, Michael Christiansen. Parallel rendering of fractal surfaces
59 -- 92Peter A. Tinker. Performance of an OR-parallel logic programming system
93 -- 0Gary Lindstrom. Sage commentary