Journal: IS Management

Volume 34, Issue 4

0 -- 0. Editorial Board EOV
303 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
304 -- 307Jolanta Kowal, Grazyna Paliwoda-Pekosz. ICT for Global Competitiveness and Economic Growth in Emerging Economies: Economic, Cultural, and Social Innovations for Human Capital in Transition Economies
308 -- 319Alicja Senejko, Zbigniew Los, Magdalena Zurko, Dorota Chmielewska-Luczak. How do Attitudes Toward Globalization Influence Human Functioning?
320 -- 332Ewa Soja. Information and Communication Technology in Active and Healthy Ageing: Exploring Risks from Multi-generation Perspective
333 -- 346Ewa Soja, Piotr Soja. Exploring Root Problems in Enterprise System Adoption From an Employee Age Perspective: A People-Process-Technology Framework
347 -- 358Bartlomiej Gawin, Bartosz Marcinkowski. Business Intelligence in Facility Management: Determinants and Benchmarking Scenarios for Improving Energy Efficiency
359 -- 377Jan Trabka. Modeling Organizational and Locational Structure in Enterprise Content Management System Adoptions: Experience from a Large Polish Medical Company
378 -- 389Manuela Engel, Matthias Heinz, Ralph Sonntag. Flexibilizing and Customizing Education using Inverted Classroom Model

Volume 34, Issue 3

201 -- 202Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
203 -- 204Pedro Soto-Acosta, Juan-Gabriel Cegarra-Navarro, Alexeis Garcia-Perez. From the Guest Editors: "Enterprise Social Media for Knowledge Management and Innovation in SMEs"
205 -- 219Elena-Madalina Vatamanescu, Andreia Gabriela Andrei, Luminita Nicolescu, Florina Pînzaru, Alexandra Zbuchea. The Influence of Competitiveness on SMEs Internationalization Effectiveness. Online Versus Offline Business Networking
220 -- 237Santiago Iglesías-Pradas, Ángel Hernández-García, Pedro Fernández-Cardador. Acceptance of Corporate Blogs for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
238 -- 249Angela Fortunato, Michele Gorgoglione, Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli, Umberto Panniello. Leveraging Big Data for Sustaining Open Innovation: The Case of Social TV
250 -- 264Carlos Devece, Daniel Palacios Marqués, Miguel-Ángel Galindo-Martín, Carlos Llopis-Albert. Information Systems Strategy and its Relationship With Innovation Differentiation and Organizational Performance
265 -- 279Lim Yan Hua, Thurasamy Ramayah, Teoh Ai Ping, Cheah Jun-Hwa (Jacky). Social Media as a Tool to Help Select Tourism Destinations: The Case of Malaysia
280 -- 290Veronica Scuotto, Manlio Del Giudice, Kingsley Obi Omeihe. SMEs and Mass Collaborative Knowledge Management: Toward Understanding the Role of Social Media Networks
291 -- 301Daniel Perez González, Sara Trigueros-Preciado, Simona Popa. Social Media Technologies' Use for the Competitive Information and Knowledge Sharing, and Its Effects on Industrial SMEs' Innovation

Volume 34, Issue 2

101 -- 102Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
103 -- 104Mike Tae-in Eom, Jennifer E. Gerow. From the Special Issue Guest Editors
105 -- 116Joseph Taylor. Going Public: Using the Cloud to Improve Project Delivery
117 -- 136Ofir Turel, Peng Liu, Chris Bart. Board-Level Information Technology Governance Effects on Organizational Performance: The Roles of Strategic Alignment and Authoritarian Governance Style
137 -- 156Michele Heath, Radha Appan, Naveen Gudigantala. Exploring Health Information Exchange (HIE) Through Collaboration Framework: Normative Guidelines for IT Leadership of Healthcare Organizations
157 -- 171Jennifer E. Gerow, Varun Grover, Jason Bennett Thatcher. Can Political Skill Enhance Business and IT Knowledge?
172 -- 184Adarsh Kumar Kakar. Investigating the Prevalence and Performance Correlates of Vertical Versus Shared Leadership in Emergent Software Development Teams
185 -- 199Ulco Woudstra, Egon Berghout, Chee-Wee Tan, Patrick van Eekeren, Guido Dedene. Resource Complementarity and IT Economies of Scale: Mechanisms and Empirical Evidence

Volume 34, Issue 1

1 -- 2Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
3 -- 19Krishnadas Nanath, Radhakrishna R. Pillai. The Influence of Green IS Practices on Competitive Advantage: Mediation Role of Green Innovation Performance
20 -- 37Steven De Haes, Tim Huygh, Anant Joshi. Exploring the Contemporary State of Information Technology Governance Transparency in Belgian Firms
38 -- 49Stanislaw Wrycza, Bartosz Marcinkowski, Damian Gajda. The Enriched UTAUT Model for the Acceptance of Software Engineering Tools in Academic Education
50 -- 64Fida Hussain Chandio, Zahir Irani, Akram M. Zeki, Asadullah Shah, Sayed Chhattan Shah. Online Banking Information Systems Acceptance: An Empirical Examination of System Characteristics and Web Security
65 -- 84Tamara Keszey. Information Systems in Transition Economies: Does Ownership Matter?
85 -- 100Se Hun Lim, Sukho Lee, Dan J. Kim. Is Online Consumers' Impulsive Buying Beneficial for E-Commerce Companies? An Empirical Investigation of Online Consumers' Past Impulsive Buying Behaviors