Journal: IJVR

Volume 6, Issue 4

1 -- 10Stefan Göbel, Ido Aharon Iurgel, Markus Rössler, Frank Hülsken, Christian Eckes. Design and Narrative Structure for the Virtual Human Scenarios
11 -- 20Frank Hülsken, Christian Eckes, Roland Kuck, Jörg Unterberg, Sophie Jörg. Modeling and Animating Virtual Humans
21 -- 30Christian Eckes, Konstantin Biatov, Frank Hülsken, Joachim Köhler, Pia Breuer, Pedro Branco, L. Miguel Encarnação. Towards Sociable Virtual Humans: Multimodal Recognition of Human Input and Behavior
31 -- 42Markus Löckelt, Norbert Pfleger, Norbert Reithinger. Multi-party Conversation for Mixed Reality
43 -- 54Martin Klesen, Patrick Gebhard. Affective Multimodal Control of Virtual
55 -- 66Yvonne Jung, Christian Knöpfle. Real Time Rendering and Animation of Virtual Characters
67 -- 76Alexander B. Reinecke, Markus Rössler, Nico Günther, Christian Eckes, Frank Hülsken. Business Cases for Virtual Human Technology: Evaluation and Exploitation
77 -- 84Qingqiong Deng, Xiaopeng Zhang, Sebastien Gay, Xiangdong Lei. Continuous LOD Model of Coniferous Foliage

Volume 6, Issue 3

1 -- 10Sebastian Matyas. Playful Geospatial Data Acquisition by Location-based Gaming Communities
11 -- 16Ruck Thawonmas, Masayoshi Kurashige, Kuan-Ta Chen. Detection of Landmarks for Clustering of Online-Game Players
17 -- 22Lu Chen, Wei Hua, Zhong Ren, Hujun Bao. Efficient Collision Determination for Dynamic Scenes using Coherent Separating Axis
29 -- 34Kuniya Shinozaki, Akitsugu Iwatani, Ryohei Nakatsu. Concept and Construction of a Robot Dance System
35 -- 44Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Pascal Volino, Ugo Bonanni, Ian R. Summers, Massimo Bergamasco, Fabio Salsedo, Franz-Erich Wolter. From Physics-based Simulation to the Touching of Textiles: The HAPTEX Project
45 -- 54Ilona Heldal. The Impact of Social Interaction on Usability for Distributed Virtual Environments

Volume 6, Issue 2

1 -- 10Andrea Brogni, Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy, Anthony Steed, Mel Slater. Responses of Participants During an Immersive Virtual Environment Experience
11 -- 20Eric Burns, Sharif Razzaque, Mary C. Whitton, Frederick P. Brooks Jr.. MACBETH: Management of Avatar Conflict by Employment of a Technique Hybrid
21 -- 32Niklas Elmqvist, Mihail Eduard Tudoreanu. Occlusion Management in Immersive and Desktop 3D Virtual Environments: Theory and Evaluation
33 -- 41Yi Wang, Kunmi Otitoju, Tong Liu, Sijung Kim, Doug A. Bowman. The Effect of Gaps Between Displays on Spatial Perception and Cognition Tasks in Virtual Environments
43 -- 50Hannes Kaufmann, Mathis Csisinko. Multiple Head Mounted Displays in Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications
51 -- 68S. V. G. Cobb, Paul M. Sharkey. A Decade of Research and Development in Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies: Review of ICDVRAT 1996-2006
69 -- 77Xiaoying Li, Baoquan Liu, Enhua Wu. Full Solid Angle Panoramic Viewing by Depth Image Warping on Field Programmable Gate Array

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 10Alan Chalmers, Kurt Debattista, Georgia Mastoropoulou, Luis Paulo dos Santos. There-Reality: Selective Rendering in High Fidelity Virtual Environments
11 -- 24Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Alessandro Enrico Foni, George Papagiannakis, Nedjma Cadi-Yazli. Real Time Animation and Illumination in Ancient Roman Sites
25 -- 33Alejandra García-Rojas, Frédéric Vexo, Daniel Thalmann. Semantic Representation of Individualized Reaction Movements for Virtual Humans
35 -- 44Erik Millán, Isaac Rudomín. Impostors, Pseudo-instancing and Image Maps for GPU Crowd Rendering
45 -- 56Stephan Mantler, Stefan Jeschke. Interactive Landscape Visualization Using GPU Ray Casting
57 -- 68Yang-Wai Chow, Ronald Pose, Matthew Regan, James Phillips. The Effects of HMD Attributes, Different Display and Scene Characteristics on Human Visual Perception of Region Warping Distortions
69 -- 79J. W. S. Chong, Soh-Khim Ong, Andrew Y. C. Nee. Methodologies for Immersive Robot Programming in an Augmented Reality Environment