Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 14, Issue 6

223 -- 237Rastislav Lukac, Viktor Fischer, Guy Motyl, Milos Drutarovský. Adaptive video filtering framework
238 -- 245Emilio Carlos Acocella, Abraham Alcaim. Theoretical analysis and reduction of the quantization noise effects in the SA-DCT
246 -- 252Shih-Yu Huang. Content-aware full search scheme for motion estimation
253 -- 258Sergey A. Alexandrov, Paul Meredith, Timothy J. McIntyre, Andrei V. Zvyagin. Holographic digital Fourier microscopy for selective imaging of biological tissue
259 -- 261Hua Lee. Motion compensation by phase correction for synthetic-aperture side-scan sonar imaging

Volume 14, Issue 5

181 -- 185Dan Koppel, Yuan-Fang Wang, Hua Lee. Image-based view rendering in endoscopy
186 -- 197Mikko Kervinen, Marko Vauhkonen, Jari P. Kaipio, Pasi A. Karjalainen. Time-varying reconstruction in single photon emission computed tomography
198 -- 205Wan-Chiu Li, C. H. Leung, Yeung Sam Hung. Matching of uncalibrated stereo images by elastic deformation
206 -- 212Elise Colin, Mohamed Tria, Cécile Titin-Schnaider, Jean Philippe Ovarlez, Messaoud Benidir. SAR imaging using multidimensional continuous wavelet transform and applications to polarimetry and interferometry
213 -- 221Lifeng Yu, Xiaochuan Pan, Charles A. Pelizzari. Image reconstruction with a shift-variant filtration in circular cone-beam CT

Volume 14, Issue 4

147 -- 152Hae Yong Kim, Amir Afif. A secure authentication watermarking for halftone and binary images
153 -- 166Francisco J. Coslado, Pelegrín Camacho, Martin-González, Francisco Sandoval Hernández. Hardware architecture for hierarchical segmentation in foveal images
167 -- 169Hua Lee. Synthetic-aperture technique for high-resolution composite imaging of the inside walls of tubular specimens
170 -- 180Jeong-Won Jeong, Tae-Seong Kim, Sung-Heon Kim, Manbir Singh. Application of independent component analysis with mixture density model to localize brain alpha activity in fMRI and EEG

Volume 14, Issue 3

91 -- 104Raymond H. Chan, Sherman D. Riemenschneider, Lixin Shen, Zuowei Shen. High-resolution image reconstruction with displacement errors: A framelet approach
105 -- 112C. V. Jiji, Manjunath V. Joshi, Subhasis Chaudhuri. Single-frame image super-resolution using learned wavelet coefficients
113 -- 121Michael K. Ng, C. K. Sze, S. P. Yung. Wavelet algorithms for deblurring models
122 -- 130Syoji Kobashi, Katsuya Kondo, Yutaka Hata. Target image enhancement using representative line in MR cholangiography images
131 -- 138Ronald R. Peeters, Pierre Kornprobst, Mila Nikolova, Stefan Sunaert, Thierry Viéville, Grégoire Malandain, Rachid Deriche, Olivier D. Faugeras, Michael Ng, Paul Van Hecke. The use of super-resolution techniques to reduce slice thickness in functional MRI
139 -- 145Andrew J. Reader. List-mode EM algorithms for limited precision high-resolution PET image reconstruction

Volume 14, Issue 2

35 -- 0Nirmal K. Bose, Raymond H. Chan, Michael K. Ng. Guest editorial
36 -- 46Euncheol Choi, Jongseong Choi, Moon Gi Kang. Super-resolution approach to overcome physical limitations of imaging sensors: An overview
47 -- 57Sina Farsiu, M. Dirk Robinson, Michael Elad, Peyman Milanfar. Advances and challenges in super-resolution
58 -- 66Luis D. Alvarez, Javier Mateos, Rafael Molina, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos. High-resolution images from compressed low-resolution video: Motion estimation and observable pixels
67 -- 74Sudhakar Prasad, Todd C. Torgersen, Victor Paúl Pauca, Robert J. Plemmons, Joseph van der Gracht. High-resolution imaging using integrated optical systems
75 -- 83You-Wei Wen, Michael K. Ng, Wai-Ki Ching. High-resolution image reconstruction from rotated and translated low-resolution images with multisensors
84 -- 89Nirmal K. Bose, Mahesh B. Chappalli. A second-generation wavelet framework for super-resolution with noise filtering

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 7Chun Jen Lin, Chun-Yuan Chou, Chien-Ching Chiu. Electromagnetic imaging for a conducting cylinder buried in a slab medium by the genetic algorithm
8 -- 15Yao Lu, Minoru Inamura, Maria Del Carmen Valdes. Super-resolution of the undersampled and subpixel shifted image sequence by a neural network
16 -- 20Yong Man Ro, Seungji Yang. Color adaptation for anomalous trichromats
21 -- 27Antonio López, Rafael Molina, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos, Antonio Rodriguez, José M. López, José M. Llamas-Elvira. Parameter estimation in Bayesian reconstruction of SPECT images: An aid in nuclear medicine diagnosis
28 -- 34Margaret Cheney. Synthetic-aperture assessment of a dispersive surface