Journal: International Journal of Parallel Programming

Volume 43, Issue 6

961 -- 964Guido Araujo, Jean-Luc Gaudiot, Manish Parashar, Derek Chiou, José Nelson Amaral, Chita R. Das. Guest Editorial: SBAC-PAD 2013
965 -- 987Yun R. Qu, Shijie Zhou, Viktor K. Prasanna. A Decomposition-Based Approach for Scalable Many-Field Packet Classification on Multi-core Processors
988 -- 1003Karlo G. Lenzi, Felipe A. P. Figueiredo, José A. Bianco Filho, Fabrício L. Figueiredo. Fully Optimized Code Block Segmentation Algorithm for LTE-Advanced
1004 -- 1027Martin Schreiber, Christoph Riesinger, Tobias Neckel, Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Alexander Breuer. Invasive Compute Balancing for Applications with Shared and Hybrid Parallelization
1028 -- 1053Zifan Liu, Nahid Emad, Soufian Ben Amor, Michel Lamure. PageRank Computation Using a Multiple Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi Method for Modeling Epidemic Spread
1054 -- 1077Guohong Li, Olivier Temam, Zhenyu Liu, Sanchuan Guo, Dongsheng Wang. Cluster Cache Monitor: Leveraging the Proximity Data in CMP
1078 -- 1102Jacobo Lobeiras, Margarita Amor, Ramon Doallo. BPLG: A Tuned Butterfly Processing Library for GPU Architectures
1103 -- 1128Paul-Antoine Arras, Didier Fuin, Emmanuel Jeannot, Arthur Stoutchinin, Samuel Thibault. List Scheduling in Embedded Systems Under Memory Constraints
1129 -- 1159Bharat Sukhwani, Mathew Thoennes, Hong Min, Parijat Dube, Bernard Brezzo, Sameh W. Asaad, Donna Dillenberger. A Hardware/Software Approach for Database Query Acceleration with FPGAs
1160 -- 1191Gregorio Bernabé, Javier Cuenca, Domingo Giménez. An Autotuning Engine for the 3D Fast Wavelet Transform on Clusters with Hybrid CPU + GPU Platforms
1192 -- 1217Gong Su, Stephen Heisig. The Scalability of Disjoint Data Structures on a New Hardware Transactional Memory System
1218 -- 1243George Michelogiannakis, Xiaoye S. Li, David H. Bailey, John Shalf. Extending Summation Precision for Network Reduction Operations

Volume 43, Issue 5

679 -- 702Daniel Langr, Pavel Tvrdík, Ivan Simecek, Tomás Dytrych. Downsampling Algorithms for Large Sparse Matrices
703 -- 720Alejandro Hidalgo-Paniagua, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez, Nieves Pavón, Joaquín Ferruz Melero. A Comparative Study of Parallel RANSAC Implementations in 3D Space
721 -- 751Deli Zhang, Brendan Lynch, Damian Dechev. Queue-Based and Adaptive Lock Algorithms for Scalable Resource Allocation on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
752 -- 785Pekka Jääskeläinen, Carlos Sánchez de La Lama, Erik Schnetter, Kalle Raiskila, Jarmo Takala, Heikki Berg. pocl: A Performance-Portable OpenCL Implementation
786 -- 811María Botón-Fernández, Manuel Aurelio Rodriguez Pascual, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez, Francisco Prieto Castrillo, Rafael Mayo Garcia. A Comparative Analysis of Adaptive Solutions for Grid Environments
812 -- 839Jakub Nalepa, Miroslaw Blocho. Co-operation in the Parallel Memetic Algorithm
840 -- 875Slobodan Jelic, Sören Laue, Domagoj Matijevic, Patrick Wijerama. A Fast Parallel Implementation of a PTAS for Fractional Packing and Covering Linear Programs
876 -- 891José Luis Jodra, Ibai Gurrutxaga, Javier Muguerza. Efficient 3D Transpositions in Graphics Processing Units
892 -- 893Christopher Brown. High-Level Heterogeneous and Hierarchical Parallel Systems (HLPGPU 2014)
894 -- 917Ashkan Tousimojarad, Wim Vanderbauwhede. Steal Locally, Share Globally - A Strategy for Multiprogramming in the Manycore Era
918 -- 938Hector Ortega-Arranz, Yuri Torres, Arturo González-Escribano, Diego R. Llanos. Comprehensive Evaluation of a New GPU-based Approach to the Shortest Path Problem
939 -- 960Hector Ortega-Arranz, Yuri Torres, Arturo González-Escribano, Diego R. Llanos. TuCCompi: A Multi-layer Model for Distributed Heterogeneous Computing with Tuning Capabilities

