Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 26, Issue 3

331 -- 338Changfeng Tai, Jicheng Wang, James R. Roppolo, William C. de Groat. Relationship between temperature and stimulation frequency in conduction block of amphibian myelinated axon
339 -- 368Chin-Yueh Liu, Duane Q. Nykamp. A kinetic theory approach to capturing interneuronal correlation: the feed-forward case
369 -- 392Srdjan Ostojic, Nicolas Brunel, Vincent Hakim. Synchronization properties of networks of electrically coupled neurons in the presence of noise and heterogeneities
393 -- 407Bastian Epp, Jesko L. Verhey. Superposition of masking releases
409 -- 423G. Zheng, Arnaud Tonnelier, Dominique Martinez. Voltage-stepping schemes for the simulation of spiking neural networks
425 -- 443Cheng Ly, Bard Ermentrout. Synchronization dynamics of two coupled neural oscillators receiving shared and unshared noisy stimuli
445 -- 457Fabien Marpeau, Aditya Barua, Kresimir Josic. A finite volume method for stochastic integrate-and-fire models
459 -- 473Chuang-Chung J. Lee, Mihai Anton, Chi-Sang Poon, Gregory J. McRae. A kinetic model unifying presynaptic short-term facilitation and depression
475 -- 493Enrique Alvarez-Lacalle, E. Moses. Slow and fast pulses in 1-D cultures of excitatory neurons

Volume 26, Issue 2

159 -- 170John R. Cressman Jr., Ghanim Ullah, Jokubas Ziburkus, Steven J. Schiff, Ernest Barreto. The influence of sodium and potassium dynamics on excitability, seizures, and the stability of persistent states: I. Single neuron dynamics
171 -- 183Ghanim Ullah, John R. Cressman Jr., Ernest Barreto, Steven J. Schiff. The influence of sodium and potassium dynamics on excitability, seizures, and the stability of persistent states: II. Network and glial dynamics
185 -- 202Keisuke Ota, Toshiaki Omori, Toru Aonishi. MAP estimation algorithm for phase response curves based on analysis of the observation process
203 -- 218Tatyana O. Sharpee, Jonathan D. Victor. Contextual modulation of V1 receptive fields depends on their spatial symmetry
219 -- 249Adrien Wohrer, Pierre Kornprobst. ::::Virtual Retina:::: : A biological retina model and simulator, with contrast gain control
251 -- 269Roberto C. Sotero, Nelson J. Trujillo-Barreto, Juan C. Jiménez, Felix Carbonell, Rafael Rodriguez-Rojas. Identification and comparison of stochastic metabolic/hemodynamic models (sMHM) for the generation of the BOLD signal
271 -- 287Wei Zhu, Michael Shelley, Robert Shapley. A neuronal network model of primary visual cortex explains spatial frequency selectivity
289 -- 301Klaus M. Stiefel, Boris S. Gutkin, Terrence J. Sejnowski. The effects of cholinergic neuromodulation on neuronal phase-response curves of modeled cortical neurons
303 -- 320Myongkeun Oh, Victor Matveev. Loss of phase-locking in non-weakly coupled inhibitory networks of type-I model neurons
321 -- 329Andrea K. Barreiro, Jared C. Bronski, Thomas J. Anastasio. Bifurcation theory explains waveform variability in a congenital eye movement disorder

Volume 26, Issue 1

1 -- 19Dong Song, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis, Theodore W. Berger. Parametric and non-parametric modeling of short-term synaptic plasticity. Part I: computational study
21 -- 37Dong Song, Zhuo Wang, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis, Theodore W. Berger. Parametric and non-parametric modeling of short-term synaptic plasticity. Part II: Experimental study
39 -- 53C. B. Roberts, M. P. O Boyle, K. J. Suter. Dendrites determine the contribution of after depolarization potentials (ADPs) to generation of repetitive action potentials in hypothalamic gonadotropin releasing-hormone (GnRH) neurons
55 -- 73Mauro Ursino, Cristiano Cuppini, Elisa Magosso, Andrea Serino, Giuseppe Di Pellegrino. Multisensory integration in the superior colliculus: a neural network model
75 -- 90Robert Clewley, Cristina Soto-Treviño, Farzan Nadim. Dominant ionic mechanisms explored in spiking and bursting using local low-dimensional reductions of a biophysically realistic model neuron
91 -- 107Marco Pirini, Laura Rocchi, Mariachiara Sensi, Lorenzo Chiari. A computational modelling approach to investigate different targets in deep brain stimulation for Parkinson s disease
109 -- 118Xavier Vasques, Laura Cif, Olivier Hess, Sophie Gavarini, Gérard Mennessier, Philippe Coubes. Stereotactic model of the electrical distribution within the internal globus pallidus during deep brain stimulation
119 -- 138Wilsaan M. Joiner, Mark Shelhamer. A model of time estimation and error feedback in predictive timing behavior
139 -- 147G. G. Somjen, H. Kager, W. J. Wadman. Calcium sensitive non-selective cation current promotes seizure-like discharges and spreading depression in a model neuron
149 -- 155Conor Houghton. Studying spike trains using a van Rossum metric with a synapse-like filter
157 -- 0William H. Nesse, Alla Borisyuk, Paul C. Bressloff. Fluctuation-driven rhythmogenesis in an excitatory neuronal network with slow adaptation