Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 15, Issue 1

2 -- 10S. A. M. Gilani, Ioannis Kostopoulos, Athanassios N. Skodras. Multipurpose Color Image Watermarking
11 -- 20Mostafa E. Saleh. Semantic Query in Heterogeneous Web Data Sources
21 -- 0Suriya Kaewarsa. Wavelet-Based Neural Recognition System for Power Quality Events
27 -- 42Basilis Mamalis, Dimitris Kehagias, Grammati E. Pantziou. Efficient Techniques for Parallel Text Retrieval on PC-Cluster Environments
43 -- 56Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, Vassilis Dalakas, Mara Nikolaidou, Vassilios C. Vescoukis. A Structured-Analysis-Based Specification for Faster-than-Real-Time Simulation
57 -- 0Amr El-Kadi, Mohamed F. Ahmed. The Ezeus Operating System Design and Internals