Journal: Inf. Services and Use

Volume 25, Issue 3-4

125 -- 135Carol A. Burns, Zviad Kirtava, H. Kenneth Walker. The role of information access in sustainable healthcare in Georgia: The Atlanta-Tbilisi Health Partnership model
137 -- 147Dirk Lewandowski. Web searching, search engines and Information Retrieval
149 -- 161James P. McGinty. What it takes to gain "Mindshare" from the perspective of academic librarians
163 -- 180Mechtild Stock, Wolfgang G. Stock. Intellectual property information. A case study of Questel-Orbit
181 -- 195Oliver Bayer, Stefanie Höhfeld, Frauke Josbächer, Nico Kimm, Ina Kradepohl, Melanie Kwiatkowski, Cornelius Puschmann, Mathias Sabbagh, Nils Werner, Ulrike Vollmer. Evaluation of an Ontology-based Knowledge-Management-System. A Case Study of Convera RetrievalWare 8.0
197 -- 198Thomas Mandl. IWIPS Workshop discusses Internationalisation of Products and Systems
199 -- 201Johan van Halm. Informatie2005
203 -- 204Rüdiger Mack. FIZ Karlsruhe

Volume 25, Issue 2

69 -- 76Thomas Mandl. The quest to find the best pages on the web
77 -- 85Violetta Bottazzo. Intranet: A medium of internal communication and training
87 -- 93Michael E. D. Koenig. KM moves beyond the organization: The opportunity for librarians
95 -- 107Nikos Manouselis, Constantina Costopoulou. Designing an Internet-based directory service for e-markets
109 -- 111. OpenDOAR or directory of Open Access repositories
113 -- 114Johan van Halm. EBLIDA: Manifesto on international trade agreements
115 -- 118Johan van Halm. Questions and issues about the conversion to 13-digit ISBN and ISSN revision in library systems
119 -- 0. European Commission reorganises its Information Society and Media DG
121 -- 0. DARLIN
123 -- 0. Book review

Volume 25, Issue 1

1 -- 2Yasar Tonta, Gail Hodge. Introduction
3 -- 12Yasar Tonta. Internet and electronic information management
13 -- 21Ana Maria Ramalho Correia, José Carlos Teixeira. Reforming scholarly publishing and knowledge communication: From the advent of the scholarly journal to the challenges of Open Access
23 -- 34Gladys Cotter, Bonnie Carroll, Gail Hodge, Andrea Japzon. Electronic collection management and electronic information services
35 -- 45Gail Hodge. Metadata for electronic information resources: From variety to interoperability
47 -- 57Gail Hodge. Preservation of and permanent access to electronic information resources: A system perspective
59 -- 68Graham P. Cornish. Electronic information management and intellectual property rights