Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 4, Issue 4

229 -- 230Glenn R. Heidbreder. Guest editorial
231 -- 244Hsueh-Jyh Li, Gen-Tay Huang. Microwave image understanding and its applications to various imaging schemes
245 -- 255David Styerwalt, Glenn R. Heidbreder. On a Bayesian approach to coherent radar imaging
256 -- 264Joseph A. O'Sullivan, Donald L. Snyder, Donald G. Porter, Pierre Moulin. An application of splines to maximum likelihood radar imaging
265 -- 274João R. Moreira. The residual error of the reflectivity displacement method of SAR motion extraction
275 -- 284Bernard Steinberg. Self-calibration of large phased-array antennas for radar
285 -- 297Richard P. Bocker, Scott A. Jones. ISAR motion compensation using the burst derivative measure as a focal quality indicator
298 -- 305Jong-Sen Lee, Karl Hoppel, Stephen A. Mango. Unsupervised estimation of speckle noise in radar images
306 -- 318Leslie M. Novak, Christine M. Netishen. Polarimetric synthetic aperture radar imaging
319 -- 326Li-Jen Du, Jong-Sen Lee, Karl Hoppel, Stephen A. Mango. Segmentation of SAR images using the wavelet transform
327 -- 335Lloyd S. Riggs, Michael A. Richards, Thomas H. Shumpert, C. Ray Smith. On waveform design for optimal target discrimination

Volume 4, Issue 3

135 -- 147B. E. Patt, G. Wade, J. M. Richardson. A fourier-transforming coded aperture
148 -- 163Dean L. Mensa. Radar imaging
164 -- 169J. E. Mast, H. Lee, J. P. Murtha. Application of microwave pulse-echo radar imaging to the nondestructive evaluation of buildings
170 -- 200Carl Schueler, Loren Woody. Digital electro-optical imaging sensors
201 -- 206Yi-Min Wang, Hua Lee, Dipali V. Apte. Quantitative NMR spectroscopy by matrix pencil methods
207 -- 213A. Korpel, S. Samson, K. Feldbush. Two-dimensional operation of a scanning optical microscope using a vibrating knife-edge corner
214 -- 225Sanjoy K. Mishra, Chandra Kambhamettu, Dmitry B. Goldgof, Thomas S. Huang. Curvature-based nonrigid motion analysis from three-dimensional correspondences
226 -- 227Michael S. D'Errico. Comments on the use of fourier and hartley transforms in motion estimation
228 -- 0Keith De Mendonça, Lionel Ripley. On the use of fourier and hartley transforms in motion estimation

Volume 4, Issue 2

69 -- 79Virgil Bardan. Migration and dip-moveout seismic processes expressed as an invariant two-dimensional convolution
80 -- 97Mun K. Leung, Thomas S. Huang. Estimating three-dimensional vehicle motion in an outdoor scene using stereo image sequences
98 -- 108John H. Letcher. An imaging device that uses the wavelet transformation as the image reconstruction algorithm
109 -- 121William A. Gardner. Experimental comparison of fourier transformation and model-fitting methods of spectral analysis
122 -- 129Robert J. Holt, Arun N. Netravali. Optimum rigid motion with one perspective view
130 -- 134Koichi Oshio, Manbir Singh. Neural network approach to segmentation of magnetic resonance head images

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 2Eugene Veklerov. Guest editorial
3 -- 6Eugene Kuzmin. Reduction of space-complexity of hierarchical data structures
7 -- 21Georgy L. Gimel'farb, V. M. Krot, M. V. Grigorenko. Experiments with symmetrized intensity-based dynamic programming algorithms for reconstructing digital terrain model
22 -- 27V. S. Fain. Alternative approach to the shape from shading problem
28 -- 30N. N. Krasilnikov. New human visual system model and its application for designing image transmission systems
31 -- 36V. Yu. Epanechnikov, I. I. Tsukkerman. Generalized quantization as an effective image coding method
37 -- 41V. V. Kotlyar, V. A. Soifer, S. V. Filippov. Recurrent retrieval of the coherent light field phase
42 -- 45Dmitry Chetverikov, Géza Álló. Image analysis research and development in hungary
46 -- 50Dmitry Chetverikov, Attila Lerch. Prototype machine vision system for segmentation of hide images
51 -- 61Attila Kuba, A. Makay, Eörs Máté, L. Csernay. Data processing system for nuclear medicine images
62 -- 64G. S. Lbov. Construction of recognition decision rules in the class of logical functions
65 -- 68B. E. Bonshtedt, D. N. Eskov, A. J. Smirnov. Stabilization of optical image in earth's surveillance systems