Journal: IJVR

Volume 5, Issue 4

1 -- 12Barnabás Takács. Cognitive, Mental and Physical Rehabilitation Using a Configurable Virtual Reality System
13 -- 20Pheng-Ann Heng, Shao-Xiang Zhang, Lin Shi, Yong-Ming Xie, T. T. Wong, Y.-P. Chui. Visible Human Based Virtual Medicine
21 -- 30Taejin Ha, Woontack Woo. Garden Alive: an Emotionally Intelligent Interactive Garden
39 -- 46Carlos Toro, Jorge Posada, Stefan Wundrak, André Stork. Improving Virtual Reality Applications in CAD through Semantics
47 -- 54Ping Yin, Xiaohong Jiang, Jiaoying Shi, Ran Zhou. Multi-screen Tiled Displayed, Parallel Rendering System for a Large Terrain Dataset
55 -- 68Cecilia Sik-Lányi, Zoltán Geiszt, Péter Károlyi, Ádám Tilinger, Viktor Magyar. Virtual Reality in Special Needs Early Education

Volume 5, Issue 3

0 -- 0Michael Haller, Huagen Wan. Mixed Reality. From Rendering to Gaming with Pets
1 -- 7Peter Supan, Ines Stuppacher, Michael Haller. Image Based Shadowing in Real-Time Augmented Reality
9 -- 15Fan Wu, Emmanuel Agu, Matthew Ward. Multiresolution Graphics on Ubiquitous Displays Using Wavelets
17 -- 23Jochen Ehnes, Michitaka Hirose. Projected Reality-Content Delivery Right onto Objects of Daily Life
25 -- 32Jesús Ibáñez, Carlos Delgado-Mata. A Basic Semantic Common Level for Virtual Environments
33 -- 39Seokhee Jeon, HyeongSeop Shim, Gerard Jounghyun Kim. Viewpoint Usability for Desktop Augmented Reality
41 -- 45Yong-Moo Kwon, Kyeong-Won Jeon, Jeongseok Ki, Qonita M. Shahab, Sangwoo Jo, Sung-Kyu Kim. 3D Gaze Estimation and Interaction to Stereo Dispaly
47 -- 52Marc Erich Latoschik, Christian Fröhlich, Alexander Wendler. Scene Synchronization in Close Coupled World Representations Using SCIVE
53 -- 58Roger Thomas Kok Chuen Tan, Adrian David Cheok, James Keng Soon Teh. Metazoa Ludens: Mixed Reality Environment for Playing Computer Games with Pets
59 -- 65Bin Sheng, Enhua Wu. Laplacian-based Design: Sketching 3D Shape
67 -- 73Jim X. Chen, Daniel B. Carr, Harry Wechsler, Zhigeng Pan. Interactive Visualization of Multivariate Statistical Data

Volume 5, Issue 2

0 -- 0Gerard Jounghyun Kim, Jim X. Chen. Virtual reality in its revival
3 -- 14Doug A. Bowman, Jian Chen, Chadwick A. Wingrave, John F. Lucas, Andrew Ray, Nicholas F. Polys, Qing Li, Yonca Haciahmetoglu, Ji-Sun Kim, Seonho Kim, Robert Boehringer, Tao Ni. New Directions in 3D User Interfaces
15 -- 24Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Arjan Egges. Interactive Virtual Humans in Real-Time Virtual Environments
25 -- 30Christian Knöpfle, Yvonne Jung. The Virtual Human Platform: Simplifying the Use of Virtual Characters
31 -- 36Michitaka Hirose. Virtual Reality Technology and Museum Exihibit
37 -- 44Paul Richard, Damien Chamaret, François-Xavier Inglese, Philippe Lucidarme, Jean-Louis Ferrier. Human-Scale Virtual Environment for Product Design: Effect of Sensory Substitution
45 -- 50Khoo Eng Tat, Adrian David Cheok. Age Invaders: Inter-generational Mixed Reality Family Game
51 -- 58Mark Billinghurst, Anders Henrysson. Research Directions in Handheld AR
59 -- 66Jane Hwang, Jaehoon Jung, Sunghoon Yim, Jaeyoung Cheon, Sungkil Lee, Seungmoon Choi, Gerard Jounghyun Kim. Requirements, Implementation and Applications of Hand-held Virtual Reality
67 -- 72Yousuke Kimura, Tomohiro Mashita, Atsushi Nakazawa, Takashi Machida, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Haruo Takemura. A Hierarchical 3D Data Rendering System Synchronized with HTML

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 17Nahella Ashraf, James Anderson 0002, Craig Douther, Iain McKay, Mervyn A. Jack, P. Platt. Longitudinal Study of Habituation and Participatory Design for Multi-User Shared Virtual Environments
18 -- 23Brian A. Barsky, Michael S. Downes, Frank Tendick. The Optical and Vesta Projects: Ophthalmic Visualization and Virtual Surgery
24 -- 37Paul Beckman. Testing a Biological Weapon Detection System in a Distributed Virtual Reality Environment
38 -- 51Michael Boyles, Shiaofen Fang. 3Dive: An Immersive Environment for Interactive Volume Data Exploration
52 -- 60Beth Kolko. Discursive Citizenship: The Body Politic in Cyberspace
61 -- 70Craig R. Hall, Carol D. Horwitz. Virtual Reality for Training: Evaluating Retention of Procedural Knowledge
71 -- 91Qingping Lin, Chengi Kuo. On Applying Virtual Reality to Underwater Robot Tele-Operation and Pilot Training
92 -- 103Hua Li, Wenyu Liu 0001, Guangxi Zhu, Yaoting Zhu. Object Metamorphosis Based on Generalized Morphology Transformation
104 -- 121B. S. Mahal, Douglas E. R. Clark, J. E. L. Simmons. Geometric Modeling of Sheet Deformation within a Virtual Environment
105 -- 116Nobuyuki Ozaki, Kaoru Takada. A Virtual World Construction Method Using Captured Images - Applications for Virtual Shopping
117 -- 132Zhigeng Pan, Kun Zhou 0001, Jiaoying Shi. Real-Time Rendering Algorithm Based On Hybrid Static And Dynamic Simplification Methods
133 -- 145David Passig, Aviva Sharbat. The Why and How VR in Schools: A Preferred Future Pedagogic Mission by a Group of Worldwide Experts in VR and Education
146 -- 156Giuseppe Riva. Virtual Reality In Paraplegia: A Test Bed Applicationn
157 -- 166P. Sines, B. Das. VRSEMLAB: A Low Cost Virtual Reality System to Illustrate Complex Concepts Involving Spatial Relationships
167 -- 184Robert L. Williams II, Meng-Yun Chen, Jeffrey M. Seaton. Haptics-Augmented High School Physics Tutorials
185 -- 199Yong Wang, Sankar Jayaram, Uma Jayaram, Kevin W. Lyons, Peter Hart. Physically Based Modeling in Virtual Assembly