Journal: IS Management

Volume 29, Issue 4

253 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
254 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. BookISMs Columnist
255 -- 257Euripidis Loukis, Yannis Charalabidis, Jeremy Millard. From the Special Issue Editors: European Research on Electronic Citizen Participation and Engagement in Public Policy Making
258 -- 268Marijn Janssen, Yannis Charalabidis, Anneke Zuiderwijk. Benefits, Adoption Barriers and Myths of Open Data and Open Government
269 -- 283Marinos Themistocleous, Nahed Amin Azab, Muhammad Mustafa Kamal, Maged Ali, Vincenzo Morabito. Location-Based Services for Public Policy Making: The Direct and Indirect Way to e-Participation
284 -- 294Euripidis Loukis, Maria Wimmer. A Multi-Method Evaluation of Different Models of Structured Electronic Consultation on Government Policies
295 -- 304Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos, Christopher Moody, Tony Elliman. Institutional Diffusion of eParticipation in the English Local Government: Is Central Policy the Way Forward?
305 -- 320Vishanth Weerakkody, Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi, Ramzi El-Haddadeh, Ahlam Almuwil, Ahmad Ghoneim. Conceptualizing E-Inclusion in Europe: An Explanatory Study
321 -- 330Efthimios Tambouris, Ann Macintosh, Simon Smith, Eleni Panopoulou, Konstantinos A. Tarabanis, Jeremy Millard. Understanding eParticipation State of Play in Europe
331 -- 337Burke T. Ward, Janice C. Sipior, Labhras MacGabhann. The E-Commerce Sales and Use Tax Controversy: Is the End Near?
338 -- 339Robert L. Glass. A Study About Software Maintenance

Volume 29, Issue 3

169 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
170 -- 187Kris Ven, Jan Verelst. A Qualitative Study on the Organizational Adoption of Open Source Server Software
188 -- 200Ulrich Remus. Exploring the Dynamics behind Knowledge Management Challenges - An Enterprise Resource Planning Case Study
201 -- 215Ann Pearson, Suresh Tadisina, Chris Griffin. The Role of E-Service Quality and Information Quality in Creating Perceived Value: Antecedents to Web Site Loyalty
216 -- 232Rafael Prikladnicki, Jorge Luis Nicolas Audy. Managing Global Software Engineering: A Comparative Analysis of Offshore Outsourcing and the Internal Offshoring of Software Development
233 -- 245Cleopatra Bardaki, Panos E. Kourouthanassis, Katerina Pramatari. Deploying RFID-Enabled Services in the Retail Supply Chain: Lessons Learned toward the Internet of Things
246 -- 250Paul Gray. Software Quality, Robots, and the Next Generation
251 -- 252Robert L. Glass. What Is IS?

Volume 29, Issue 2

85 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
86 -- 99Maike Scherrer-Rathje, Todd A. Boyle. An End-User Taxonomy of Enterprise Systems Flexibility: Evidence from a Leading European Apparel Manufacturer
100 -- 111Amar Gupta, Luting Hou, Taylor Hedberg, Curtis Prendergast, Igor Crk. Creating the 24-Hour Knowledge Factory
112 -- 122Zhenyu Huang, James J. Cappel. A Comparative Study of Web Site Usability Practices of Fortune 500 Versus INC. 500 Companies
123 -- 136Wim Laurier, Geert Poels. Track and Trace Future, Present, and Past Product and Money Flows with a Resource-Event-Agent Model
137 -- 147Andrew Martin. Enterprise IT Architecture in Large Federated Organizations: The Art of the Possible
148 -- 160Arik Ragowsky, Paul S. Licker, David Gefen. Organizational IT Maturity (OITM): A Measure of Organizational Readiness and Effectiveness to Obtain Value from Its Information Technology
161 -- 164Paul Gray. Software Economics, History, Theology
165 -- 168Robert L. Glass. All About Julian Assange

Volume 29, Issue 1

1 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
2 -- 12Stephen Hawk, Kate M. Kaiser, Tim Goles, Christine V. Bullen, Judith C. Simon, Cynthia Mathis Beath, Kevin P. Gallagher, Keith Frampton. The Information Technology Workforce: A Comparison of Critical Skills of Clients and Service Providers
13 -- 25Dinesh A. Mirchandani, Albert L. Lederer. "Less is More: " Information Systems Planning in an Uncertain Environment
26 -- 39Peeter Kirs, Kallol Kumar Bagchi, Zaiyong Tang. The Demise of Novell Netware - Did Perceptions Related to Network Administration Play a Role?
40 -- 54Andrea Giovanni Spelta, Alberto Luiz Albertin. Project Management Offices in the IT Area: A Context-Discriminant Model for their Establishment
55 -- 78Ashraf Khallaf, Munir Majdalawieh. Investigating the Impact of CIO Competencies on IT Security Performance of the U.S. Federal Government Agencies
79 -- 82Paul Gray. Peripheral Issues?
83 -- 84Robert L. Glass. The Gender Gap: Does It Include Information Systems?