Journal: Journal of Biomedical Informatics

Volume 35, Issue 5-6

279 -- 280Edward H. Shortliffe. JBI status report
281 -- 288Peter L. Elkin, Steven H. Brown. Automated enhancement of description logic-defined terminologies to facilitate mapping to ICD9-CM
289 -- 297Stephen D. Bay, Jeff Shrager, Andrew Pohorille, Pat Langley. Revising regulatory networks: from expression data to linear causal models
298 -- 305Nicholas R. Hardiker, Suzanne Bakken, Anne Casey, Derek Hoy. Formal nursing terminology systems: a means to an end
306 -- 312Kei-Hoi Cheung, Janet Hager, Kenneth Nelson, Kevin White, Yuli Li, Michael Snyder, Kenneth R. Williams, Perry L. Miller. A dynamic approach to mapping coordinates between microplates and microarrays
313 -- 321Cornelia M. Ruland, Suzanne Bakken. Developing, implementing, and evaluating decision support systems for shared decision making in patient care: a conceptual model and case illustration
322 -- 330Hong Yu, Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou, Andrey Rzhetsky, W. John Wilbur. Automatically identifying gene/protein terms in MEDLINE abstracts
331 -- 342Håkan Petersson, Hans Gill, Hans Åhlfeldt. A variance-based measure of inter-rater agreement in medical databases
343 -- 351Yuriy Fofanov, B. Montgomery Pettitt. Reconstruction of the genetic regulatory dynamics of the rat spinal cord development: Local Invariants approach
352 -- 359Stephan Dreiseitl, Lucila Ohno-Machado. Logistic regression and artificial neural network classification models: a methodology review

Volume 35, Issue 4

213 -- 214Carol Friedman. Editorial
215 -- 221Zellig S. Harris. The structure of science information
222 -- 235Carol Friedman, Pauline Kra, Andrey Rzhetsky. Two biomedical sublanguages: a description based on the theories of Zellig Harris
236 -- 246Ralph Grishman, Silja Huttunen, Roman Yangarber. Information extraction for enhanced access to disease outbreak reports
247 -- 259Lynette Hirschman, Alexander A. Morgan, Alexander S. Yeh. Rutabaga by any other name: extracting biological names
260 -- 264Jerry R. Hobbs. Information extraction from biomedical text
265 -- 277Richard I. Kittredge. Paraphrasing for condensation in journal abstracting

Volume 35, Issue 3

151 -- 159P. Agostino Accardo, Stefano Pensiero. Neural network-based system for early keratoconus detection from corneal topography
160 -- 170Pierre R. Bushel, Hisham Hamadeh, Lee Bennett, James Green, Alan Ableson, Stephen Misener, Cynthia A. Afshari, Richard S. Paules. Computational selection of distinct class- and subclass-specific gene expression signatures
171 -- 177Merwyn G. Taylor. Hierarchical data security in a Query-By-Example interface for a shared database
178 -- 185Christina Ölvingson, Jonas Hallberg, Toomas Timpka, Kent Lindqvist. Ethical issues in public health informatics: implications for system design when sharing geographic information
186 -- 193Douglas T. Steinke, Tanya L. Weston, Andrew D. Morris, Thomas M. MacDonald, John F. Dillon. The epidemiology of liver disease in Tayside database: a population-based record-linkage study
194 -- 212Yehoshua Perl, Zong Chen, Michael Halper, James Geller, Li Zhang, Yi Peng. The cohesive metaschema: a higher-level abstraction of the UMLS Semantic Network

Volume 35, Issue 2

77 -- 91Alessandro Sarti, Karol Mikula, Fiorella Sgallari, Claudio Lamberti. Evolutionary partial differential equations for biomedical image processing
92 -- 98Mohamed Sammouda, Rachid Sammouda, Noboru Niki, Naohito Yamaguchi, Noriyuki Moriyama. Cancerous nuclei detection on digitized pathological lung color images
99 -- 110George Hripcsak, Daniel F. Heitjan. Measuring agreement in medical informatics reliability studies
111 -- 122Indra Neil Sarkar, Paul J. Planet, T. E. Bael, S. E. Stanley, Mark Siddall, Robert DeSalle, David H. Figurski. Characteristic attributes in cancer microarrays
123 -- 139Silvia Panzarasa, S. Maddè, Silvana Quaglini, C. Pistarini, Mario Stefanelli. Evidence-based careflow management systems: the case of post-stroke rehabilitation
140 -- 141Henry J. Lowe. Electronic Medical Records: A Guide for Clinicians and Administrators.
142 -- 150Liping Wei, Yueyi Liu, Inna Dubchak, John Shon, John Park. Comparative genomics approaches to study organism similarities and differences

Volume 35, Issue 1

1 -- 2Edward H. Shortliffe. Editorial
3 -- 7Walter Kintsch. The potential of latent semantic analysis for machine grading of clinical case summaries
8 -- 16Vimla L. Patel, José F. Arocha, André Kushniruk. Patients and physicians understanding of health and biomedical concepts: relationship to the design of EMR systems
17 -- 24Jiajie Zhang. Representations of health concepts: a cognitive perspective
25 -- 36Ju Han Kim, Isaac S. Kohane, Lucila Ohno-Machado. Visualization and evaluation of clusters for exploratory analysis of gene expression data
37 -- 50Leonard Schlessinger, David M. Eddy. Archimedes: a new model for simulating health care systems--the mathematical formulation
51 -- 0Lawrence E. Widman. Book Review: Computational inverse problems in electrocardiography
52 -- 75Vimla L. Patel, David R. Kaufman, José F. Arocha. Emerging paradigms of cognition in medical decision-making