Journal: International Journal of Parallel Programming

Volume 6, Issue 4

263 -- 278Richard G. Hamlet. Execution traces and programming-language semantics
279 -- 287Arne Thesen, Tad Pinkerton. Predicting the availability of contiguous memory
289 -- 306Flavio R. Dias Velasco, Celso de Renna e Souza. An application of formal linguistics to scene recognition
307 -- 315Belur V. Dasarathy. FEAST: Feature evaluation and selection technique for deployment in unsupervised nonparametric environments
317 -- 326H. M. Srivastava, H. B. Kekre, Y. N. Bapat. G/M/1 queue study of buffer behavior in the decoding system of computer communication
327 -- 343John A. Moyne. Simple-english for data base communication

Volume 6, Issue 3

179 -- 192Jack Minker, Gerald A. Wilson. A note on answer extraction in resolution-based systems
193 -- 209Harvey S. Koch. Information system design for real-time multiprocessing systems
211 -- 221T. C. Ting. Compacting homogeneous text for minimizing storage space
223 -- 235Sergei Aalto, Ernst J. Schuegraf. Determination of the number of unambiguous bit matrices
237 -- 261André Bouckaert. Computer diagnosis of goiters. V. The input

Volume 6, Issue 2

95 -- 129H. P. Edmundson. Statistical inference in mathematical and computational linguistics
131 -- 149K. Maruyama, S. K. Chang, D. T. Tang. A general packing algorithm for multidimensional resource requirements
151 -- 163Jon C. Muzio. A prefix operator for a switching algebra

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 7Herbert Hellerman, Roger Cavallo. On the solution of multiattribute problems involving counting in intersecting sets
9 -- 25Sara R. Jordan. A natural language understander based on a freely associated learned memory net
27 -- 40Kai Hwang. On syntactic edge detection in noisy pictures
41 -- 54S. A. Starks, Rui J. P. Figueiredo, D. L. Rooy. An algorithm for optimal single linear feature extraction from several gaussian pattern classes
55 -- 70Thomas P. Neff, Abraham Kandel. Simplification of fuzzy switching functions
71 -- 82J. Steven Hughes, Abraham Kandel. Applications of fuzzy algebra to hazard detection in combinational switching circuits
83 -- 93Keisuke Tanatsugu, Setsuo Arikawa. On characteristic sets and degrees of finite automata