Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 6, Issue 4

295 -- 296Jorge Núñez. Image reconstruction and restoration in astronomy
297 -- 304B. R. Hunt. Super-resolution of images: Algorithms, principles, performance
305 -- 313Aggelos K. Katsaggelos, Moon Gi Kang. Spatially adaptive iterative algorithm for the restoration of astronomical images
314 -- 331R. C. Puetter. Pixon-based multiresolution image reconstruction and the quantification of picture information content
332 -- 338Fionn Murtagh, Jean-Luc Starck, Albert Bijaoui. Multiresolution in astronomical image processing: A general framework
339 -- 349Hans-Martin Adorf, R. N. Hook, L. B. Lucy. HST image restoration developments at the ST-ECF
350 -- 357William E. Blass, Stephen L. Mahan, Gordon Chin. Convolution connection paradigm neural network enables linear system theory-based image enhancement
358 -- 369V. Yu. Terebizh. Occamian approach in the image restoration and other inverse problems
370 -- 375Rafael Molina, Javier Mateos, Javier Abad, Nicolas Pérez de la Blanca, A. Molina, F. Moreno. Bayesian image restoration in astronomy: Application to images of the recent collision of comet shoemaker-levy 9 with jupiter
376 -- 386Mario Bertero, Patrizia Boccacci, F. Maggio. Regularization methods in image restoration: An application to HST images
387 -- 391Stanley J. Reeves. Generalized cross-validation as a stopping rule for the Richardson-Lucy algorithm
392 -- 394Ivan R. King. Some practical aspects of image restoration
395 -- 400Terrence M. Girard, Yu Li, William F. Van Altena, Jorge Núñez, Albert Prades. Astrometry with reconstructed hubble space telescope planetary camera (WF/PC 1) images
401 -- 417Elliott Horch. Speckle imaging in astronomy

Volume 6, Issue 2-3

131 -- 132Kenneth Kwong. Functional magnetic resonance imaging
133 -- 152Peter A. Bandettini, Eric C. Wong. 2 changes: Simulations using a deterministic diffusion model
153 -- 163E. Mark Haacke, Song Lai, Dmitriy A. Yablonskiy, Weili Lin. In vivo validation of the bold mechanism: A review of signal changes in gradient echo functional MRI in the presence of flow
164 -- 170Z. H. Cho, Y. M. Ro, S. C. Chung. Susceptibility effect-enhanced functional MR imaging using tailored RF gradient echo (TRFGE) sequence
171 -- 174David A. Chesler, Kenneth K. Kwong. 1 based perfusion model
175 -- 183Douglas C. Noll. Methodologic considerations for spiral k-space functional MRI
184 -- 190Xiaoping Hu, Peter Erhard, Tuang Huu Le, Seong-Gi Kim, Ravi S. Menon, Peter Andersen, Gregor Adriany, John P. Strupp, Kamil Ugurbil. 2*-weighted sequences for functional MRI
191 -- 202Yue Cao, David N. Levin. Acquisition and reconstruction of the principal components of an image: A novel MRI technique for reducing scanning time
203 -- 208Jürgen Hennig, C. Janz, Oliver Speck, Thomas Ernst. Functional spectroscopy of brain activation following a single light pulse: Examinations of the mechanism of the fast initial response
209 -- 215Ravi S. Menon, Seiji Ogawa, Kamil Ugurbil. High-temporal-resolution studies of the human primary visual cortex at 4 T: Teasing out the oxygenation contribution in FMRI
216 -- 224Ron D. Frostig, Susan A. Masino, Mike C. Kwon, Cynthia H. Chen. Using light to probe the brain: Intrinsic signal optical imaging
225 -- 229Roland Beisteiner, M. Erdler, C. Teichtmeister, E. Moser, L. Deecke. Evaluating conventional FMRI with respect to noninvasive localization of neuronal activity
230 -- 237Pottumarthi V. Prasad, Robert R. Edelman, Richard B. Buxton. Magnetic resonance perfusion imaging
238 -- 244Andreas Kleinschmidt, Martin Requardt, Klaus-Dietmar Merboldt, Jens Frahm. On the use of temporal correlation coefficients for magnetic resonance mapping of functional brain activation: Individualized thresholds and spatial response delineation
245 -- 252Jeff H. Duyn, Joseph A. Frank, Nick F. Ramsey, Venkata S. Mattay, Roy H. Sexton, Kathleen A. Tallent, Daniel R. Weinberger, Chrit T. W. Moonen, Peter van Gelderen. Effects of large vessels in functional magnetic resonance imaging at 1.5T
253 -- 270Michael S. Worden, Walter Schneider. Cognitive task design for FMRI
271 -- 279Seong-Gi Kim, Jonathan E. Jennings, John P. Strupp, Peter Andersen, Kamil Ugurbil. Functional MRI of human motor cortices during overt and imagined finger movements
280 -- 288Jeffrey R. Binder. Functional magnetic resonance imaging of language cortex

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 0Anders Brahme. Guest editorial: Optimization of the three-dinensional dose delivery and tomotherapy
2 -- 5A. M. Cormack. Some early radiotherapy optimization work
6 -- 13Anders Brahme. Similarities and differences in radiation therapy optimization and tomographic reconstruction
14 -- 32Radhe Mohan, Lawrence Rothenberg, Lawrence Reinstien, C. Clifton Ling. Imaging in three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy
33 -- 42Bengt Lind, Anders Brahme. Development of treatment techniques for radiotherapy optimization
43 -- 55T. Rockwell Mackie, Timothy W. Holmes, Paul J. Reckwerdt, James Yang. Tomotherapy: Optimized planning and delivery of radiation therapy
56 -- 61Mark P. Carol. Peacock™: A system for planning and rotational delivery of intensity-modulated fields
62 -- 70Thomas Bortfeld, Arthur L. Boyer. The exponential radon transform and projection filtering in radiotherapy planning
71 -- 79Steve Webb. Optimizing radiation therapy inverse treatment planning using the simulated annealing technique
80 -- 90William A. Sandham, Yong Yuan, Tariq S. Durrani. Conformal therapy using maximum entropy optimization
91 -- 103Svante Söderström, Anders Gustafsson, Anders Brahme. Few-field radiation therapy optimization in the phase space of complication-free tumor control
104 -- 113D. Lefkopoulos, P. Grandjean, A. Laouar, M. Schlienger. Study of the degree of III conditioning of the phase space of pencil-beam radiotherapy using singular value decomposition
114 -- 123D. Lefkopoulos, M. Levrier, S. Bendada, E. Touboul. A general optimization procedure for stereotactic small-beam multi-isocentric radiotherapy