Journal: International Journal of Parallel Programming

Volume 8, Issue 6

435 -- 471Gyula A. Magó. A network of microprocessors to execute reduction languages, part II
473 -- 488Hikyoo Koh, Henry Y. H. Chuang. Finding a minimal set of base paths of a program
489 -- 521Yves Kodratoff. A class of functions synthesized from a finite number of examples and a lisp program scheme
523 -- 539Gregor von Bochmann. Semantic equivalence of covering attribute grammars
541 -- 547Julius T. Tou. Dynoc - A dynamic optimal cluster-seeking technique

Volume 8, Issue 5

349 -- 385Gyula A. Magó. A network of microprocessors to execute reduction languages, part I
387 -- 403Elaine J. Weyuker. The applicability of program schema results to programs
405 -- 417Andrzej Proskurowski. Minimum dominating cycles in 2-trees
419 -- 434David R. Stoutemyer. Computer algebra for the calculus of variations, the maximum principle, and automatic control

Volume 8, Issue 4

255 -- 260A. V. Anisimov, Donald E. Knuth. Inhomogeneous sorting
261 -- 277Ronald Alter, Johnson M. Hart. Enumerating syntactical graphs and lattices of derivations
279 -- 301Sabah S. Al-Fedaghi, Y. H. Chin. Algorithmic approach to the consecutive retrieval property
303 -- 333Supachai Tangwongsan, K. S. Fu. An application of learning to robotic planning
335 -- 347Karel Culik II, Derek Wood. Doubly deterministic tabled OL systems

Volume 8, Issue 3

181 -- 208H. P. Edmundson, Immanuel I. Tung. The notion of a probabilistic cellular acceptor
209 -- 218André Thayse. Encoding of parallel program schemata by vector addition systems
219 -- 238Ben Shneiderman, Richard E. Mayer. Syntactic/semantic interactions in programmer behavior: A model and experimental results
239 -- 253Belur V. Sheela, Belur V. Dasarathy. OPAL: A new algorithm for optimal partitioning and learning in non parametric unsupervised environments

Volume 8, Issue 2

89 -- 110Fred J. Maryanski, Michael G. Thomason. Properties of stochastic syntax-directed translation schemata
111 -- 127A. G. Ivakhnenko. Development of models of optimal complexity using self-organization theory
129 -- 139Arie P. Schinnar. Generalized inverse solutions of multiattribute accounting problems
141 -- 148Robert L. Cannon. Notes on canonical label languages
149 -- 179Steven A. Vere. Composition of relational productions for plans and programs

Volume 8, Issue 1

3 -- 8Julius T. Tou. Zoom-thresholding technique for boundary determination
9 -- 37H. I. Epstein, B. F. Caviness. A structure theorem for the elementary functions and its application to the identity problem
39 -- 73C. C. Gotlieb, Antonio L. Furtado. Data schemata based on directed graphs
75 -- 88Belur V. Dasarathy, A. L. Lakshminarasimhan. Learning under a VEDIC teacher