Journal: IS Management

Volume 21, Issue 4

5 -- 6Carol V. Brown. From the Editor
7 -- 22Ryan Peterson. Crafting Information Technology Governance
23 -- 34N. Dean Meyer. Systemic is Governance: An Introduction
35 -- 42Kenneth G. Rau. Effective Governance of It: Design Objectives, Roles, and Relationships
43 -- 44Naomi Karten. With Service Level Agreements, Less is More
45 -- 51Gerard M. Hill. Evolving the Project Management Office: A Competency Continuum
52 -- 61Merete Hvalshagen. Transforming the it Organization for the State of Virginia
62 -- 71Richard M. Kesner. Building Consortia-Based it Solutions: A Decision Support Architecture for Agencies in Multiple State Governments
72 -- 80Laura L. Pfannenstein, Ray J. Tsai. Offshore Outsourcing: Current and Future Effects on American it Industry
81 -- 82Stuart Robbins. Is Governance
83 -- 84William R. King. Outsourcing and the Future of It

Volume 21, Issue 3

5 -- 6Carol V. Brown. From the Editor
7 -- 15Leslie P. Willcocks, John Hindle, David F. Feeny, Mary Lacity. It and Business Process Outsourcing: The Knowledge Potential
16 -- 21Madhu T. Rao. Key Issues for Global it Sourcing: Country and Individual Factors
22 -- 27Ralph Kliem. Managing the Risks of Offshore it Development Projects
28 -- 33Sergiy Zatolyuk, Bridget Allgood. Evaluating a Country For Offshore Outsourcing: Software Development Providers in the Ukraine
34 -- 40K. G. K. Nair, P. N. Prasad. Offshore Outsourcing: A Swot Analysis of a State in India
41 -- 52Lowell Lindstrom, Ron Jeffries. Extreme Programming and Agile Software Development Methodologies
53 -- 60Leslie J. Waguespack Jr., William T. Schiano. Component-Based is Architecture
61 -- 64John van den Hoven. Data Architecture Standards for the Effective Enterprise
65 -- 69Fritz H. Grupe, Sid Gesh, Simon Jooste. Software Sales by it Departments: Managing the Opportunities and Issues
70 -- 78Virginia Cerullo, Michael J. Cerullo. Business Continuity Planning: A Comprehensive Approach
79 -- 85Heikki Topi. Supporting Telework: Obstacles and Solutions
86 -- 87Stuart Robbins. Some Thoughts on our Globalized Workforce
88 -- 91Paul Gray. From Leo to it Value and Security

Volume 21, Issue 2

9 -- 15Charles T. Carroll. Structured Project Requests for Control, Analysis, and Training
16 -- 21Jerome Kanter, John J. Walsh. Toward More Successful Project Management
22 -- 30Raju Kocharekar. An it Architecture for Nimble Organizations: Managing Access from Cyberspace
31 -- 37Robert Levine. Risk Management Systems: Understanding the Need
38 -- 42Theodore Grossman, James Walsh. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Erp System Implementation
43 -- 52Mirza B. Murtaza, Jaymeen R. Shah. Managing Information for Effective Business Partner Relationships
53 -- 61Mark N. Frolick, Lei-da Chen. Assessing M-Commerce Opportunities
62 -- 71Amir M. Hormozi, Stacy Giles. Data Mining: A Competitive Weapon for Banking and Retail Industries
72 -- 77John P. Murray. Judging it Department Performance
78 -- 85Antonio de Amescua Seco, José García, Manuel Velasco, Paloma Martínez, Belén Ruíz, Juan Lloréns, Luis García, Jose Antonio Calvo-Manzano, Tomás San Feliu Gilabert. A Software Project Management Framework
86 -- 90Stewart L. Stokes. The Must-Have Competency
91 -- 96Stewart L. Stokes. Emotional Intelligence

Volume 21, Issue 1

5 -- 7Dawna Travis Dewire. From the Editor
8 -- 14Harold Halbleib. Requirements Management
15 -- 26Ledis Chirinos, Francisca Losavio, Alfredo Matteo. Identifying Quality-Based Requirements
27 -- 44Francisca Losavio, Ledis Chirinos, Alfredo Matteo, Nicole Lévy, Amar Ramdane-Cherif. Designing Quality Architecture: Incorporating ISO Standards into the Unified Process
45 -- 57Dirk Vriens, Jan Achterbergh. Planning Local E-Government
58 -- 66Janice C. Sipior, Burke T. Ward, Nicholas M. Rongione. Ethics of Collecting and Using Consumer Internet Data
67 -- 80Joanna DeFranco-Tommarello, Fadi P. Deek. Collaborative Problem Solving and Groupware for Software Development
81 -- 88Wen C. Pai. Hierarchical Analysis for Discovering Knowledge in Large Databases
89 -- 92Carol A. Hacker. New Employee Orientation: Make it Pay Dividends for Years to Come
93 -- 97Stewart L. Stokes. Taking Charge