Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 26, Issue 4

237 -- 242S. Kumarganesh, M. Suganthi. An efficient approach for brain image (tissue) compression based on the position of the brain tumor
243 -- 253Fatima Zohra Belgrana, Nacéra Benamrane. A fast and robust segmentation of magnetic resonance brain images using a combination of the pyramidal approach and level set method
254 -- 263Volkert Roeloffs, Xiaoqing Wang, Tilman J. Sumpf, Markus Untenberger, Dirk Voit, Jens Frahm. Model-based reconstruction for T1 mapping using single-shot inversion-recovery radial FLASH
264 -- 269Fayyaz Ahmad, Iftikhar Ahmad, Zaibun Nisa, Shahid M. Ramay. Exploration of connectivity with SEM: An fMRI study of resting state
270 -- 276Seon Young Ryu, Dong-Chang Lee, Sang-Bong Lee, Tae-Woo Kim, Taek Jun Lee, Po Song Yang, Sung Woo Chung, Youngan An, Kyung-Sool Jang. Olfactory identification and white matter integrity in amnestic mild cognitive impairment: A preliminary study
277 -- 283S. Deivasigamani, C. Senthilpari, Wong Hin Yong. Classification of focal and nonfocal EEG signals using ANFIS classifier for epilepsy detection
284 -- 294Qirun Huo, Jianwu Li, Yao Lu, Ziye Yan. Removing ring artifacts in CBCT images via L0 smoothing
295 -- 304Saladi Saritha, N. Amutha Prabha. A comprehensive review: Segmentation of MRI images - brain tumor
305 -- 314Kalaiselvi Thiruvenkadam, Nagaraja Perumal. Fully automatic method for segmentation of brain tumor from multimodal magnetic resonance images using wavelet transformation and clustering technique

Volume 26, Issue 3

173 -- 178Ye-Cun Wu, Huiqian Du, Wenbo Mei. Filter-based compressed sensing MRI reconstruction
179 -- 187Xiang-Hai Wang, Ruoxi Song, Chong Zhang, Chang Li, Lingling Fang. Image segmentation model based on adaptive adjustment of global and local information
188 -- 195D. Jude Hemanth, J. Anitha, Valentina Emilia Balas. Fast and accurate fuzzy C-means algorithm for MR brain image segmentation
196 -- 208Harikumar Rajaguru, Karthick Ganesan, Vinoth Kumar Bojan. Earlier detection of cancer regions from MR image features and SVM classifiers
209 -- 215Xiaotong Wen, Mingxuan Kang, Li Yao, Xiao-jie Zhao. k-teager energy operator detector and multi-channel referenced adaptive noise cancelling
216 -- 224Jinhee Jang, Kook Jin Ahn, Bom-Yi Kim, David Porter, Alto Stemmer, Hyun Seok Choi, So-Lyung Jung, Bum-Soo Kim. The usefulness of diffusion-weighted readout-segmented EPI and fast spin echo with BLADE (PROPELLER) k-space sampling: A comparison with single-shot EPI for diffusion-weighted imaging in ischemic stroke patients
225 -- 232Goo-Rak Kwon, Dibash Basukala, Sang-Woong Lee, Kun Ho Lee, Moonsoo Kang. Brain image segmentation using a combination of expectation-maximization algorithm and watershed transform

Volume 26, Issue 2

97 -- 105A. Padma, N. Giridharan. Performance comparison of texture feature analysis methods using PNN classifier for segmentation and classification of brain CT images
106 -- 115Randall B. Stafford, Myung-Kyun Woo, Se Hong Oh, Sudipto Dolui, Tiejun Zhao, Young-Bo Kim, John A. Detre, Zang Hee Cho, Jongho Lee. An actively decoupled dual transceiver coil system for continuous ASL at 7 T
116 -- 123R. Meena Prakash, R. Shantha Selva Kumari. Fuzzy C means integrated with spatial information and contrast enhancement for segmentation of MR brain images
124 -- 135Hyeonseok S. Jeong, Yong-An Chung. Contribution of neuroimaging in the diagnosis of brain disorders: Recent findings and future applications
136 -- 150Luca Agnello, Albert Comelli, Edoardo Ardizzone, Salvatore Vitabile. Unsupervised tissue classification of brain MR images for voxel-based morphometry analysis
151 -- 156P. Thirumurugan, D. Ramkumar, K. Batri, D. Sundhara Raja. Automated detection of glioblastoma tumor in brain magnetic imaging using ANFIS classifier
157 -- 162P. Thirumurugan, P. Shanthakumar. Brain tumor detection and diagnosis using ANFIS classifier
163 -- 167Fayyaz Ahmad, Attique Hussain, Safee Ullah Chaudhary, Iftikhar Ahmad, Shahid M. Ramay. A novel method for detection of voxels for decision making: An fMRI study

Volume 26, Issue 1

3 -- 14Hong Shangguan, Yi Liu, Xueying Cui, Yunjiao Bai, Quan Zhang, Zhiguo Gui. Sparse-view statistical iterative head CT image reconstruction via joint regularization
15 -- 23P. Kalavathi, V. B. Surya Prasath. Automatic segmentation of cerebral hemispheres in MR human head scans
24 -- 28C. Prabu, S. V. M. G. Bavithiraja, S. Narayanamoorthy. A novel brain image segmentation using intuitionistic fuzzy C means algorithm
29 -- 37Alessandro Stefano, Salvatore Vitabile, Giorgio Russo, Massimo Ippolito, Franco Marletta, Corrado D'Arrigo, Davide D'Urso, Orazio Gambino, Roberto Pirrone, Edoardo Ardizzone, Maria Carla Gilardi. A fully automatic method for biological target volume segmentation of brain metastases
38 -- 42In-Uk Song, Tae Won Kim, Ikdong Yoo, Yong-An Chung, Kwan-Sung Lee. Can COMT-inhibitor delay the clinical progression of Parkinson's disease? 2 years follow up pilot study
43 -- 54Hao Chen, Jinxu Tao, Yuli Sun, Bensheng Qiu, Zhongfu Ye. MR imaging reconstruction using a modified descent-type alternating direction method
55 -- 64Munsif Ali Jatoi, Nidal S. Kamel, Aamir Saeed Malik, Ibrahima Faye, Jose Miguel Bornot, Tahamina Begum. EEG-based brain source localization using visual stimuli
65 -- 75Kinam Kwon, Dongchan Kim, HyunWook Park. Multi-contrast MR image denoising for parallel imaging using multilayer perceptron
76 -- 84Jangwoo Park, Yang-Tae Kim, Byoung-Ju Yun, Sung-Uk Jin, Sang-Hoon Lee, Shi-Hyun Ahn, Yusun Min, Tae-Du Jung, Hui Joong Lee, Yongmin Chang. Stereoscopic 3D objects evoke stronger saliency for nonverbal working memory: An fMRI study
85 -- 91Stephanie D. Lee, Yujin Jung, Yong-An Chung, Wonhye Lee. Neural substrates in secondary somatosensory area for the perception of different tactile sensations