Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 17, Issue 3

271 -- 287Thierry Viéville, Sylvie Crahay. Using an Hebbian Learning Rule for Multi-Class SVM Classifiers
289 -- 325Miguel A. García-Pérez. A Nonlinear Model of the Behavior of Simple Cells in Visual Cortex
327 -- 345Alain Destexhe, Michael Rudolph. Extracting Information from the Power Spectrum of Synaptic Noise
347 -- 363Jan Karbowski, G. B. Ermentrout. Model of the Early Development of Thalamo-Cortical Connections and Area Patterning via Signaling Molecules
365 -- 383Bard Ermentrout, Jing W. Wang, Jorge Flores, Alan Gelperin. Model for Transition from Waves to Synchrony in the Olfactory Lobe of Limax

Volume 17, Issue 2

107 -- 126Burak Güçlü, Stanley J. Bolanowski. Tristate Markov Model for the Firing Statistics of Rapidly-Adapting Mechanoreceptive Fibers
127 -- 136Maurice J. Chacron, André Longtin, Leonard Maler. To Burst or Not to Burst?
137 -- 147Nathan A. Dunn, Shawn R. Lockery, Jonathan T. Pierce-Shimomura, John S. Conery. A Neural Network Model of Chemotaxis Predicts Functions of Synaptic Connections in the Nematode ::::Caenorhabditis elegans::::
149 -- 164Volker Steuber, David J. Willshaw. A Biophysical Model of Synaptic Delay Learning and Temporal Pattern Recognition in a Cerebellar Purkinje Cell
165 -- 178Flavio Fröhlich, Saso Jezernik. Annihilation of Single Cell Neural Oscillations by Feedforward and Feedback Control
179 -- 201Moshe Abeles, Gaby Hayon, Daniel Lehmann. Modeling Compositionality by Dynamic Binding of Synfire Chains
203 -- 223N. F. Rulkov, Igor Timofeev, Maxim Bazhenov. Oscillations in Large-Scale Cortical Networks: Map-Based Model
225 -- 243Steven J. Cox. Estimating the Location and Time Course of Synaptic Input from Multi-Site Potential Recordings
245 -- 261Amitabha Bose, Yair Manor, Farzan Nadim. The Activity Phase of Postsynaptic Neurons in a Simplified Rhythmic Network

Volume 17, Issue 1

5 -- 0Barry J. Richmond. Editorial Commentary
7 -- 11Michael L. Hines, Thomas M. Morse, Michele Migliore, Nicholas T. Carnevale, Gordon M. Shepherd. ModelDB: A Database to Support Computational Neuroscience
13 -- 29Eric Brown, Jeff Moehlis, Philip Holmes, Ed Clayton, Janusz Rajkowski, Gary Aston-Jones. The Influence of Spike Rate and Stimulus Duration on Noradrenergic Neurons
31 -- 45S. Jalil, Jörg Grigull, Frances K. Skinner. Novel Bursting Patterns Emerging from Model Inhibitory Networks with Synaptic Depression
47 -- 56Fredrik Edin, Christian K. Machens, Hartmut Schütze, Andreas V. M. Herz. Searching for Optimal Sensory Signals: Iterative Stimulus Reconstruction in Closed-Loop Experiments
57 -- 79Carlo Fulvi Mari. Extremely Dilute Modular Neuronal Networks: Neocortical Memory Retrieval Dynamics
81 -- 99Kim T. Blackwell. Paired Turbulence and Light do not Produce a Supralinear Calcium Increase in ::::Hermissenda::::