Journal: IS Management

Volume 35, Issue 4

275 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
276 -- 293Vicente López-López, Susana Iglesias-Antelo, Antonio Vázquez-Sanmartín, Regina Connolly, Frank Bannister. e-Government, Transparency & Reputation: An Empirical Study of Spanish Local Government
294 -- 307David J. Burns, Pola B. Gupta, Hanna C. Bihn, Jennifer Hutchins. Showrooming: an Exploratory Empirical Investigation of Students' Attitudes and Behavior
308 -- 329Michal Levi-Bliech, Gali Naveh, Nava Pliskin, Lior Fink. Mobile Technology and Business Process Performance: The Mediating Role of Collaborative Supply-Chain Capabilities
330 -- 347Jan-Bert Maas, Paul C. van Fenema, Joseph Soeters. Post-Implementation ERP Usage: A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Control and Empowerment
348 -- 368Russell Haines, Richard W. Scamell, Jaymeen R. Shah. The Impact of Technology Availability and Structural Guidance on Group Development in Workgroups Using Computer-Mediated Communication

Volume 35, Issue 3

181 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the editor
182 -- 200Obi Ogbanufe, Dan J. Kim. "Just how risky is it anyway?" The role of risk perception and trust on click-through intention
201 -- 219Hongpeng Wang, Rong Du, Timothy Olsen. Feedback mechanisms and consumer satisfaction, trust and repurchase intention in online retail
220 -- 233Stanislav Mamonov, Marios Koufaris. The effects of IT-related attributional style in voluntary technology training
234 -- 253Renata Gabryelczyk, Narcyz Roztocki. Business process management success framework for transition economies
254 -- 274Nisreen Ameen, Robert Willis. A generalized model for smartphone adoption and use in an Arab context: A cross-country comparison

Volume 35, Issue 2

79 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
80 -- 97Sumedha Chauhan, Mahadeo Jaiswal, Sumita Rai, Luvai Motiwalla, Leo Pipino. Determinants of adoption for open-source office applications: A plural investigation
98 -- 123Sylvie Héroux, Anne Fortin. The moderating role of IT-business alignment in the relationship between IT governance, IT competence, and innovation
124 -- 146Latifa Alzahrani, Wafi Al-Karaghouli, Vishanth Weerakkody. Investigating the impact of citizens' trust toward the successful adoption of e-government: A multigroup analysis of gender, age, and internet experience
147 -- 160Xin (Robert) Luo, Wei Zhang, Ranjit Bose, Han Li, Q. B. Chung. Producing competitive advantage from an infrastructure technology: The case of cloud computing
161 -- 180Bjarne Berg, Antonis C. Stylianou, Razvan A. Mezei. Information Foraging - A Model for Exploration Breadth and Depth

Volume 35, Issue 1

1 -- 0Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
2 -- 14Tobias H. Engler, Paul Alpar. Contribution and consumption of content in enterprise social media
15 -- 28Márta Aranyossy, Bálint Blaskovics, Ákos Ardzsuna Horváth. How universal are IT project success and failure factors? Evidence from Hungary
29 -- 48Celina M. Olszak, Jerzy Kisielnicki. A conceptual framework of information systems for organizational creativity support. lessons from empirical investigations
49 -- 61Sune Dueholm Müller, Christian G. de Lichtenberg. The culture of ITIL: Values and implementation challenges
62 -- 77Lei-da Chen, Ravi Nath. Business analytics maturity of firms: an examination of the relationships between managerial perception of IT, business analytics maturity and success