Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 17, Issue 4

195 -- 0Dunren Che. Guest Editor s Note
196 -- 203Gongzhu Hu. Sentiment Analysis of Surveys using Both Numeric Ratings
204 -- 211Gordon K. Lee, Edward Grant. Adaptive Fuzzy Inference for Edge Detection Using Compander Functions and Linear Fitness Function Transformations
212 -- 222Ahmad M. Sarhan. Cancer Classification Based on DNA Microarray Data Using Cosine Transformation and Vector Quantization
223 -- 232Ziping Liu, Bidyut Gupta. Data Broadcast Scheduling With Multiple Channels
233 -- 240Gary Thorpe, Nagi N. Mekhiel. Modeling an Adaptable Memory Controller
241 -- 249Chet Langin, Dunren Che, Michael Wainer, Shahram Rahimi. SOM with Vulture Fest Model Discovers Feral Malware and Visually Profiles the Security of Subnets
250 -- 256Guangzhi Qu, Osamah A. Rawashdeh, Dunren Che. Self-Protection against Attacks in an Autonomic Computing Environment

Volume 17, Issue 3

117 -- 132Sarah Tasneem, Reda A. Ammar, Lester Lipsky, Howard A. Sholl. Improvement of Real-Time Job Completion Using Residual Time-Based (RTB) Scheduling
133 -- 143Ahmad Alsaeed Tolba, Hamayun Ahmed Khan, Hazem M. Raafat. Feature Fusion for Automated Visual Inspection of Flat Surface Products
144 -- 149Arunu Anand, Gautam B. Singh. Modified SACO Algorithm for Productive Emergence
150 -- 160Dayong Ye, Minjie Zhang, Quan Bai, Khin Than Win. A Novel Task Allocation Protocol in Agent Organizations and Its Application to Health Care Problems
161 -- 171Yasser Fouad Hassan. Rough Set Genetic Programming
172 -- 193Paolino Di Felice, Massimo Ianni, Luigi Pomante. Design and Evaluation of a Spatial Extension of TinyDB for Wireless Sensor Networks

Volume 17, Issue 2

59 -- 69Bradley F. Dutton, Charles E. Stroud. On-Line Single Event Upset Detection and Correction in Field Programmable Gate Array Configuration Memories
70 -- 83Smita S. Potdar, Kenneth G. Ricks. Overhead Reduction for an Off-the-Shelf Real-Time Operating System
84 -- 94Sin Ming Loo, JingXia Wang. Optimizing Reconfigurable Hardware Resource Usage in System-on-a-Programmable-Chip with Location Aware Genetic Algorithm
95 -- 101JingXia Wang, Sin Ming Loo. Case Study of Finite Resource Optimization in FPGA using Genetic Algorithm
102 -- 107Chang N. Zhang, Hua Li. Design of Optimal Fault-Tolerant VLSI Systolic Array
108 -- 115Mustafa Al-Fayoumi, Sattar J. Aboud, Mohammad Ahmed Al-Fayoumi. A New Digital Signature Scheme Based on Integer Factoring and Discrete Logarithm Problem

Volume 17, Issue 1

2 -- 15Baoying Wang, Imad Rahal, William Perrizo. DAVYD: An iterative Density-Based Approach for Clusters with VarYing Densities
16 -- 24Sharad Sharma. Fuzzy Approach for Predicting Probability of Reaching a Target in a Battlefield Environment
25 -- 33Wei Dong, Yang Wang 0006, Hua Li, Chang-Nian Zhang. A Novel Watermarking Scheme for Blind Objective Image Quality Assessment
34 -- 40T. Justin Jose, P. Mythilli. A Novel Hybrid Model for Content Based Mammogram Image Retrieval
41 -- 51Sandip C. Patel, Jeffrey L. Hieb, James H. Graham. Secure Internet-Based SCADA for Monitoring and Control of Industrial Processes
52 -- 57Rong Yang, Adel Said Elmaghraby. Simulating Web Domains Using Graph Models