Journal: Inf. Services and Use

Volume 27, Issue 4

143 -- 0Arnoud de Kemp. Introduction
145 -- 146H. C. Karl-Peter Winters. Welcome
147 -- 152Isabella Meinecke. APE 2007: Pre-conference day - "Embracing Change" Workshop: University presses and open access Presentation: Isabella Meinecke, Hamburg University Press, State and University Library of Hamburg
153 -- 154Arend Küster. APE 2007: Pre-conference day - "Embracing Change" Scenario: "The European Journal for Nuclear Sinus Treatments". Journal Marketing WorkshopPresentation: Arend Küster, PCG - Publishers Communication Group, Europe, Oxford
155 -- 159Horst Forster. The i2010 digital libraries initiative: Europe's cultural and scientific information at the click of a mouse
161 -- 166Sabine Brünger-Weilandt. E-Science - Advancing new ways of scientific communication
167 -- 171Johann Kempe. BookStore - Strategic options of a publisher-driven service
173 -- 177Mayur Amin. Article repositories and journal subscription - future scenarios
179 -- 184Gary Coker. Usability in emerging e-content environments
185 -- 191Hermann A. Maurer, Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer. Addressing plagiarism and IPR violation
193 -- 205Peter Johan Lor. Libraries in times of open accessPaper presented at the APE 2007: Academic Publishing in Europe Conference "Innovation & Publishing", Berlin, 23-24 January 2007
207 -- 213Oliver Pesch. Usage statistics: About COUNTER and SUSHI
215 -- 219Brian Green, David Martin, Francis Cave. ONIX for licensing terms: Standards for the electronic communication of usage terms
221 -- 228Rainer Meckes. Pricing in Academic Publishing: A wake-up call to the online era
229 -- 233Thomas Snyder. Pricing and pricing policies from the perspective of a subscription agent
235 -- 238Matthew Cockerill. Pricing, business models and open access: Status quo vs. Apocalypse
239 -- 242Jean-Michel Baer. Academic publishing in Europe: Looking aheadBerlin, 24 January 2007 Closing speech at the Academic Publishing in Europe 2007 Conference: Innovation and Publishing

Volume 27, Issue 3

87 -- 90Claus Vesterager Pedersen. Who are the oracles - Is Web 2.0 the fulfilment of our dreams?Host lecture at the EUSIDIC Annual Conference 11-13 March 2007 at Roskilde University
91 -- 95Lars G. Svensson. National Web Library 2.0: Are national libraries ready for the new version?
97 -- 103Wolfgang G. Stock. Folksonomies and science communicationA mash-up of professional science databases and Web 2.0 services
105 -- 122Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, Ilias Maglogiannis. Monitoring browsing behaviour and search services evolution adaptation with a capture-recapture Internet-based programming technique: A case-study over medical portals
123 -- 132Sotiris Karetsos, Constantina Costopoulou, Alexander B. Sideridis, Charalampos Z. Patrikakis, Maria Koukouli. Bio@gro - An online multilingual organic agriculture e-services platform
133 -- 134. DFG purchases Emerald Archive for German Research Community
135 -- 0. Study of scientific research trends
137 -- 0. Glossarium Bibliothecarii Multilinguale - Dictionary of Book and Librarianship (German-English-Russian-Georgian)
139 -- 140. Vascoda launches new search engine technology
141 -- 142. INIS has published a new release of the INIS Thesaurus in English on paper and the, Multilingual version (Arabic-Chinese-English-French-German-Russian-Spanish) on CD

Volume 27, Issue 1-2

1 -- 2Elliot R. Siegel. Editor's Introduction
3 -- 34David Brown, Bernard Dumouchel. Understanding user behaviour and its metrics
35 -- 43Rafael Ball, Jürgen Goebelbecker. NUCLiB - The virtual nuclear engineering library on the Internet
45 -- 63Gail Hodge, Nikkia Anderson. Formats for digital preservation: A review of alternatives and issues
65 -- 78Johan van Halm. Strategic Action Agenda for Preservation in Research LibrariesReport and Recommendations to the Scholarly Communication Steering Committee, the Public Policies Affecting Research Libraries Steering Committee, and the Research, Teaching and Learning Steering Committee
79 -- 83Taco Ekkel, Jasper Kaizer. AquaBrowser: Search and information discovery for libraries