Journal: IJVR

Volume 18, Issue 2

0 -- 0Cédric Buche. Editorial - IJVR 18(2)
1 -- 18Jaemin Powell, Oliver Stroh, Geb W. Thomas. Hardware Design for an Electro-Mechanical Bicycle Simulator in an Immersive Virtual Reality Environment
19 -- 29Guillaume Loup, Sébastien George, Iza Marfisi, Audrey Serna. A Visual Programming Tool to Design Mixed and Virtual Reality Interactions
30 -- 57Shamima Yasmin. Virtual Reality and Assistive Technologies: A Survey

Volume 18, Issue 1

0 -- 0Cédric Buche. Editorial - IJVR 18(1)
1 -- 18Daniel M. Shafer, Corey P. Carbonara, Michael F. Korpi. Exploring Enjoyment of Cinematic Narratives in Virtual Reality: A Comparison Study
19 -- 34Ted Jones, Rebecca Skadberg, Todd Moore. A Pilot Study of the Impact of Repeated Sessions of Virtual Reality on Chronic Neuropathic Pain