Journal: IMPACT Comput. Sci. Eng.

Volume 2, Issue 4

279 -- 317Folkmar A. Bornemann. An adaptive multilevel approach to parabolic equations I. General theory and 1D implementation
318 -- 354Philippe Le Floch, Fredrik Olsson. A second-order Godunov method for the conservation laws of nonlinear elastodynamics
355 -- 371K. H. Winters, M. R. Myerscough, Philip K. Maini, James D. Murray. Tracking bifurcating solutions of a model biological pattern generator

Volume 2, Issue 3

187 -- 218Paul-Louis George, Frédéric Hecht, E. Saltel. Fully automatic mesh generator for 3D domains of any shape
219 -- 243J. Molenaar, Pieter W. Hemker. A multigrid approach for the solution of the 2D semiconductor equations
244 -- 276Peter Deuflhard, Roland Freund, Artur Walter. Fast secant methods for the iterative solution of large nonsymmetric linear systems

Volume 2, Issue 2

99 -- 124Fausto Saleri. Domain decomposition for finite elements and their implementation on the IBM 3090/600 VF
125 -- 156Ronald H. W. Hoppe. Numerical solution of multicomponent alloy solidification by multigrid techniques
157 -- 185T. F. Chen, G. J. Fix, R. Kannan. Numerical solution of the rotating beam equations I. Flapping equations

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 39John A. Trangenstein. A second-order algorithm for the dynamic response of soils
40 -- 72Ralf Kornhuber, Rainer Roitzsch. On adaptive grid refinement in the presence of internal or boundary layers
73 -- 97Vincent Giovangigli. Mass conservation and singular multicomponent diffusion algorithms