Journal: IS Management

Volume 22, Issue 4

5 -- 6Heikki Topi, Carol V. Brown. From the Editors
7 -- 23Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, Karl Reiner Lang. Managing the Paradoxes of Mobile Technology
24 -- 31Monica J. Garfield. Acceptance of Ubiquitous Computing
32 -- 42Guruduth Banavar, Jay Black, Ramón Cáceres, Maria Ebling, Edie Stern, Joseph Kannry. Deriving Long-Term Value from Context-Aware Computing
43 -- 55Antti Aaltonen, Pertti Huuskonen, Juha Lehikoinen. Context Awareness Perspectives for Mobile Personal Media
56 -- 64Lei-da Chen, Ravi Nath. Nomadic Culture: Cultural Support for Working Anytime, Anywhere
65 -- 79Magnus Andersson, Rikard Lindgren. The Mobile-Stationary Divide in Ubiquitous Computing Environments: Lessons from the Transport Industry
80 -- 81William R. King. Innovation in Responding to the Threat of it Offshoring

Volume 22, Issue 3

5 -- 6Carol V. Brown. From the Editor
7 -- 13Dien D. Phan, Jim Q. Chen, Sohel Ahmad. Lessons Learned from an Initial E-Commerce Failure by A Catalog Retailer
14 -- 22C. Sophie Lee, Wesley S. Shu. Four Models of Internet-Enabled Distribution Structures
23 -- 30Darrin Thomas, C. Ranganathan, Kevin C. Desouza. Race to Dot.Com and Back: Lessons on E-Business Spin-Offs and Reintegration
31 -- 36Ming Wang, Shu Zhang. Integrating EDI with an E-Scm System Using Eai Technology
37 -- 49Lakshmi S. Iyer, Rahul Singh, Al Farooq Salam. Intelligent Agents to Support Information Sharing in B2B E-Marketplaces
50 -- 65Dongsong Zhang, Minder Chen, Lina Zhou. Dynamic and Personalized Web Services Composition in E-Business
66 -- 74Guy H. Gessner, Linda Volonino. Quick Response Improves Returns on Business Intelligence Investments
75 -- 80Martin D. Solomon. It s All About the Data
81 -- 82Bart Bolton. Control or Lead? It s Your Choice
83 -- 84William R. King. Ensuring Erp Implementation Success
85 -- 86Stuart Robbins. In E-Business, the Value of Every Transaction in Increases
87 -- 91Paul Gray. It is 11 O Clock. Do You Know What Your Competitor is Doing?

Volume 22, Issue 2

5 -- 6Janice C. Sipior, Carol V. Brown. From the Editors
7 -- 19Shannon Keller, Anne Powell, Ben Horstmann, Chad Predmore, Matt Crawford. Information Security Threats and Practices in Small Businesses
20 -- 29Jean-Noël Ezingeard, Elspeth McFadzean, David William Birchall. A Model of Information Assurance Benefits
30 -- 38Alan D. Smith. Accountability in EDI Systems to Prevent Employee Fraud
39 -- 49Janice C. Sipior, Burke T. Ward, Georgina R. Roselli. The Ethical and Legal Concerns of Spyware
50 -- 56Kathleen Mykytyn, Peter P. Mykytyn Jr.. The Importance of the Law for E-Commerce Strategies
57 -- 66Angela Brungs, Rodger Jamieson. Identification of Legal Issues for Computer Forensics
67 -- 77Judy E. Scott. Post-Implementation Usability of Erp Training Manuals: The User s Perspective
78 -- 88Eli Hustad, Bjørn Erik Munkvold. It-Supported Competence Management: A Case Study at Ericsson
89 -- 90William R. King. Outsourcing Becomes More Complex
91 -- 95Paul Gray. Fighting Malware and Other Unspeakable Threats

Volume 22, Issue 1

5 -- 6Carol V. Brown. From the Editor
7 -- 17Arun Madapusi, Derrick D Souza. Aligning Erp Systems with International Strategies
18 -- 25David Gefen, Arik Ragowsky. A Multi-Level Approach to Measuring the Benefits of an Erp System in Manufacturing Firms
26 -- 36Martin D. Solomon. Ensuring A Successful Data Warehouse Initiative
45 -- 50Mark L. Gillenson, Trent C. Sanders. Employee Relationship Management: Applying the Concept of Personalization to U.S. Navy Sailors
51 -- 65Rebecca Angeles. Rfid Technologies: Supply-Chain Applications and Implementation Issues
66 -- 76James Lawler, Zheng Li, Nasir Javed, Dennis Anderson, Jonathan Hill, Hortense Howell-Barber. A Study of Web Services Projects in the Financial Services Industry
87 -- 88William R. King. Process Improvement in is Development
89 -- 90Stuart Robbins. We Need A New Vocabulary
91 -- 94Paul Gray. New Thinking About the Enterprise