Journal: IJVR

Volume 1, Issue 2

2 -- 24Michael Starks. Stereoscopic Imaging Technology: A Review of Patents and the Literature
25 -- 34Max M. North, Sarah M. North, Joseph R. Coble. Effectiveness of Virtual Environment Desensitization in the Treatment of Agoraphobia
35 -- 39Carol Manetta, Richard A. Blade. Glossary of Virtual Reality Terminology
40 -- 42Richard A. Blade. Stereographic Photography on the Computer

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 0Richard A. Blade. EDITORIAL - IJVR 1(1)
2 -- 9Creve Maples, Craig Peterson. µuSE (Multidimensional, User-Oriented Synthetic Environment): a Functionality-based, Human Computer Interface
9 -- 22Thomas P. Caudell. A virtual Environment Interface to Compare Autonomous Perceptual Systems
22 -- 27W. Lambert Gardiner. Virtual Reality Cyberspace: Challenges to Communication Studies