Journal: IJSSCI

Volume 12, Issue 4

1 -- 18Ganesh Khekare, Pushpneel Verma, Urvashi Dhanre, Seema Raut, Shahrukh Sheikh. The Optimal Path Finding Algorithm Based on Reinforcement Learning
19 -- 41Meriem Benadda, Ghalem Belalem. Improving Road Safety for Driver Malaise and Sleepiness Behind the Wheel Using Vehicular Cloud Computing and Body Area Networks
42 -- 59Rinat Galiautdinov. Information Processing Systems in UAV Based on Bayesian Filtering in Conditions of Uncertainty
60 -- 70Hironori Hiraishi. Experience-Based Approach for Cognitive Vehicle Research
71 -- 91Houcine Matallah, Ghalem Belalem, Karim Bouamrane. Evaluation of NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Redis, Couchbase, OrientDB

Volume 12, Issue 3

1 -- 13Rodolfo A. Fiorini. Computational Intelligence From Autonomous System to Super-Smart Society and Beyond
14 -- 27John C. Sarivougioukas, Aristides Th. Vagelatos. Modeling Deep Learning Neural Networks With Denotational Mathematics in UbiHealth Environment
28 -- 37Neantro Saavedra-Rivano. Mankind at a Crossroads: The Future of Our Relation With AI Entities
38 -- 54Falah Hassan Al-akashi. An Islamic Distributed Information Retrieval Approach
55 -- 71Akhil Gudivada, James Philips, Nasseh Tabrizi. Developing Concept Enriched Models for Big Data Processing Within the Medical Domain

Volume 12, Issue 2

1 -- 14Denis Pashchenko. Digitalization in Software Engineering and IT Business
15 -- 33Rinat Galiautdinov. The Math Model of Drone Behavior in the Hive, Providing Algorithmic Architecture
34 -- 49Roseclaremath A. Caroro, Rolysent Paredes, Jerry M. Lumasag. Rules for Orthographic Word Parsing of the Philippines' Cebuano-Visayan Language Using Context-Free Grammars
50 -- 73O. V. Singh, M. Singh. A Comparative Analysis on Economic Load Dispatch Problem Using Soft Computing Techniques
74 -- 86Kenneth Brezinski, Michael Guevarra, Ken Ferens. Population Based Equilibrium in Hybrid SA/PSO for Combinatorial Optimization: Hybrid SA/PSO for Combinatorial Optimization

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 14Shangzhu Jin. A Bidirectional Reasoning Based on Fuzzy Interpolation
15 -- 29Ravi Kumar Saidala. Variant of Northern Bald Ibis Algorithm for Unmasking Outliers
30 -- 46Carmen Campomanes-Alvarez, Blanca Rosario Campomanes Álvarez, Pelayo Quirós. Person Identification System in a Platform for Enabling Interaction With Individuals Affected by Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities
47 -- 67Prabir Bhattacharya, Minzhe Guo. An Incentive Compatible Mechanism for Replica Placement in Peer-Assisted Content Distribution
68 -- 79Rachida Touami, Karima Kies, Nacéra Benamrane. Detection of Microcalcifications on Mammograms