Journal: IS Management

Volume 24, Issue 4

277 -- 278Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
279 -- 280Houston H. Carr. From the Guest Editor
281 -- 287Randall Young, Lixuan Zhang, Victor R. Prybutok. Hacking into the Minds of Hackers
289 -- 298Biju Issac, Lawan A. Mohammed. War Driving and WLAN Security Issues - Attacks, Security Design and Remedies
299 -- 304Houston H. Carr. Safe Wireless Practices
305 -- 310Robert Gehling, C. Ryan Ashley, Thomas Griffin. Electronic Emissions Security: Danger in the Air
311 -- 318S. Srividya, V. Vijayaraghavan, R. S. D. Wahida Banu. Effective Key Management Protocol for Extremely Self-Motivated Environment
319 -- 329Virginia Franke Kleist. Building Technologically Based Online Trust: Can the Biometrics Industry Deliver the Online Trust Silver Bullet?
331 -- 332Rodger Morrison. Commentary: Multi-Factor Identification and Authentication
333 -- 342Godwin Thomas, Reinhardt A. Botha. Secure Mobile Device Use in Healthcare Guidance from HIPAA and ISO17799
343 -- 344Radcliff Stewart. Commentary: Legal Effect of Revealing Private Information in the US and Abroad
345 -- 359Judith C. Simon, Kate M. Kaiser, Cynthia Beath, Timothy Goles, Kevin Gallagher. Information Technology Workforce Skills: Does Size Matter?
361 -- 372A. Da Veiga, Jan H. P. Eloff. An Information Security Governance Framework
373 -- 390Abraham Asher. Developing a B2B E-Commerce Implementation Framework: A Study of EDI Implementation for Procurement
391 -- 392William R. King. IT Strategy and Innovation: The US and China: A Business and IS Perspective
393 -- 394Robert L. Glass. Through a Glass, Darkly : IS: Doom and Gloom Forecasts?

Volume 24, Issue 3

209 -- 210Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
211 -- 212Linda Volonino. From the Guest Editor
213 -- 222Guy H. Gessner, Linda Volonino, Lynn A. Fish. One-Up, One-Back ERM in the Food Supply Chain
223 -- 229James L. Parrish Jr., James F. Courtney. Electronic Records Management in Local Government Agencies: The Case of the Clerk of Courts Office in Lake County Florida
231 -- 238Linda Volonino, Janice C. Sipior, Burke T. Ward. Managing the Lifecycle of Electronically Stored Information
239 -- 245Ian J. Redpath Esq, Eric M. Redpath, Kathleen Ryan. Sales and Use Taxation in E-Commerce: Where We Are and What Needs to be Done
247 -- 264George Philip. IS Strategic Planning for Operational Efficiency
265 -- 266William R. King. IT Strategy and Innovation: Productivity and IS
267 -- 269Robert L. Glass. Through a Glass, Darkly :
271 -- 276Paul Gray. Bookisms:

Volume 24, Issue 2

101 -- 102Carol V. Brown. From the Editor
103 -- 111Anthony B. Gerth, Steve Rothman. The Future IS Organization in a Flat World
113 -- 120Paul Gray, Anat Hovav. The IS Organization of the Future: Four Scenarios for 2020
121 -- 127William R. King. The IS Organization of the Future: Impacts of Global Sourcing
129 -- 138Jerry N. Luftman, Rajkumar M. Kempaiah. The IS Organization of the Future: The IT Talent Challenge
139 -- 145Judy E. Scott. Mobility, Business Process Management, Software Sourcing, and Maturity Model Trends: Propositions for the IS Organization of the Future
147 -- 153Ray Hoving. Information Technology Leadership Challenges - Past, Present, and Future
155 -- 171Carolin Fubeta, Ralf Gmeiner, Dirk Schiereck, Susanne Strahringer. ERP Usage in Banking: An Exploratory Survey of the World s Largest Banks
173 -- 184C. Derrick Huang, Qing Hu. Achieving IT-Business Strategic Alignment via Enterprise-Wide Implementation of Balanced Scorecards
185 -- 196H. Joseph Wen, Dana Schwieger, Pam Gershuny. Internet Usage Monitoring in the Workplace: Its Legal Challenges and Implementation Strategies
197 -- 199William R. King. The IT Deniers Versus a Portfolio of IT Roles
201 -- 207Paul Gray. Strategy & Alignment, Analytics & Risk Reduction: Looking to the Future

Volume 24, Issue 1

1 -- 2Carol V. Brown. From the Editors
3 -- 4E. Vance Wilson, Elliot B. Sloane. From the Guest Editors
5 -- 14Anol Bhattacherjee, Neset Hikmet, Nir Menachemi, Varol O. Kayhan, Robert G. Brooks. The Differential Performance Effects of Healthcare Information Technology Adoption
15 -- 28Elizabeth Davidson, Dan Heslinga. Bridging the IT Adoption Gap for Small Physician Practices: An Action Research Study on Electronic Health Records
29 -- 42Tina Blegind Jensen, Margunn Aanestad. How Healthcare Professionals Make Sense of an Electronic Patient Record Adoption
43 -- 57Bill Sallas, Sean Lane, Robert Mathews, Thomas Watkins, Sonja Wiley-Patton. An Iterative Assessment Approach to Improve Technology Adoption and Implementation Decisions by Healthcare Managers
59 -- 71Robin S. Poston, Rebecca B. Reynolds, Mark L. Gillenson. Technology Solutions for Improving Accuracy and Availability of Healthcare Records
73 -- 84Biswadip Ghosh, Judy E. Scott. Effective Knowledge Management Systems for a Clinical Nursing Setting
85 -- 90Alice M. Johnson, Albert L. Lederer. The Impact of Communication between CEOs and CIOs on their Shared Views of the Current and Future Role of IT
91 -- 93William R. King. IT STRATEGY AND INNOVATION: Recent Innovations in Knowledge Management
95 -- 100Paul Gray. BOOKISMS: Minding the Business