Journal: Inf. Services and Use

Volume 41, Issue 1-2

1 -- 37Bonnie Lawlor. Global connections and global conversations
39 -- 42Daniel S. Katz, Shelley Stall. Software citation
43 -- 51Margaret Sraku-Lartey. Connecting the world through local Indigenous Knowledge
53 -- 60Michelle Urberg. Creating return on investment for large-scale metadata creation
61 -- 69Andrew Cormack. Thinking with GDPR: A guide to better system design
71 -- 79Christine Suver, Ellen Kuwana. mHealth wearables and smartphone health tracking apps: A changing privacy landscape
81 -- 90Heather Joseph. 2021 Miles Conrad Award Lecture: Heather Joseph
91 -- 97Geoffrey Morse, Ken Varnum. The open discovery initiative & promoting transparency in discovery
99 -- 105Tim Lloyd, Sara Rouhi. Next generation Open Access analytics: A case study
107 -- 121Michele Avissar-Whiting, Caitlin J. Bakker, Marisa K. Heckner, Sylvain Massip, Jodi Schneider, Randy Townsend, Nathan D. Woods. Addressing disorder in scholarly communication: Strategies from NISO Plus 2021
123 -- 130Marton Kovacs, Alex O. Holcombe, Frederik Aust, Balazs Aczel. Tenzing and the importance of tool development for research efficiency
131 -- 136Andrée Rathemacher, Noah Levin, Stephanie Doellinger, Robert Heaton, Jason Friedman, Sheri Meares, Benjamin Johnson, Elif Eryilmaz-Sigwarth, Nettie Lagace. KBART Phase III: Unresolved questions
137 -- 161Maaike Duine. APE 2021: The New Face of Trust - A Virtual Conference on Academic Publishing in Europe
163 -- 169Dorothea Wagner. Open and autonomous. The basis for trust in science
171 -- 176Frank Vrancken Peeters. Opening doors to discovery: Partnerships are key to advancing open science
177 -- 181Lauren Kane. Reinvention or return to 'normal'? Scholarly communications at a crossroads
183 -- 0Elliot R. Siegel. Editors' Note
185 -- 189W. David Penniman. Remembering "Andy" Aines: A look back at his call for a national STI policy