Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 1, Issue 2

119 -- 0Z. H. Cho. Guest editorial
120 -- 124A. M. Cormack, Eric Todd Quinto. On a problem in radiotherapy: Questions of non-negativity
125 -- 131Ephraim Feig. Range-Doppler imaging
132 -- 148Jorge Liacer, Eugene Veklerov, Jorge Nunez. Statistically based image reconstruction for emission tomography
149 -- 168Z. Liang, Ronald J. Jaszczak, Carey E. Floyd Jr., Kim L. Greer, R. Edward Coleman. Bayesian reconstruction for SPECT: Validation with monte carlo simulation, experimental phantom, and real patient data
169 -- 186Grant T. Gullberg, Gengsheng L. Zeng, Benjamin M. W. Tsui, John T. Hagius. An iterative reconstruction algorithm for single photon emission computed tomography with cone beam geometry
187 -- 195Gabor T. Herman, K. T. Daniel Yeung. Evaluators of image reconstruction algorithms
196 -- 206Z. H. Cho, Y. S. Kim, Sadek K. Hilal, Y.-H. Kim. New spherical PET design with fresnel aperture orientation
207 -- 217G. L. Brownell, C. A. Burnham, Charles W. Stearns, D. A. Chesler, A.-L. Brownell, M. R. Palmer. Developments in high-resolution positron emission tomography at MGH
218 -- 222Manbir Singh, R. Ricardo Brechner. SQUID tomographic neuromagnetic imaging
223 -- 242C.-H. Chen, S. K. Sin. High-Resolution deconvolution techniques and their applications in ultrasonic NDE
243 -- 253Jeffrey D. Scargle. An introduction to chaotic and random time series analysis

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 12Enders A. Robinson. A historical view of imaging systems and technology
13 -- 17Xianhuai Zhu, George A. McMechan. Estimation of a two-dimensional seismic compressional-wave velocity distribution by iterative tomographic imaging
18 -- 21George A. McMechan. A review of seismic acoustic imaging by reverse-time migration
22 -- 27Sven Treitel. Seismic inversion: Travel times or amplitudes?
28 -- 32Irshad R. Mufti, Joseph T. Fou. Applications of three-dimensional finite-difference seismic modeling in oil field exploitation and simulation
33 -- 61Norman Bleistein, Jack K. Cohen. Research on seismic modeling and inversion at the center for wave phenomena: Status, february, 1989
62 -- 72J. H. Justice, A. A. Vassiliou, S. Singh, J. D. Logel, P. A. Hansen, B. R. Hall, P. R. Hutt, J. J. Solanki. Tomographic imaging in hydrocarbon reservoirs
73 -- 77Virgil Bardan. Sampling 3-D seismic data
78 -- 99Arun N. Netravali, Thomas S. Huang, A. S. Krishnakumar, Robert J. Holt. Algebraic methods in 3-d motion estimation from two-view point correspondences
100 -- 108Y. M. Wang, Weng Cho Chew. An iterative solution of the two-dimensional electromagnetic inverse scattering problem
109 -- 112John H. Letcher. The use of wiener deconvolution (an optimal filter) in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging
113 -- 117Manuel T. Silvia. The detection of transient-like signals in the presence of a spatially inhomogeneous, nonstationary noise field