Volume 43, Issue 4

549 -- 571Dheya Mustafa, Rudolf Eigenmann. PETRA: Performance Evaluation Tool for Modern Parallelizing Compilers
572 -- 596Steven D. Feldman, Pierre LaBorde, Damian Dechev. A Wait-Free Multi-Word Compare-and-Swap Operation
597 -- 630Tae-Hyuk Ahn, Adrian Sandu, Layne T. Watson, Clifford A. Shaffer, Yang Cao, William T. Baumann. A Framework to Analyze the Performance of Load Balancing Schemes for Ensembles of Stochastic Simulations
631 -- 655Ryma Mahfoudhi, Zaher Mahjoub, Wahid Nasri. Parallel Communication-Avoiding Algorithm for Triangular Matrix Inversion on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Platforms
656 -- 678Ali Jannesari. Detection of High-Level Synchronization Anomalies in Parallel Programs

Volume 43, Issue 3

311 -- 315Ching-Hsien Hsu, Xiaoming Li, Xuanhua Shi. Network and Parallel Computing
316 -- 338Quanqing Xu, Liang Zhao, Mingzhong Xiao, Anna Liu, Yafei Dai. YuruBackup: A Space-Efficient and Highly Scalable Incremental Backup System in the Cloud
339 -- 358Hui Huang, Ligang He, Xueguang Chen, Minghui Yu, Zhiwu Wang. Automatic Composition of Heterogeneous Models Based on Semantic Web Services
359 -- 380Xiaowen Feng, Hai Jin, Ran Zheng, Lei Zhu, Weiqi Dai. Accelerating Smith-Waterman Alignment of Species-Based Protein Sequences on GPU
381 -- 402Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha, Li Wang, Qingfeng Zhuge, Jun Zhang, Jing Liu. Power Efficiency for Hardware/Software Partitioning with Time and Area Constraints on MPSoC
403 -- 420Hai Jin, Hanfeng Qin, Song Wu, Xuerong Guo. CCAP: A Cache Contention-Aware Virtual Machine Placement Approach for HPC Cloud
421 -- 439Bernhard Egger, Erik Gustafsson, Changyeon Jo, Jeongseok Son. Efficiently Restoring Virtual Machines
440 -- 454Feng Liang, Yunzhen Liu, Hai Liu, Shilong Ma, Bettina Schnor. A Parallel Job Execution Time Estimation Approach Based on User Submission Patterns within Computational Grids
455 -- 471Xianming Zhong, Chengcheng Xiang, Miao Yu, Zhengwei Qi, Haibing Guan. A Virtualization Based Monitoring System for Mini-intrusive Live Forensics
472 -- 488Zhao Li, Yao Shen, Bin Yao 0002, Minyi Guo. OFScheduler: A Dynamic Network Optimizer for MapReduce in Heterogeneous Cluster
489 -- 507Kenn Slagter, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Yeh-Ching Chung. An Adaptive and Memory Efficient Sampling Mechanism for Partitioning in MapReduce
508 -- 527Songbin Liu, Xiaomeng Huang, Haohuan Fu, Guangwen Yang, Zhenya Song. Data Reduction Analysis for Climate Data Sets
528 -- 547Hai Jin, Honglei Jiang, Shadi Ibrahim, Xiaofei Liao. Inaccuracy in Private BitTorrent Measurements

Volume 43, Issue 2

159 -- 179Markus Metzger, Xinmin Tian, Walfred Tedeschi. User-Guided Dynamic Data Race Detection
180 -- 202Jianxun Zhang, Zhimin Gu, Yan Huang, Ninghan Zheng, Xiaohan Hu. Helper Thread Prefetching Control Framework on Chip Multi-processor
203 -- 239I. Z. Reguly, Michael B. Giles. Finite Element Algorithms and Data Structures on Graphical Processing Units
240 -- 259Matthew D. Williamson, K. Subramani. A Parallel Implementation for the Negative Cost Girth Problem
260 -- 285Zhendong Wu, Kai Lu, Xiaoping Wang, Xu Zhou. Collaborative Technique for Concurrency Bug Detection
286 -- 309Kshitij Mehta, Edgar Gabriel. Multi-Threaded Parallel I/O for OpenMP Applications

Volume 43, Issue 1

1 -- 2John McAllister, David Guevorkian, Hartwig Jeschke, Mihai Sima. Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling and Simulation
3 -- 23Teemu Nyländen, Jani Boutellier, Karri Nikunen, Jari Hannuksela, Olli Silvén. Low-Power Reconfigurable Miniature Sensor Nodes for Condition Monitoring
24 -- 58Amine Anane, El Mostapha Aboulhamid. A Transaction-Based Environment for System Modeling and Parallel Simulation
59 -- 85Georgios Keramidas, Chrysovalantis Datsios. Revisiting Cache Resizing
86 -- 129Daniel Baudisch, Klaus Schneider 0001. Evaluation of Speculation in Out-of-Order Execution of Synchronous Dataflow Networks
130 -- 157Ricardo A. Velásquez, Pierre Michaud, André Seznec. BADCO: Behavioral Application-Dependent Superscalar Core Models