Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 18, Issue 4

218 -- 226Masaya Yoshikawa, Takeshi Fujino. Placement Tool Dedicated for a Via-Programmable Logic Device VPEX
227 -- 233Andrea Lincoln, Ying-wei Lin. Fault Tolerance of Node Failure in a Stochastic Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
234 -- 242Rakhi C. Motwani, Mukesh C. Motwani, Frederick C. Harris Jr.. Watermarking of Space Curves using Wavelet Decompostion
243 -- 253Clyde Shavers, Robert Li. A New Wavelet Information-Theoretic Approach for Image Fusion
254 -- 262Min Kyung An, Nhat X. Lam, Dung T. Huynh, Trac N. Nguyen. Minimum Data Aggregation Schedule in Wireless Sensor Networks
262 -- 272William E. Brandstetter III, Joseph D. Mahsman, Cody J. White, Sergiu M. Dascalu, Frederick C. Harris Jr.. Multi-Resolution Deformation in Out-of-Core Terrain Rendering

Volume 18, Issue 3

130 -- 132Artem Chebotko, Yogesh Simmhan, Paolo Missier. Guest Editorial: Scientific Workflows, Provenance and Their Applications
133 -- 147Anne Hee Hiong Ngu, Arwa M. Jamnagarwala, George Chin Jr., Chandrika Sivaramakrishnan, Terence Critchlow. Kepler Scientific Workflow Design and Execution with Contexts
148 -- 159Zijiang Yang, Shiyong Lu, Ping Yang, Fahima Amin Bhuyan. Model Checking Approach to Secure Host Access Enforcement of Mobile Tasks in Scientific Workflows
160 -- 179Ilkay Altintas, Manish Kumar Anand, Trung N. Vuong, Shawn Bowers, Bertram Ludäscher, Peter M. A. Sloot. A Data Model for Analyzing User Collaborations in Workflow-Driven e-Science
180 -- 195Yogesh Simmhan, Beth Plale. Using Provenance for Personalized Quality Ranking of Scientific Datasets
196 -- 215Jing Zhao, Yogesh Simmhan, Karthik Gomadam, Viktor K. Prasanna. Querying Provenance Information in Distributed Environments

Volume 18, Issue 2

65 -- 82Lubomir Stanchev. Programming Embedded Computing Systems Using Static Embedded SQL
83 -- 89Bayumy B. A. Youssef, W. M. Sheta, M. A. Abdou. Efficient Registration of Range Images Using Wavelet Features
90 -- 99Atsushi Inoie. Optimal Migration Policies of Mobile Agents for Information Gathering
100 -- 110Zhiwei Xu, Yi Liu, Yongning Tang. Adopting the Information Contained by Outliers in the Modeling Process
111 -- 122Timothy W. O Neil, Samer F. Khasawneh, Michael E. Richter, Rama Krishna Pullaguntla. Transforming Synchronous Data-Flow Graphs to Reduce Execution Time
123 -- 0Debatosh Debnath. Synthesis of Easily Testable AND-EXOR Networks

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 12Li Bei, Tatsuo Tsuji, Ken Higuchi. Resizable Multidimensional Arrays
13 -- 27Michael A. McNees, Kenneth G. Ricks. Two Decades of Smart Environment Projects - A Research Survey
28 -- 36Amr E. Mohamed, Reda A. Ammar, Medhat H. A. Awadalla. Parallel ICA Algorithms
37 -- 51Dina Hafez, Sherif G. Aly, Ahmed Sameh. A Context and Service-Oriented Architecture with Adaptive Quality of Service Support
52 -- 64Brooks E. Latta, Kenneth G. Ricks, James H. Graham. Differential Drive Robot Model, Simulation, and Verification