Journal: IS Management

Volume 18, Issue 4

1 -- 9Ravindra Krovi. Surveying the E-Landscape: New Rules of Survival
1 -- 9Dien D. Phan. E-Business Management Strategies: A Business-To-Business Case Study
1 -- 7Melinda Cline, Carl Stephen Guynes. The Impact of Information Technology Investment on Enterprise Performance: A Case Study
1 -- 3William R. King. Developing an is Education Strategy
1 -- 3Dawna Travis Dewire. From the Editor
1 -- 9T. M. Rajkumar. E-Procurement: Business and Technical Issues
1 -- 9David C. Chou. Integrating Tqm into E-Commerce
1 -- 12Steven Rabin. Providing A High-Performing Commerce Site
1 -- 14Cain Evans. An E-Strategy for Online E-Business

Volume 18, Issue 3

5 -- 7Dawna Travis Dewire. From the Editor
8 -- 16Mahesh S. Raisinghani. Wap: Transitional Technology for M-Commerce
17 -- 24William T. Harding, Anita J. Reed, Robert L. Gray. Cookies and Web Bugs: What They are and How They Work Together
25 -- 29Michael Erbschloe. Forces of Change: Ten Trends that Will Impact the Internet Over the Next Five Years
30 -- 41Nijaz Bajgoric. Internet Technologies for Improving Data Access
42 -- 50Hugh J. Watson, Thilini Ariyachandra, Robert J. Matyska Jr.. Data Warehousing Stages of Growth
51 -- 56Wendy T. Marks, Mark N. Frolick. Building Customer Data Warehouses for A Marketing and Service Environment: A Case Study
57 -- 61John P. Murray. Adding Value to the Information Technology Function
62 -- 72Joseph Sarkis, R. P. Sundarraj. A Decision Model for Strategic Evaluation of Enterprise Information Technologies
73 -- 82Jeff Butterfield, Norman Pendegraft. Analyzing Information System Investments: A Game-Theoretic Approach
83 -- 91Douglas J. Howe, James E. Cuccaro. Electricity Deregulation: It s New Bonanza
92 -- 96Brad Oates. Cyber Crime: How Technology Makes it Easy and What to do About it

Volume 18, Issue 2

1 -- 3Dawna Travis Dewire. From the Editor
1 -- 5John P. Murray. Recognizing the Responsibility of A Failed Information Technology Project as A Shared Failure
1 -- 6Jerry Kanter. The Ceo Goes On-Line
1 -- 9Marie Tumolo. Business-To-Business Exchanges
1 -- 4John van den Hoven. Information Resource Management: Foundation for Knowledge Management
1 -- 4George Pitagorsky. Using Project Management-Based Push Back to Make Client Demands More Realistic
1 -- 7Margaret L. Williams, Mark N. Frolick. The Evolution of EDI for Competitive Advantage: The Fedex Case
1 -- 7Brenda L. Killingsworth, Michael B. Hayden, Dennis Crawford, Robert E. Schellenberger. A Model for Motivating and Measuring Quality Performance in Information Systems Staff
1 -- 4William R. King. Envisioning the Future Impact of it on Society
1 -- 5Paul Gray. New Visions
1 -- 11Carolyn Stein, Mark N. Frolick. Ensuring Successful Development of Multimedia Computer-Based Training (CBT)
1 -- 11T. M. Rajkumar, R. V. S. Mani. Offshore Software Development: The View from Indian Suppliers
1 -- 6R. Kocharekar. K-Commerce: Knowledge-Based Commerce Architecture with Convergence of E-Commerce and Knowledge Management
1 -- 6Adam S. Huarng. Burnout Syndrome among Information System Professionals

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 4Timothy D. Wells, Christine Sevilla. Forming A Dialogue with Academia: Industry Requirements Versus Academic Programs
1 -- 8Christine B. Tayntor. A Practical Guide to Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing
1 -- 5Paul Gray. The Usual Suspects
1 -- 12Jim Q. Chen, Richard D. Heath. Building Web Applications: Challenges, Architectures, and Methods
1 -- 13Dana Edberg, Fritz H. Grupe, William L. Kuechler Jr.. Practical Issues in Global it Management: Many Problems, A Few Solutions
1 -- 9Hugh J. Watson, David A. Annino, Barbara Wixom, K. Liddell Avery, Mathew Rutherford. Current Practices in Data Warehousing
1 -- 4David T. Croasdell. It s Role in Organizational Memory and Learning
1 -- 13Linda Levine. Integrating Knowledge and Processes in A Learning Organization
1 -- 9William R. King. Strategies for Creating A Learning Organization
1 -- 3Dawna Travis Dewire. From the Editor
1 -- 12Dien D. Phan. Software Quality and Management: How the World s Most Powerful Software Makers do it