Journal: IJVR

Volume 10, Issue 4

1 -- 10Paulo Gallotti Rodrigues, Alberto Barbosa Raposo, Luciano Pereira Soares. A Virtual Touch Interaction Device for Immersive Applications
11 -- 23João Luiz Bernardes, Luiz Ricardo Nakamura, Romero Tori. Comprehensive Model and Image-Based Recognition of Hand Gestures for Interaction in 3D Environments
25 -- 35Sabarish V. Babu, Evan A. Suma, Larry F. Hodges, Tiffany Barnes. Learning Cultural Conversational Protocols with Immersive Interactive Virtual Humans
37 -- 43Huaihui Wang, Huaxun Xu, Liang Zeng, Sikun Li. Fuzzy Feature Visualization of 3D Vector Field by Information-Entropy-Based Texture Adaptation
43 -- 51Hoshang Kolivand, Mohd Shahrizal Sunar. Hybrid Silhouette Detection for Real-Time Shadow Volume
53 -- 59Jianwen Song, Zhijie Yao. The General Method Study and Practice for Trans-disciplinary Design in Internet Platform of 3D Art Museum
61 -- 65Robert Sajko, Zeljka Mihajlovic. Fast Image-Based Ambient Occlusion IBAO

Volume 10, Issue 3

1 -- 8Xiubo Liang, Zhen Wang 0003, Weidong Geng, Franck Multon. A Motion-based User Interface for the Control of Virtual Humans Performing Sports
9 -- 16Can Kirmizibayrak, Jean Honorio, Xiaolong Jiang, Mark Russell, James K. Hahn. Digital Analysis and Visualization of Swimming Motion
17 -- 24Hubert P. H. Shum, Taku Komura, Shu Takagi. Fast Accelerometer-Based Motion Recognition with a Dual Buffer Framework
25 -- 31Tianchen Xu, Mo Chen, Ming Xie, Enhua Wu. A Skinning Method in Real-time Skeletal Character Animation
33 -- 39Pedro F. Campos, Sofia Pessanha, Joaquim A. Jorge. Fostering Collaboration in Kindergarten through an Augmented Reality Game
51 -- 60Brahim Nini. Full Control of Virtual Objects Manipulation Based on the Images of Real Ones
61 -- 64Guoqing Wu, Yi Cao, Junping Yin. Entropy Based Information Visualization of Scientific Data
65 -- 72Shujun Zhang, Jianbo Zhang, Yun Liu 0007. A Window-Based Adaptive Correspondence Search Algorithm Using Mean Shift and Disparity Estimation
73 -- 79Jian Yang, Jingfeng Guo. Image Texture Feature Extraction Method Based on Regional Average Binary Gray Level Difference Co-occurrence Matrix

Volume 10, Issue 2

1 -- 10Zoltán Rusák, Csaba Antonya, Imre Horváth. Methodology for Controlling Contact Forces in Interactive Grasping Simulation
11 -- 15Tsuyoshi Honjo, Kiyoshi Umeki, Darhsiung Wang, Pinan Yang, Hanching Hsieh. Landscape Simulation and Visualization on Google Earth
17 -- 31Joe Cecil, Miguel Pirela-Cruz. An Information Model Based Framework for Virtual Micro Surgery
33 -- 38Shenglian Lu, Xinyu Guo, Chunjiang Zhao 0001, Changfeng Li. Physical Model for Interactive Deformation of 3D Plant
39 -- 47Roberto Viganò, Edoardo Rovida, Riccardo Vincenti, Marco Ramondino. Road Signs Perception Evaluation by Means of a Semi-immersive Tool
49 -- 56Octávio P. Martins, Alcínia Z. Sampaio. Bridge Launching Construction Visualized in a Virtual Environment
57 -- 68Eliab Z. Opiyo, Imre Horváth. Heterogeneous Remote Visualization Framework for Ubiquitous Product Development Activities
69 -- 79Giandomenico Caruso. Mixed Reality System for Ergonomic Assessment of Driver's Seat
81 -- 86Ludovic Hamon, Emmanuelle Richard, Paul Richard, Jean-Louis Ferrier. A Simple Framework to Develop Pedagogical Augmented Reality Programs: an Application Based on Plants Teaching

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 4Ana Paiva. Empathy in Social Agents
5 -- 11Chih Ming Chiu, Shao-Shin Hung, Jyh-Jong Tsay. Automatic Modeling of Frequent Behaviors of Avatars and Players in a On Line Game
13 -- 19Nuria Pelechano, Bernhard Spanlang, Alejandro Beacco. Avatar Locomotion in Crowd Simulation
21 -- 27Taekwon Jang, Roger Blanco i Ribera, Jinhyuk Bae, Junyong Noh. Simulating SPH Fluid with Multi-Level Vorticity
29 -- 35Kenji Takamatsu, Takashi Kanai. A Fast and Practical Method for Animating Particle-Based Viscoelastic Fluids
37 -- 43Enkhbayar Altantsetseg, Yuta Muraki, Fumito Chiba, Kouichi Konno. 3D Surface Reconstruction of Stone Tools by Using Four-Directional Measurement Machine
45 -- 51Hiroyuki Kubo, Yoshinori Dobashi, Shigeo Morishima. Curvature-Dependent Reflectance Function for Interactive Rendering of Subsurface Scattering
53 -- 60Oyundolgor Khorloo, Zorig Gunjee, Batjargal Sosorbaram, Norishige Chiba. Wind Field Synthesis for Animating Wind-induced Vibration
61 -- 66Byung-Cheol Kim, Seungwoo Oh, KwangYun Wohn. Persistent Wrinkles and Folds of Clothes
67 -- 73Samuel Rodríguez, Nancy M. Amato. Utilizing Roadmaps in Evacuation Planning