Journal: IJVR

Volume 17, Issue 3

0 -- 0Cédric Buche. Editorial - IJVR 17(3)
1 -- 14Charles Z. Liu, Manolya Kavakli. An Agent-Aware Computing Based Mixed Reality Information System
15 -- 26Jing Xu, Yingzi Lin, David Schmidt. Exploring the Influence of Simulated Road Environments on Cyclist Behavior
27 -- 51Katy Tcha-Tokey, Emilie Loup-Escande, Olivier Christmann, Simon Richir. Effects of Interaction Level, Framerate, Field of View, 3D Content Feedback, Previous Experience on Subjective User eXperience and Objective Usability in Immersive Virtual Environment

Volume 17, Issue 2

0 -- 0Simon Richir. Editorial - IJVR 17(2)
1 -- 29Laurent Dupont, Marc Pallot, Laure Morel, Olivier Christmann, Vincent Boly, Simon Richir. Exploring Mixed-methods Instruments for Performance Evaluation of Immersive Collaborative Environments
30 -- 39Christine Webster, François Garnier, Anne Sedes. Empty Room, how to compose and spatialize electroacoustic music in VR in ambisonic and binaural
40 -- 45Ludovic David, Guillaume Bouyer, Samir Otmane. Towards a low-cost interactive system for motor self-rehabilitation after stroke
46 -- 64François Garnier, Loup Vuarnesson, Alain Berthoz. An immersive paradigm to study emotional perception in co-presence through avatars
65 -- 71Toshikazu Ohshima, Kenzo Kojima. MitsuDomoe: Ecosystem Simulation of Virtual Creatures in Petri Dish Display
72 -- 78Rex Hsieh, Yuya Mochizuki, Takaya Asano, Marika Higashida, Akihiko Shirai. "Real Baby - Real Family" Multi-Sensory Feedback Tangible Baby VR
79 -- 88Roy Oberhauser, Carsten Lecon. Gamified Virtual Reality for Program Code Structure Comprehension

Volume 17, Issue 1

0 -- 0Cédric Buche. Editorial - The International Journal of Virtual Reality 2017, IJVR 17(1)
1 -- 20Emmanuel Dubois 0001, Adrien Hamelin. Worm Selector: Volume Selection in a 3D Point Cloud Through Adaptive Modelling
21 -- 31Nehla Ghouaiel, Samir Garbaya, Jean-Marc Cieutat, Jean-Pierre Jessel. Mobile Augmented Reality in Museums : Towards Enhancing Visitor's Learning Experience
32 -- 53Jessica E. Cornick, Jim Blascovich. Physiological Responses to Virtual Exergame Feedback for Individuals with Different Levels of Exercise Self-Efficacy