Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 19, Issue 4

211 -- 0Frederick C. Harris Jr.. Editor's Note
212 -- 223Li Gao, Jingyuan Zhang, Danyang Zhang. EZAcess: The Architecture and Protocols of an Easy Data Access and Collaboration Model
224 -- 231Ahmed Emam. Robust Real Time Drowsy Eye Detection System
232 -- 242Jianzhou Li, Hua Li, Wei Dong. Design of an Efficient Hybrid Crypto-Processor
243 -- 248Tarek Hagras. A Dynamic Task-Mapping Algorithm for Bag-of-Tasks Applications on Grids
249 -- 261Abdulkader Alfantookh, Hussam M. Ramadan, Alaaeldin M. Hafez, Mourad Ykhlef, Ahmad AlShibli, Mourad A. Benchikh. A Decision-Support System for the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education
262 -- 272Rajeev Kaula. Business Intelligence Process Metrics Specification: An Information Flow Approach

Volume 19, Issue 3

145 -- 153Marc Colangelo, Miroslav Lovric, Johathan R. Stone. A Mathematical and Computational Model for Simulating Complex Dynamic Cancer Growth and Metastasis
154 -- 165Rami A. Al Namneh, Khalid A. Darabkh, Iyad F. Jafar. Efficient Bit Reversal Algorithms in Parallel Computers
166 -- 175Sultan Aljahdali, Ennumeri A. Zanaty. Automatic Fuzzy Algorithms for Reliable Image Segmentation
176 -- 186Seppo J. Ovaska, David Shilane. A Discrete Optimization Problem for Benchmarking Heuristic Algorithms Targeted for Digital Filter Design
187 -- 202Bassel R. Arafeh. Multi-Layer Task Graph Clustering for Mapping and Scheduling onto Embedded Systems
203 -- 0Bruce S. Elenbogen, John Frederick Fink. A Generating Function Approach to Network Analysis

Volume 19, Issue 1

1 -- 9Sharad Sharma. Use of Favorite Goal in Agent Based Modeling and Simulation
10 -- 25Gholam H. Khaksari, Ramesh K. Karne, Alexander L. Wijesinha. A Bare Machine Application Development Methodology
26 -- 39Robert F. Erbacher, Rian Shelley. GULv3 - A Novel Tool for Network Managers to Audit Networks
40 -- 46K. Ramanjaneyulu, K. Rajarajeswari. DCT Based Robust Image Watermarking Scheme using Adaptive Quantization Index Modulation and Genetic Algorithm
47 -- 60Petros Belsis, Charalampos Konstantopoulos, Basilis Mamalis, Grammati E. Pantziou, Christos Skourlas. User-Directed, Cluster-Based Retrieval for Large Document Collections in Highly Parallel Environments
61 -- 76Meilin Liu, Qingfeng Zhuge, Chun Xue, Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha. General Loop Fusion Technique with Improved Timing Performance and Minimal Code Size