Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 5, Issue 4

251 -- 252Eric Petajan. Guest editorial: The path of least resistance: HDTV on the PC
253 -- 258Xavier Lebègue, David McLaren, Régis Saint-Girons. Video compression for the grand alliance: A historical perspective
259 -- 262John N. Mailhot, Woo H. Paik. Architecture and implementation of the grand alliance HDTV video encoder
263 -- 267Kiran S. Challapali, Alan P. Cavallerano, Richard Shen, Olu Akiwumi-Assani, Aldo Cugnini, Carlo Basile. Grand alliance MPEG-2-based video decoder with parallel processing architecture
268 -- 275Jeffrey S. McVeigh, Siu-Wai Wu. Partial closed-loop versus open-loop motion estimation for HDTV compression
276 -- 285Kuriacose Joseph, Terry Smith, Joel W. Zdepski, Michael S. Deiss. The grand alliance transport system for terrestrial HDTV transmission
286 -- 291Jae S. Lim, Lon E. Sunshine. HDTV transmission formats and migration path
292 -- 306Gary Demos. Optimal image formats for advanced television and the NII
307 -- 313David A. Epstein, Curtis S. McDowell. The IBM POWER visualization system: A system for HDTV postproduction, and more
314 -- 322Jukka Hamalainen, Tom Leacock, Peter Westerink. Facts and fiction: Some aspects regarding the design of digital television cameras using CCD image sensors
323 -- 329David N. Nichols, Eric G. Stevens, Bruce C. Burkey, Charles V. Stancampiano, Yung-Rai Lee, Teh-Hsuang Lee, Stephen L. Kosman, David L. Losee, James P. Lavine, G. R. Torok, R. P. Khosla. High-resolution interline image sensors using two-phase CCD technology
330 -- 339Yu-Su Wen, Seung P. Kim. High-resolution restoration of dynamic image sequences

Volume 5, Issue 3

189 -- 198Robert J. Holt, Arun N. Netravali. Differential and semidifferential invariant signature functions for space curve recognition
199 -- 205Steve Shih-Yu Huang, Jia-Shung Wang. Finite state residual vector quantizer for image coding
206 -- 219Liang-Hua Chen, Wei-Chung Lin, Hong-Yuan Mark Liao. Part segmentation from stereo
220 -- 230Tapas Kanungo, Robert M. Haralick, Ihsin T. Phillips. Nonlinear global and local document degradation models
231 -- 238Luigi Bedini, Emanuele Salerno, Anna Tonazzini. Edge-preserving tomographic reconstruction from gaussian data using a gibbs prior and a generalized expectation-maximization algorithm
239 -- 242George A. Tsihrintzis, Anthony J. Devaney. Stochastic geophysical diffraction tomography
243 -- 250S. H. Ong, P. M. Nickolls. Analysis of MTF degradation in the imaging of cells in a flow system

Volume 5, Issue 2

0 -- 0Zang Hee Cho, Larry A. Shepp. Editorial
73 -- 74Helen R. Na. Guest editorial
75 -- 85T. D. Raymund. Ionospheric tomography algorithms
86 -- 96R. Leitinger. Data from orbiting navigation satellites for tomographic reconstruction
97 -- 105E. J. Fremouw, J. A. Secan, R. M. Bussey, B. M. Howe. A status report on applying discrete inverse theory to ionospheric tomography
106 -- 111Eric Sutton, Helen Na. Orthogonal decomposition framework for ionospheric tomography algorithms
112 -- 127V. E. Kunitsyn, E. S. Andreeva, E. D. Tereshchenko, B. Z. Khudukon, T. Nygrén. Investigations of the ionosphere by satellite radiotomography
128 -- 140V. E. Kunitsyn, E. S. Andreeva, O. G. Razinkov, E. D. Tereshchenko. Phase and phase-difference ionospheric radio tomography
141 -- 147L. Kersley, S. E. Pryse. Development of experimental ionospheric tomography
148 -- 159J. C. Foster, M. J. Buonsanto, J. M. Holt, J. A. Klobuchar, P. Fougere, W. Pakula, T. D. Raymund, V. E. Kunitsyn, E. S. Andreeva, E. D. Tereshchenko, B. Z. Khudukon. Russian-American tomography experiment
160 -- 168G. S. Bust, J. A. Cook, G. R. Kronschnabl, C. J. Vasicek, S. B. Ward. Application of ionospheric tomography to single-site location range estimation
169 -- 173Helen Na, Eric Sutton. Resolution analysis of ionospheric tomography systems
174 -- 187G. A. Hajj, R. Ibañez-Meier, E. R. Kursinski, L. J. Romans. Imaging the ionosphere with the global positioning system

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 6Kenneth M. Dawson-Howe, David Vernon. Simple pinhole camera calibration
7 -- 21Ru-Shan Wu, Fernanda Vieira Araújo, Lian-Jie Huang. Multifrequency backscattering tomography for constant and vertically varying backgrounds
22 -- 27Gregory P. Otto, Weng Cho Chew. T-matrix formulation
28 -- 32Nathan Cohen, Guido Sandri. Data compression using the deconvolution algorithm CLEAN
33 -- 38John H. Letcher. L transform
39 -- 51Jacqueline Bertrand, Pierre Bertrand, Jean Philippe Ovarlez. Frequency-directivity scanning in laboratory radar imaging
52 -- 61Robert J. Holt, Arun N. Netravali. Motion and structure from line correspondences: Some further results
62 -- 72Matthew A. Brzostowski, George A. McMechan. Tomographic imaging of 3D seismic low-velocity anomalies to simulate monitoring of enhanced oil recovery