Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 21, Issue 4

203 -- 210Antoine Bossard, Yuki Sugano, Shinya Onogi, Toshikazu Kato, Nobuhiko Shigehara, Takashi Mochizuki, Kohji Masuda. Reconstruction and Auto-correction of Artificial Capillary with Flow Directions from Ultrasound Volume Data
211 -- 219Srividya Venumbaka, Longzhuang Li, Feng Tian. An Enhanced Feature-Based Sentiment Analysis System
220 -- 229Taruna Seth, Vipin Chaudhary, Cathy Buyea, Lawrence Bone. A Haptic Enabled Virtual Reality Framework for Orthopedic Surgical Training and Interventions
230 -- 243Benjamin J. Lucchesi, Dwight D. Egbert, Frederick C. Harris Jr.. A Parallel Linear Octree Collision Detection Algorithm

Volume 21, Issue 3

141 -- 0Gordon K. Lee, Les Miller. Guest Editor's Notes
142 -- 150Michael L. McIntyre, William Burke, Joseph Latham, James Graham. Smart Appliances Energy Study
151 -- 159Feng Yu, Wen-Chi Hou, Cheng Luo. Estimation Error Analysis of Range Selection Queries using Histogram and Sample in Low Dimensional Spaces
160 -- 169Yutaka Yoshida, Hayato Ohwada, Fumio Mizoguchi. Incorporating Temporal Discretization into Naïve Bayes Learning for Classifying a Driver's Cognitive Load
170 -- 177Antoine Bossard. Japanese Characters Cartography for Efficient Memorization
178 -- 187Charles Shelor, Jim Buchanan, Krishna M. Kavi, Ron Cytron. Potential Energy Savings through Eliminating Unnecessary Writes in the Cache-Memory Hierarchy
188 -- 201Heider K. Ali, Anthony Whitehead. Feature Matching for Aligning Historical and Modern Images

Volume 21, Issue 2

83 -- 94Bharat S. Rawal, Ramesh K. Karne, Alexander L. Wijesinha, Patrick Appiah-Kubi, Sonjie Liang. Applications of the Split Protocol Paradigm
95 -- 107Rana H. Raza, George C. Stockman. Using Relaxation to Fuse RFID and Vision for Object Tracking Outdoors
108 -- 120Binod Kumar Pattanayak, Sambit Kumar Patra, Bhagabat Puthal. An Algorithm for Interpreting Closure Property of JavaScript through Runtime Stack (A Lightweight Interpreter for Embedded Device)
121 -- 132Hoa Dinh Nguyen, Qi Cheng. Feature Selection and Decision Fusion for Distributed Classification
133 -- 140Samira Noferesti, Mehrnoush Shamsfard. A Rule-Based Model and Genetic Algorithm Combination for Persian Text Chunking

Volume 21, Issue 1

1 -- 0Frederick C. Harris Jr.. Editor's Note
2 -- 3Gongzhu Hu, Sultan Aljahdali, Weili Wu, Yan Shi, Xiaofeng Gao, Gordon K. Lee, Wenying Feng. Guest Editorial: Special Issue from ISCA's 2013 Fall Conference Cluster
4 -- 13Lee A. Belfore II. Generator Polynomial Formulation for Parallel Counters with Applications
14 -- 23Huanmei Wu, Abigail Besemer, Minghui Lu. Dynamic Correlation of Synchronized Internal Tumor and External Skin Respiratory Motion for Image Guided Lung Cancer Radiation Treatment
24 -- 31Shizhang Wu, Liang Cai, Cheng Chang, Jianfeng Wu, Kai Liu. RMS: Reliable Multicast System Based on UDP and NAK Window
32 -- 39Ennumeri A. Zanaty, Sultan Aljahdali. Semi-Automatic Region Growing Method for Brain MRIs Segmentation
40 -- 53Corey M. Thibeault, Frederick C. Harris Jr., Narayan Srinivasa. Using Games to Embody Spiking Neural Networks for Neuromorphic Hardware
54 -- 61Tarek Abdunabi, Otman Basir. Holonic Intelligent Multi-Agent Algorithmic Trading System (HIMAATS)
62 -- 69Ying Jin, Travis Sorley, Stephen O'Brien, José Reyes. Implementation of XACML Role-Based Access Control Specification
70 -- 75Kai Xing, Weili Wu, Yan Shi, Jiaofei Zhong, Yan Qiang, Lidong Wu. Clustering and Indexing Schemes for Wireless Data Broadcasting
76 -- 82Antoine Bossard. A Set-to-set Disjoint Paths Routing Algorithm in Hyper-star Graphs