Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 2, Issue 4

283 -- 289Roger D. Traub. Model of synchronized population bursts in electrically coupled interneurons containing active dendritic conductances
291 -- 298Roger D. Traub, Richard Miles. Pyramidal cell-to-inhibitory cell spike transduction explicable by active dendritic conductances in inhibitory cell
299 -- 312Victoria Booth, John Rinzel. A minimal, compartmental model for a dendritic origin of bistability of motoneuron firing patterns
313 -- 334Michael A. Lebedev, Randall Nelson. Rhythmically firing (20-50 Hz) neurons in monkey primary somatosensory cortex: Activity patterns during initiation of vibratory-cued hand movements
335 -- 343Michele Migliore, F. Alicata, G. F. Ayala. A model for long-term potentiation and depression

Volume 2, Issue 3

175 -- 193Joshua Heller, John A. Hertz, Troels W. Kjær, Barry J. Richmond. Information flow and temporal coding in primate pattern vision
195 -- 214Rolf Kötter, Jeff Wickens. Interactions of glutamate and dopamine in a computational model of the striatum
215 -- 235Farzan Nadim, Øystein H. Olsen, Erik De Schutter, Ronald L. Calabrese. Modeling the leech heartbeat elemental oscillator I. Interactions of intrinsic and synaptic currents
237 -- 257Øystein H. Olsen, Farzan Nadim, Ronald L. Calabrese. Modeling the leech heartbeat elemental oscillator II. Exploring the parameter space
259 -- 272Alessandro Treves. Quantitative estimate of the information relayed by the Schaffer collaterals
273 -- 274Daniel Johnston. Book review
275 -- 0Paul F. Pinsky, John Rinzel. Intrinsic and network rhythmogenesis in a reduced traub model for CA3 neurons

Volume 2, Issue 2

91 -- 115Charles J. Wilson. Dynamic modification of dendritic cable properties and synaptic transmission by voltage-gated potassium channels
117 -- 130Idan Segev, Alon Friedman, Edward L. White, Michael J. Gutnick. Electrical consequences of spine dimensions in a model of a cortical spiny stellate cell completely reconstructed from serial thin sections
131 -- 147Angel A. Caputi, Ruben Budelli. Gymnotus carapo
149 -- 162Frédéric E. Theunissen, John P. Miller. Temporal encoding in nervous systems: A rigorous definition

Volume 2, Issue 1

5 -- 18Alexander Borst, Martin Egelhaaf, Jürgen Haag. Mechanisms of dendritic integration underlying gain control in fly motion-sensitive interneurons
19 -- 44Robert J. Butera, John W. Clark, Carmen C. Canavier, Douglas A. Baxter, John H. Byrne. Analysis of the effects of modulatory agents on a modeled bursting neuron: Dynamic interactions between voltage and calcium dependent systems
45 -- 62Bruno A. Olshausen, Charles H. Anderson, David C. Van Essen. A multiscale dynamic routing circuit for forming size- and position-invariant object representations
63 -- 82Christof Koch, Öjvind Bernander, Rodney J. Douglas. Do neurons have a voltage or a current threshold for action potential initiation?