Journal: Inf. Services and Use

Volume 29, Issue 4

103 -- 121David J. Brown. International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) Annual Conference - Managing Data for Science
123 -- 131Chris Armbruster, Svenja Hagenhoff. APE - Academic Publishing in Europe: Researchers, Librarians and Publishers
133 -- 141Rick Anderson. Librarians and publishers in the eye of the format-migration storm

Volume 29, Issue 2-3

53 -- 54Arnoud de Kemp. Selected papers from the international conference Academic Publishing in Europe: The Impact of Publishing
55 -- 63Svenja Hagenhoff, Chris Armbruster. Academic Publishing in Europe: The Impact of Publishing - Pre-conference day for younger academic publishers: "Information Competence", 19 January 2009
65 -- 72Georg Winckler. Universities in the 21st century
73 -- 80Rudi Studer. The Semantic Web. Enabling innovative approaches for handling information and services
81 -- 90Celina RamjouƩ. Access to scientific information: European Commission initiatives
91 -- 96Travis C. Brooks. Organizing a research community with SPIRES: Where repositories, scientists and publishers meet
97 -- 98John A. Gardner, Robert A. Kelly. The future is near: Universally usable mainstream on-line publishing
99 -- 101Paul Evans. The New Deal - freedoms, experiments, sustainability. The road ahead

Volume 29, Issue 1

1 -- 2Arnoud de Kemp. A Note from the new Co-Editor-in-Chief Arnoud de Kemp
3 -- 12Dame Lynne J. Brindley. Challenges for Great Libraries in the Age of the Digital Native
13 -- 27Jan Brase, Adam Farquhar, Angela Gastl, Herbert Gruttemeier, Maria Heijne, Alfred Heller, Arlette Piguet, Jeroen Rombouts, Mogens Sandfaer, Irina Sens. Approach for a joint global registration agency for research data
29 -- 43Aviva Zyskind, Karen Chance Jones, Karyn L. Pomerantz, Amyre LaFaye Barker. Exploring the use of computer based patient education resources to enable diabetic patients from underserved populations to self-manage their disease
45 -- 52Steven S. Harris, Benjamin Barden, H. Kenneth Walker, Martin A. Reznek. Assessment of student learning behaviors to guide the integration of technology in curriculum reform