Journal: IJSSCI

Volume 13, Issue 4

1 -- 17Aristides Vagelatos, John C. Sarivougioukas. Using Denotational Mathematics for the Formal Description of Home UbiHealth Decision-Support Systems With Knowledge Flow
18 -- 39Justice Kwame Appati, Godfred Akwetey Brown, Michael Agbo Tettey Soli, Ismail Wafaa Denwar. A Review of Computational Intelligence Models for Brain Tumour Classification and Prediction
40 -- 53Dhai Eddine Salhi, Abdelkamel Tari, Mohand Tahar Kechadi. Email Classification for Forensic Analysis by Information Gain Technique
54 -- 63Rinat Galiautdinov. Digitally-Signed Video/Audio Streams as Prevention of AI-Based Attacks
64 -- 74Leila Zemmouchi-Ghomari. How Industry 4.0 Can Benefit From Semantic Web Technologies and Artefacts

Volume 13, Issue 3

1 -- 11Hadj Ahmed Bouarara. Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) to Analyse Mental Behaviour in Social Media
12 -- 27Sidi Mohammed Kaddour, Mohamed Lehsaini. Electricity Consumption Data Analysis Using Various Outlier Detection Methods
28 -- 37Wasiur Rhmann. An Ensemble of Hybrid Search-Based Algorithms for Software Effort Prediction
38 -- 63Houcine Matallah, Ghalem Belalem, Karim Bouamrane. Comparative Study Between the MySQL Relational Database and the MongoDB NoSQL Database
64 -- 70Denis Pashchenko. Fully Remote Software Development Due to COVID Factor: Results of Industry Research (2020)

Volume 13, Issue 2

1 -- 22Vincent Wah Cheong Fung, Kam-Chuen Yung. Developing Predictive Engineering Analytics to Formulate the Closed-Loop Management for Achieving Re-Industrialisation
23 -- 36Yashvardhan Sharma, Rupal Bhargava, Bapiraju Vamsi Tadikonda. Named Entity Recognition for Code Mixed Social Media Sentences
37 -- 64Mousa Elrotub, Ahmed Bali, Abdelouahed Gherbi. Sharing VM Resources With Using Prediction of Future User Requests for an Efficient Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Environment
65 -- 88Aditya Raj, Sonajharia Minz. A Scalable Unsupervised Classification Method Using Rough Set for Remote Sensing Imagery
89 -- 106Ruchi Holker, Seba Susan. Neuroscience-Inspired Parameter Selection of Spiking Neuron Using Hodgkin Huxley Model

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 16Amit Saxena 0001, John Wang, Wutiphol Sintunavarat. An Empirical Study on Initializing Centroid in K-Means Clustering for Feature Selection
17 -- 37Lilybert Machcha, Prabir Bhattacharya. Cancer Classification From DNA Microarray Using Genetic Algorithms and Case-Based Reasoning
38 -- 55Archana Singh, Rakesh Kumar. A Two-Phase Load Balancing Algorithm for Cloud Environment
56 -- 71Dhai Eddine Salhi, Abdelkamel Tari, Mohand Tahar Kechadi. Using Clustering for Forensics Analysis on Internet of Things
72 -- 89Nag Mani, Melody Moh, Teng-Sheng Moh. Defending Deep Learning Models Against Adversarial Attacks
90 -- 108Rinat Galiautdinov. Methods of Information Processing of Relative Motion in the Flying Groups of UAV