Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 22, Issue 3

239 -- 254Thomas J. Anastasio, Yash P. Gad. Sparse cerebellar innervation can morph the dynamics of a model oculomotor neural integrator
255 -- 282Axel Thielscher, Heiko Neumann. A computational model to link psychophysics and cortical cell activation patterns in human texture processing
283 -- 296Patrick D. Roberts. Stability of complex spike timing-dependent plasticity in cerebellar learning
297 -- 299Mathias Franzius, Roland Vollgraf, Laurenz Wiskott. From grids to places
301 -- 312Jun-nosuke Teramae, Tomoki Fukai. Local cortical circuit model inferred from power-law distributed neuronal avalanches
313 -- 326Niloy Bhadra, Emily A. Lahowetz, Stephen T. Foldes, Kevin L. Kilgore. Simulation of high-frequency sinusoidal electrical block of mammalian myelinated axons
327 -- 345Naoki Masuda, Hiroshi Kori. Formation of feedforward networks and frequency synchrony by spike-timing-dependent plasticity
347 -- 361Jason J. Kutch, Nina L. Suresh, Anthony M. Bloch, William Z. Rymer. Analysis of the effects of firing rate and synchronization on spike-triggered averaging of multidirectional motor unit torque

Volume 22, Issue 2

105 -- 128H. Kager, W. J. Wadman, G. G. Somjen. Seizure-like afterdischarges simulated in a model neuron
129 -- 133Lubica Benuskova, Wickliffe C. Abraham. STDP rule endowed with the BCM sliding threshold accounts for hippocampal heterosynaptic plasticity
135 -- 146Martin Rehn, Friedrich T. Sommer. A network that uses few active neurones to code visual input predicts the diverse shapes of cortical receptive fields
147 -- 160Poorvi Kaushik, Fredric Gorin, Shireen Vali. Dynamics of tyrosine hydroxylase mediated regulation of dopamine synthesis
161 -- 171Julie S. Haas, Alan D. Dorval II, John A. White. Contributions of ::::I:::: ::h:: to feature selectivity in layer II stellate cells of the entorhinal cortex
173 -- 189Michael H. K. Bendels, Christian Leibold. Generation of theta oscillations by weakly coupled neural oscillators in the presence of noise
191 -- 209Gerald P. Keith, Michael A. Smith, J. Douglas Crawford. Functional organization within a neural network trained to update target representations across 3-D saccades
211 -- 222Joël Tabak, Natalia Toporikova, Marc E. Freeman, Richard Bertram. Low dose of dopamine may stimulate prolactin secretion by increasing fast potassium currents
223 -- 238Sharmila Venugopal, Joseph B. Travers, David H. Terman. A computational model for motor pattern switching between taste-induced ingestion and rejection oromotor behaviors

Volume 22, Issue 1

5 -- 19Danko Nikolic. Non-parametric detection of temporal order across pairwise measurements of time delays
21 -- 38M. Zheng, W. Ottor Friesen, T. Iwasaki. Systems-level modeling of neuronal circuits for leech swimming
39 -- 61Juan Gao, Philip Holmes. On the dynamics of electrically-coupled neurons with inhibitory synapses
63 -- 80Mark A. Kramer, Andrew J. Szeri, James W. Sleigh, Heidi E. Kirsch. Mechanisms of seizure propagation in a cortical model
81 -- 100Aaditya V. Rangan, David Cai. Fast numerical methods for simulating large-scale integrate-and-fire neuronal networks