Journal: Inf. Services and Use

Volume 36, Issue 3-4

133 -- 146Laurence Mabile, Paola De Castro, Elena Bravo, Barbara Parodi, Mogens Thomsen, Samuel Moore, Anne Cambon-Thomsen. Towards new tools for bioresource use and sharing
147 -- 158Graham Stone. Sustaining the growth of library scholarly publishing in a New University Press
159 -- 162Angelika Kutz. 3 - Towards a second phase
163 -- 170Gerald Beasley. Article processing charges: A new route to open access?
171 -- 187Behnam Ghavimi, Philipp Mayr, Christoph Lange 0002, Sahar Vahdati, Sören Auer. A semi-automatic approach for detecting dataset references in social science texts
189 -- 202Sven Bingert, Stefan Buddenbohm. Research data centre services for complex software environments in the humanities
203 -- 210Bernd Kulawik. Why and how to avoid complex non-free software in Digital Humanities projects
211 -- 214Fernando Loizides, Sam A. M. Jones. A methodology for digitally exploring electronic publication content
215 -- 0. Regular Paper Section
217 -- 241Robert A. Logan. Robert A. Logan - Seeking an expanded, multidimensional conceptual approach to health literacy and health disparities research

Volume 36, Issue 1-2

3 -- 21Bonnie Lawlor. An overview of the NFAIS 2016 Annual Conference: Data sparks discovery of tomorrow's global knowledge
23 -- 25Steven Miller. Preparing the next generation for the cognitive era
27 -- 33G. Sayeed Choudhury. Data management at scale
35 -- 43Lisa Federer. Research data management in the age of big data: Roles and opportunities for librarians
45 -- 48Heather Joseph. The evolving U.S. policy environment for open research data
49 -- 55Anita de Waard. Research data management at Elsevier: Supporting networks of data and workflows
57 -- 63Thomas Grandell. Visual information discovery
65 -- 72Carl Grant. Supporting a Passion for New Ideas through Open APIs
73 -- 80James King, Chris W. Belter, Bridget Burns, MaShana Davis. Creating value at the National Institutes of Health
81 -- 97Simon Inger, Tracy Gardner. How readers discover content in scholarly publications
99 -- 104James Testa. A view from Web of Science: Journals, articles, impact
105 -- 111Deanna B. Marcum. 1
113 -- 117Pascal Magnier. A smart access to global innovation networks
119 -- 125Marjorie M. K. Hlava. The data you have... Tomorrow's information business
127 -- 131Stéphane Bura. AI and the future of operating systems