Journal: IS Management

Volume 27, Issue 4

291 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
292 -- 0Luis E. Anido-Rifón, Luis Álvarez Sabucedo. From the Special Issue Editors: Introduction to the Special Issue on e-Government from MeTTeG 09
293 -- 308Flavio Corradini, Andrea Polini, Alberto Polzonetti, Barbara Re. Business Processes Verification for e-Government Service Delivery
309 -- 319Luis Álvarez Sabucedo, Luis E. Anido-Rifón. Managing Citizen Profiles in the Domain of e-Government: The cPortfolio Project
320 -- 333Milan Markovic, Goran Dordevic. One Possible Model of Secure e/m-Government System
334 -- 339Burke T. Ward, Janice C. Sipior. The Internet Jurisdiction Risk of Cloud Computing
340 -- 355Reyes Gonzalez, Jose Gasco, Juan Llopis. Information Systems Offshore Outsourcing: An Exploratory Study of Motivations and Risks in Large Spanish Firms
356 -- 359Paul Gray. Two for the General Audience Plus a Survey on BI
360 -- 361Robert L. Glass. Test-First Approaches: Are They Harmful?

Volume 27, Issue 3

195 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
196 -- 197Miltiadis D. Lytras. From the Special Issue Editor: Information Systems Research for a Sustainable Knowledge Society
198 -- 206Carla Limongelli, Filippo Sciarrone, Paolo Starace, Marco Temperini. An Ontology-Driven OLAP System to Help Teachers in the Analysis of Web Learning Object Repositories
207 -- 216Luis Iribarne, Nicolás Padilla, Javier Criado, José Andrés Asensio, Rosa Ayala. A Model Transformation Approach for Automatic Composition of COTS User Interfaces in Web-Based Information Systems
217 -- 225Maria Vargas-Vera, Miltiadis D. Lytras. AQUA: A Closed-Domain Question Answering System
226 -- 237Yoshito Matsudaira. The Continued Practice of Ethos : How Nissan Enables Organizational Knowledge Creation
238 -- 246Lazar Rusu, Alexandru Smeu. Managing the Reliable Design of an Enterprise IT Network Infrastructure
247 -- 252Ángel García-Crespo, Ricardo Colomo Palacios, Pedro Soto-Acosta, Marcos Ruano Mayoral. A Qualitative Study of Hard Decision Making in Managing Global Software Development Teams
253 -- 266Spiros Mouzakitis, Dimitris Askounis. A Knowledge-Based Framework for Measuring Organizational Readiness for the Adoption of B2B Integration Systems
267 -- 273Miltiadis D. Lytras, David Castillo-Merino, Enric Serradell-Lopez. New Human Resources Practices, Technology and Their Impact on SMEs Efficiency
274 -- 283Pedro Soto-Acosta, Isabel Martinez-Conesa, Ricardo Colomo Palacios. An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between IT Training Sources and IT Value
284 -- 287Paul Gray. New Problems, New Solutions
288 -- 289Robert L. Glass. A Quibble About Computation

Volume 27, Issue 2

99 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
100 -- 102Sue Conger. From the Special Issue Editor: Servitizing IT
103 -- 112Jon Iden, Lars Langeland. Setting the Stage for a Successful ITIL Adoption: A Delphi Study of IT Experts in the Norwegian Armed Forces
113 -- 122Carol E. Pollard, Dhiraj Gupta, John W. Satzinger. Teaching Systems Development: A Compelling Case for Integrating the SDLC with the ITSM Lifecycle
123 -- 145Jung Hoon Lee, Hye-Jung Shim, Kyung-kyu Kim. Critical Success Factors in SOA Implementation: An Exploratory Study
146 -- 155Jagdish Pathak, Mary Robinson Lind. An E-Business Audit Service Model in the B2B Context
156 -- 167Stuart D. Galup, Ronald Dattero. A Five-Step Method to Tune Your ITSM Processes
168 -- 187Roland M. Müller, Sefan Linders, Luís Ferreira Pires. Business Intelligence and Service-oriented Architecture: A Delphi Study
188 -- 192Paul Gray. Gurus
193 -- 194Robert L. Glass. A Current-Day Problem and a Future-Day Disaster-in-the-Making

Volume 27, Issue 1

1 -- 2Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
3 -- 9Zhongming Ma, Kun Liao, Johnny Jiung-Yee Lee. Examining Comparative Shopping Agents from Two Types of Search Results
10 -- 24Mårten Simonsson, Pontus Johnson, Mathias Ekstedt. The Effect of IT Governance Maturity on IT Governance Performance
25 -- 41Sylvestre Uwizeyemungu, Louis Raymond. Linking the Effects of ERP to Organizational Performance: Development and Initial Validation of an Evaluation Method
42 -- 60Tsipi Heart, Hanan Maoz, Nava Pliskin. From Governance to Adaptability: The Mediating Effect of IT Executives Managerial Capabilities
61 -- 71Boris Jukic, Nenad Jukic. Information System Planning and Decision Making Framework: A Case Study
72 -- 81Tejaswini Herath, Hemantha Herath, Wayne G. Bremser. Balanced Scorecard Implementation of Security Strategies: A Framework for IT Security Performance Management
82 -- 91Dien D. Phan, Mark B. Schmidt, Jim Q. Chen. Organizational Ecology Success Factors in the Business: A Case Study at Fingerhut Inc
92 -- 95Paul Gray. Three from Harvard Business Press
96 -- 97Robert L. Glass. Three Obscure Things in Our Field that I Actually SUPPORT!!