Journal: IS Management

Volume 14, Issue 4

7 -- 14Jack M. Nilles. Telework: Enabling Distributed OrganizationsImplications for IT Managers
15 -- 20Ralph D. Westfall. The Telecommuting Paradox
21 -- 28Paul Gray. A Demand-Side Approach to TelecommutingThe Integrated Workplace Strategies Concept
29 -- 32Ruth A. Guthrie. The Ethics of Telework
33 -- 41Djoen S. Tan, Aad A. Uijttenbroek. Information Infrastructure Managementa - New Role for IS Managers
42 -- 47J. Lee Maier. Rethinking Strategic Information Systems
48 -- 56Thomas L. Legare. Decision Processing for Improved Customer Focus
57 -- 59William R. King. Strategic Systems Success
60 -- 62Ren Nardoni. Competency-Based Succession Planning
63 -- 65Robert A. Zawacki. Reenergizing People after Downsizing
66 -- 69Donald R. Fowler. Saving Costs on Year 2000 Projects
70 -- 72Morey Stettner. Improving Communication with Nontechnicians
73 -- 75Michael J. Seaman. Telecommuting: a Transportation Planner's View
76 -- 79Paul Gray. Top 20 and More

Volume 14, Issue 3

7 -- 15David Cyr, Leah Gehling, Michael L. Gibson. IT Power and the Postemptive Strike
16 -- 22Paul D. Applegate, Robert A. Zawacki. A Balanced Approach to IT Transformation
23 -- 28Charles E. Downing, M. Hossein Safizadeh. Bringing Decision Support to the Customer Level
29 -- 36Michael C. Kettelhut. Using JAD for Strategic Initiatives
37 -- 43Albert A. Angehrn, Jens F. Meyer. Developing Mature Internet StrategiesInsights from the Banking Sector
44 -- 53Magid Igbaria, Saroj Parasuraman, Jeffrey H. Greenhaus. Status Report on Women and Men in the IT Workplace
54 -- 60Richard H. Deane, Thomas B. Clark, A. P. (Dennis) Young. Creating a Learning Project EnvironmentAligning Project Outcomes with Customer Needs
61 -- 66Paul J. Giannini, Fritz H. Grupe, Robert M. Saholsky. Reengineering Through Simulation ModelingOptimizing a Telephone Ordering System at GPO
67 -- 69Gordon Hay, Rick Muñoz. Establishing an IT Architecture Strategy
70 -- 72Nathan J. Muller. Planning Technology Transitions
73 -- 76Richard Dué. A Strategic Approach to IT Investments
77 -- 81Eileen M. Birge. Managing the Decentralized IT Organization
82 -- 86Michael E. Whitman. A Look at the Telecommunications ACT of 1996
87 -- 91Paul Gray. Beyond 2000
92 -- 96Ray Terlaga, Bridget N. O'Connor. Mary BooneBuilding Strategic Partnerships

Volume 14, Issue 2

7 -- 14Howard A. Rubin. Using Metrics For Outsourcing Oversight
15 -- 22Fritz H. Grupe. Outsourcing The Help Desk Function
23 -- 26William Perry, Steve Devinney. Achieving Quality Outsourcing
27 -- 31Narender K. Ramarapu, Monica J. Parzinger, Augustine A. Lado. Issues in Foreign OutsourcingFocus on Applications Development and Support
32 -- 40Dana Edberg. Creating a Balanced is Measurement Program
41 -- 47Diane M. Miller. Enterprise Client/Server Planning
48 -- 55Nancy G. Sánchez, Joobin Choobineh. Achieving Reuse with OO Technology
56 -- 62Nereu F. Kock Jr., Robert J. McQueen. Using Groupware in Quality Management Programs
63 -- 65William R. King. Organizational Transformation
66 -- 69Christine B. Tayntor. An Outsourcing Parable
70 -- 73Stewart L. Stokes. Developing a Personal Business Plan
74 -- 77Joel Gerston. Outsourcing in Client/Server Environments
78 -- 79Adam Fadlalla, Narasimhaiah Gorla. Survey of DBMS Use and Satisfaction
80 -- 82Joseph A. Yesulatitis. Outsourcing for New Technology Adoption
83 -- 87Paul Gray. Viewing The Future

Volume 14, Issue 1

7 -- 11Young-Gul Kim. Improving Legacy Systems Maintainability
12 -- 21Christopher Slee, Malcolm Slovin. Legacy Asset Management
22 -- 25Nancy Blumenstalk Mingus. The Legacy Staffing Challenge
26 -- 29Steven W. Lyle, Robert A. Zawacki. Centers Of ExcellenceEmpowering People to Manage Change
30 -- 34Jaak Jurison. Reevaluating Productivity Measures
35 -- 40Mark N. Frolick, Monica J. Parzinger, R. Kelly Rainer Jr., Narender K. Ramarapu. Using EISs for Environmental Scanning
41 -- 46Monica J. Garfield, Patrick G. McKeown. Planning for Internet Security
47 -- 53Dale Young, Sooun Lee. Corporate Hiring Criteria for is graduates
54 -- 59Kent A. Walstrom, Rick L. Wilson. Gaining User Acceptance of an EIS
60 -- 61Hugh W. Ryan. Legacy for the Long Haul
62 -- 65James A. Ward. Implementing Employee Empowerment
66 -- 69Wendell Jones. Outsourcing Basics
70 -- 72John van den Hoven. Data WarehousingNew Name for the Accessibility Challenge
73 -- 77Daniel W. Robert. Creating an Environment for Project Success
78 -- 81Robert L. Glass. Systems Development: a dying Discipline?
82 -- 86Paul Gray. Mining for Data Warehousing Gems