Journal: IS Management

Volume 15, Issue 4

5 -- 6John Wyzale. From the Editor
7 -- 13Richard Lee. An Enterprise Decision Framework for Information System Selection
14 -- 20Sanjiv Purba. An Approach for Establishing Enterprise Data Standards
21 -- 26Ali H. Murtaza. A Framework for Developing Enterprise Data Warehouses
27 -- 35Ronald A. Wencer. When A Business Abandons A Data Mine: A Case Study
36 -- 45Monica Lam, Russell K. H. Ching. Information Integration in Multidimensional Databases: A Case Study
46 -- 54Tim Christmann. Developing A Global Information Vision
55 -- 67Peter H. Aiken, Lynda Hodgson. Synergy Between Business Process and Systems Reengineering
68 -- 71Jason Weir. Data Mining: Exploring the Corporate Asset
72 -- 76Karl Kelton. A Business Case for Enhancing Supply Chains in the Metals Industry

Volume 15, Issue 3

1 -- 3William R. King. It-Enhanced Productivity and Profitability
1 -- 8Bernard H. Boar. Redesigning the it Organization for the Information Age
1 -- 9Peter Aiken, Bill Girling. Reverse Data Engineering into A Distributed Environment: A Metadata Analysis
1 -- 10Hsi-Peng Lu, Cheng-Fen Wu. The Ideal Method for Guiding ESS Development
1 -- 4Mikael Jern. The Advent of Visual Data Mining on the World Wide Web
1 -- 4Nathan J. Muller. How the Internet is Breaking Down Barriers to EDI
1 -- 7Richard L. Ptak, Jasmine Noel. Issues in Distributed it Management
1 -- 3Nathan J. Muller. Martin Nemzow: Building Cyberstores on the Net
1 -- 5Paul Gray. Double Plays
1 -- 4Robert A. Zawacki, Howard Lackow. Team Building as A Strategy for Time-Based Competition
1 -- 2Robert E. Umbaugh. From the Editor
1 -- 9James A. Senn. Expanding the Reach of Electronic Commerce: The Internet EDI Alternative
1 -- 4Mark Allard. Overcoming Cultural Barriers to the Adoption of Object Technology
1 -- 5Duane E. Sharp. Extranets: Borderless Internet/Intranet Networking
1 -- 7Mike S. Raisinghani, Narender K. Ramarapu, Mark G. Simkin. The Impact of Technology on Cooperative Work Groups
1 -- 5Anita B. Leto, Daniel D. Roberts. Building an is Consulting Business

Volume 15, Issue 2

1 -- 7Varun Grover, Seung Ryul Jeong, James T. C. Teng. Survey of Reengineering Challenges
1 -- 6James E. Gaskin. Internet Acceptable Usage Policies: Writing and Implementation
1 -- 8Ed Blackwell. Building A Solid Foundation for Intranet Security
1 -- 4James A. Ward. TQM and the Year 2000 Crisis
1 -- 4Albert H. Huang. Empowering End Users Through Online Training
1 -- 5John van den Hoven. Data Warehousing: Bringing it All Together
1 -- 7Richard L. Ptak. Designing A Business-Justified Intranet Project
1 -- 2Robert E. Umbaugh. From the Editor
1 -- 6Duane E. Sharp. Network Architectures and Performance
1 -- 5Janice C. Sipior, Burke T. Ward. Ethical Responsibility for Software Development
1 -- 7Adam S. Huarng, Ravi Krovi. An Object-Based Infrastructure for IRM
1 -- 6Dien D. Phan. Software Quality Management Strategies: The IBM Lesson
1 -- 6D. P. Cardarelli, Ritu Agarwal, Mohan Tanniru. Organizational Pitfalls of Reengineering
1 -- 10Kenneth P. Prager. Assessing Career Goals and Skills
1 -- 5William Gower. oPlanning an is Staffing Model
1 -- 5Gilbert Held. Virtual Networking and the Internet

Volume 15, Issue 1

1 -- 4Patrick McBrayer. Successful ATM Network Implementations
1 -- 3John van den Hoven. Data Marts: Plan Big, Build Small
1 -- 5M. Mehdi Owrang O.. Case Discovery in Case-Based Reasoning Systems
1 -- 7Janice C. Sipior, Burke T. Ward, Sebastian M. Rainone. Ethical Management of Employee E-Mail Privacy
1 -- 4Robert E. Umbaugh. James Martin: Educating for the Cybercorp
1 -- 5Paul Gray. The State of Software Development
1 -- 5Barry Shore. Managing End-User Challenges
1 -- 7Jeff Butterfield. The Analyst's View of Complex Systems Projects
1 -- 5J. P. Morgenthal. The Distributed Java Platform
1 -- 4Richard D. Hays. It Performance Turnaround: The Outsourcing Alternative
1 -- 3William R. King. It-Enhanced Productivity and Profitability
1 -- 2Robert E. Umbaugh. From the Editor
1 -- 10Steven Balusek, Sumit Sircar. The Network Computer Concept
1 -- 6Amarnath C. Prakash. Leveraging the Potential of Strategic Systems
1 -- 13David C. Hay. Making Data Models Readable
1 -- 9Sami J. Albanna, Joe Osterhaus. Meeting the Software Challenge: A Model for is Transformation