Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 12, Issue 4

195 -- 201Mansoor Alam, Carl Weisfelder, Min Song. A Study of Parallel Monitoring Algorithm in ATM Network
210 -- 216Nashat Mansour, Reda Siblini, Abbas Tarhini. WSDL Mutation for Testing Web Services
217 -- 227Debra L. Smarkusky, Harold H. Smith III, A. M. Vandivort. A Performance Framework for Component-Based Software Architectures
228 -- 232Ahmed Kamel. Agent-Based Design of Agricul.tural Knowledge Based Systems
233 -- 240Baoying Wang, Fei Pan, Yue Cui, William Perrizo. Efficient Vertical Quantitative Frequent Pattern Mining

Volume 12, Issue 3

125 -- 132Mansoor Alam, Shravan K. Vallala, Min Song. Comparison of Various TCP Implementations in a Congested Network
133 -- 140Mohamed Fahmy Tolba, M. Al-Said Ghonemy, Ismail Abdoul-Hameed Taha, Amal Said Khalifa. Reliable Blind Informamtion Hiding into Colored Images Using Reversible Wavelet Transforms
141 -- 151Seung-Joon Oh, Jae-Yearn Kim. Clustering Categorical Sequences Using a K-Nearest-Neighbor Method
152 -- 162Peng Li, Zhonghang Xia, Manghui Tu, I-Ling Yen. M3-Update: A New Update Model for E-Commerce and Web-Based Applications
163 -- 180Shawki Areibi, Medhat Moussa, G. Koonar. A Genetic Algorithm Hardware Accelerator for VLSI Circuit Partitioning
181 -- 194Harold H. Smith III, A. M. Vandivort, Debra L. Smarkusky. A Texture-Centric Meta-Model for Component-Based Software Architecture
202 -- 209Ahmed M. Salem, Jose Apesoa. Improving Software Testing Through UML Models

Volume 12, Issue 2

57 -- 75Sin Ming Loo, B. Earl Wells. Applying Stochastic Static Task Scheduling to a Reconfigurable Hardware Environment
76 -- 82Tarek Hagras, Jan Janecek. A Fast Compile-Time Task Scheduling Heuristic for Homogeneous Computing Environments
83 -- 92Hamid Sarbazi-Azad, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua. Constraint-Based Performance Analysis of k Ary n -Cube Networks
93 -- 100Sukumar Kamalasadan, Adel A. Ghandakly, D. Thukaram. An Artificial Neural Network Algorithm for Voltage Stability Monitoring and Assessment
101 -- 112Danyang Zhang, Sibabrata Ray, Rajgopal Kannan, S. Sitharama Iyengar. Subgroup-based Source Recovery or Local Recovery for Reliable Multicasting
113 -- 124Tarek S. Sobh. MSGAI: A Multiagent System for Gathering Attack Information

Volume 12, Issue 1

2 -- 8Hua Li, Chang-Nian Zhang, Qiang Wang. Low Complexity Programmable Cellular Automata Based Reconfigurable General Modular Mutiplier in GF(2m)
9 -- 15Hala S. Own, Aboul Ella Hassanien. Automatic Image Registration Algorithm Based on Multiresolution Local Contrast Entropy and Mutual Information
16 -- 20Ashraf M. Abdelbar, Sahar Attia. Finding MAPs for Large Belief Networks Using Evolutionary Computation
21 -- 29Ali Benkhalil, Valentina V. Zharkova, Stanley S. Ipson, Sergei I. Zharkov. Automated Recognition of Active Regions on Full Disk Solar Spectroheliograms using Ha, Ca II K3 and FeXII 195 A Wavelengths
30 -- 36Ralph F. Grove, Justin Antinarella. Obfuscation Techniques for Protecting Rule-Based Agents
37 -- 43Cheng-Hsiung Hung, Jason Jen-Yen Chen, Hsing Mei. Building Agent Community for Web Service Integration
44 -- 56Khaled Salah. Modeling and Analysis of Application Throughput in Gigabit Networks