Journal: IS Management

Volume 30, Issue 4

279 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
280 -- 292Ivan K. W. Lai, Viny W. L. Tong. The Impact of Company, Subject, and System Characteristics on the Trust Factors Affecting the Adoption of Internet-based Interorganizational Systems
293 -- 305Philip O'Reilly, Patrick Finnegan. "Fit" for Success or Failure: An Exploration of How Marketplace Design Affects Performance
306 -- 318Alice M. Johnson, Albert L. Lederer. IS Strategy and IS Contribution: CEO and CIO Perspectives
319 -- 335Placide Poba-Nzaou, Louis Raymond. Custom Development as an Alternative for ERP Adoption by SMEs: An Interpretive Case Study
336 -- 351Souren Paul, Janejira Sutanonpaiboon, Christopher M. Griffin, Peter P. Mykytyn Jr.. Input Information Complexity and Information Processing in Electronic Discussions: An Experimental Investigation
352 -- 358Janice C. Sipior, Burke T. Ward, Linda Volonino, Labhras MacGabhann. A Framework for the E-Discovery of Social Media Content in the United States
359 -- 361Robert L. Glass. Tinkerings I Have Done

Volume 30, Issue 3

181 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
182 -- 197Julia Mundy, Carys A. Owen. The Use of an ERP System to Facilitate Regulatory Compliance
198 -- 217Piotr Soja, Grazyna Paliwoda-Pekosz. Comparing Benefits from Enterprise System Adoption in Transition and Developed Economies: An Ontology-based Approach
218 -- 234Cristina Campos, Ricardo Chalmeta, Reyes Grangel, Raul Poler. Maturity Model for Interoperability Potential Measurement
235 -- 249Casey G. Cegielski, David M. Bourrie, Benjamin T. Hazen. Evaluating Adoption of Emerging IT for Corporate IT Strategy: Developing a Model Using a Qualitative Method
250 -- 262Robert E. Miller, Bill C. Hardgrave, Thomas W. Jones. ISS-QUAL: A Measure of Service Quality for the Information Systems Function
263 -- 275Przemyslaw Lech. Time, Budget, And Functionality? - IT Project Success Criteria Revised
276 -- 277Robert L. Glass. Who Pays for IT Publications? The Reader (that's the tradition) or the Author (that's what's new)

Volume 30, Issue 2

91 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
92 -- 99Charles Zech, William P. Wagner, Robert West. The Effective Design of Church Web Sites: Extending the Consumer Evaluation of Web Sites to the Non-Profit Sector
100 -- 115Malte Schmidt, Lars Thoroe, Matthias Schumann. RFID and Barcode in Manufacturing Logistics: Interface Concept for Concurrent Operation
116 -- 136Anant Joshi, Laury Bollen, Harold Hassink. An Empirical Assessment of IT Governance Transparency: Evidence from Commercial Banking
137 -- 149Bostjan Delak, Marko Bajec. Framework for the Delivery of Information System Due Diligence
150 -- 167Raffaello Balocco, Alessia Ciappini, Andrea Rangone. ICT Governance: A Reference Framework
168 -- 178Varol O. Kayhan, Christopher J. Davis, Rosann Webb Collins, Anol Bhattacherjee. Verification of Knowledge Assets in Electronic Repositories: Expert- and Community-Governance
179 -- 180Robert L. Glass. Give Me An Act of God, Please

Volume 30, Issue 1

1 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
2 -- 20Gregory D. Saxton, Onook Oh, Rajiv Kishore. Rules of Crowdsourcing: Models, Issues, and Systems of Control
21 -- 34Ron Berger, Anat Hovav. Using a Dairy Management Information System to Facilitate Precision Agriculture: The Case of the AfiMilkĀ® System
35 -- 49Wafi Al-Karaghouli, Ahmad Ghoneim, Amir M. Sharif, Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi. The Effect of Knowledge Management in Enhancing the Procurement Process in the UK Healthcare Supply Chain
50 -- 62Shu Z. Schiller, Kendall Goodrich, Pola B. Gupta. Let Them Play! Active Learning in a Virtual World
63 -- 74Stephan F. Gohmann, Jian Guan, Robert M. Barker, David J. Faulds. Requirements Fulfillment: A Missing Link between Requirements Determination and User Acceptance
75 -- 88Edward Bernroider, Stefan Koch, Volker Stix. A Comprehensive Framework Approach using Content, Context, Process Views to Combine Methods from Operations Research for IT Assessments
89 -- 90Robert L. Glass. The Queensland Health Payroll Debacle