Journal: IJVR

Volume 7, Issue 3

1 -- 8Mohamed Hamada. An Example of Virtual Environment and Web-based Application in Learning
9 -- 12Junfeng Yao, Hongming Zhang, Hanhui Zhang, Qingqing Chen. R&D of a Parameterized Method for 3D Virtual Human Body Based on Anthropometry
13 -- 22Lydie Edward, Domitile Lourdeaux, Jean-Paul A. Barthès, Dominique Lenne, Jean-Marie Burkhardt. Modelling Autonomous Virtual Agent Behaviours in a Virtual Environment for Risk
23 -- 30Kahina Amokrane, Domitile Lourdeaux, Jean-Marie Burkhardt. HERA: Learner Tracking in a Virtual Environment
31 -- 36Yu-Lin Chu, Tsai-Yen Li, Cheng-Chia Chen. User Pluggable Animation Components in Multi-user Virtual Environment
37 -- 42Yisong Liu, Shan Zhong, Yongzhao Zhan. Reasoning about Action for Behavioral Animation of Intelligent Virtual Agents
43 -- 48Mohd Shahrizal Sunar, Abdullah Mohd Zin, Tengku M. T. Sembok. Improved View Frustum Culling Technique for Real-Time Virtual Heritage Application
49 -- 52Lin Shi, Zhiliang Wang, Zhigang Li. Affective Model for Intelligent Virtual Agent Based on PFCM
53 -- 58Frederic Kleinermann, Haïthem Mansouri, Olga De Troyer, Bram Pellens, Jesús Ibáñez-Martínez. Designing and Using Semantic Virtual Environment over the Web
59 -- 64Ling Li, Sean MacDonnell. An Emotion-based Adaptive Behavioural Model for Simulated Virtual Agents
71 -- 76Jin Choi, Yong-il Cho, Kyusung Cho, Su-jung Bae, Hyun Seung Yang. A View-based Multiple Objects Tracking and Human Action Recognition for Interactive Virtual Environments
77 -- 84Erick Méndez, Dieter Schmalstieg. Context Sensitive Stylesheets for Scene Graphs

Volume 7, Issue 2

1 -- 10Morgan Veyret, Eric Maisel, Jacques Tisseau. Agent Architecture for a Real World Autonomous Virtual Guide: Interaction between the Decision and Perception Processes and Environment Representation
11 -- 18Christoph Bartneck, Jun Hu, Ben Salem, Razvan Cristescu, Matthias Rauterberg. Applying Virtual and Augmented Reality in Cultural Computing
19 -- 26Francesca Bertacchini, Eleonora Bilotta, Pietro Pantano. An Educational Virtual Scenario for Learning Chaos and Complexity Theories
27 -- 32Ahmad Hoirul Basori, Daut Daman, Mohd Shahrizal Sunar, Abdullah Bade. The Potential of Human Haptic Emotion as Technique for Virtual Human Characters Movement to Augment Interactivity in Virtual Reality Game
33 -- 40Jun Yu, Zhiliang Wang, Lun Xie, Yongxiang Xia, Xiangjie Qiao. Research on Artificial Psychology Based on Multimodal Interactive Service Robot
41 -- 46Alberto Ochoa, Alejandro Padilla, Saúl González, Arnulfo Castro, Shikari Hal. Improve a Game Board based on Cultural Algorithms
47 -- 50Wei Wei, Xinyu Guo, Shenglian Lu, Chunjiang Zhao. Agent-based Intelligence Decision Support System for Virtual Greenhouse
51 -- 58Ramiro Velazquez, Edwige Pissaloux. Tactile Displays in Human-Machine Interaction: Four Case Studies
59 -- 62Jie Yan. A 3D Pedagogical Agent Enhanced Virtual Therapy System for People with Idiopathic Parkinson Disease
63 -- 72Qingping Lin, Liang Zhang, Sun Ding, Guorui Feng, Guangbin Huang. Intelligent Mobile Agents for Large-Scale Collaborative Virtual Environment
73 -- 80Jesús Ibáñez-Martínez, Carlos Delgado-Mata, Oscar Serrano, David García Narbona. Animal Flocks as Natural and Dynamic Spatial Clues in Adventure Video-games
81 -- 86Ruggero Lancia. Narrating Built Heritage by Its Own Storytelling

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 8Robert Hubal. Embodied Tutors for Interaction Skills Simulation Training
9 -- 14Ayanna M. Howard, Sekou Remy. Title Utilizing Virtual Environments to Enable Learning in Human-robot Interaction Scenarios
15 -- 20Pauline H. Mosley, Jayfus T. Doswell. The Virtual Instructor Intervention: A Case in LEGO Robotics
21 -- 30Juan E. Gilbert, Keena Arbuthnot, Stafford Hood, Michael M. Grant, Melanie L. West, Yolanda McMillian, E. Vincent Cross II, Philicity Williams, Wanda Eugene. Teaching Algebra Using Culturally Relevant Virtual Instructors
31 -- 44G. Theonas, D. Hobbs, D. Rigas. Employing Virtual Lecturers Facial Expressions in Virtual Educational Environments
45 -- 52Daniela Marghitu, Elizabeth Zylla-Jones, Santosh B. Kulkarni. Use of Technology Enhanced Education to Improve Teaching and Learning Process
53 -- 66Barnabás Takács. How and Why Affordable Virtual Reality Shapes the Future of Education
67 -- 80Luciano P. Soares, Bruno Raffin, Joaquim A. Jorge. PC Clusters for Virtual Reality
81 -- 88Tonglin Zhu, Feng Tian, Yan Zhou, Hock Soon Seah, Xiaolong Yan. Plant Modeling Based on 3D Reconstruction and Its Application in Digital Museum