Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 30, Issue 3

515 -- 528Natalia Toporikova, Robert J. Butera. Two types of independent bursting mechanisms in inspiratory neurons: an integrative model
529 -- 542Huan Wang, Michael Isik, Alexander Borst, Werner Hemmert. Auditory information coding by modeled cochlear nucleus neurons
543 -- 553Wen-Zhong Liu, Wei Jing, Hao Li, Hai-Qing Gong, Pei-Ji Liang. Spatial and temporal correlations of spike trains in frog retinal ganglion cells
555 -- 565Jasper Schuurmans, Frans C. T. van der Helm, Alfred C. Schouten. Relating reflex gain modulation in posture control to underlying neural network properties using a neuromusculoskeletal model
567 -- 587Daqing Guo, Chunguang Li. Signal propagation in feedforward neuronal networks with unreliable synapses
589 -- 605Jean-Philippe Thivierge, Paul Cisek. Spiking neurons that keep the rhythm
607 -- 632Jonathan E. Rubin, Bartholomew J. Bacak, Yaroslav I. Molkov, Natalia Shevtsova, Jeffrey C. Smith, Ilya A. Rybak. Interacting oscillations in neural control of breathing: modeling and qualitative analysis
633 -- 658Volker Steuber, Nathan W. Schultheiss, Angus Silver, Erik De Schutter, Dieter Jaeger. Determinants of synaptic integration and heterogeneity in rebound firing explored with data-driven models of deep cerebellar nucleus cells
659 -- 674Hojeong Kim, Kelvin E. Jones. Asymmetric electrotonic coupling between the soma and dendrites alters the bistable firing behaviour of reduced models
675 -- 697Alexander Hanuschkin, J. Michael Herrmann, Abigail Morrison, Markus Diesmann. Compositionality of arm movements can be realized by propagating synchrony
699 -- 720Yibi Huang, Yali Amit. Capacity analysis in multi-state synaptic models: a retrieval probability perspective
721 -- 728Robert D. Stewart, Kevin N. Gurney. Spiking neural network simulation: memory-optimal synaptic event scheduling
729 -- 745Abdul-Khaliq, Frank Jenkins, Mark DeCoster, Weizhong Dai. A new 3D mass diffusion-reaction model in the neuromuscular junction
747 -- 758Kristofor D. Carlson, Nicholas Giordano. Interplay of the magnitude and time-course of postsynaptic Ca:::2 + ::: concentration in producing spike timing-dependent plasticity
759 -- 778Herman van der Kooij, Robert J. Peterka. Non-linear stimulus-response behavior of the human stance control system is predicted by optimization of a system with sensory and motor noise
779 -- 0Aurel Vasile Martiniuc, Günther Zeck, Wolfgang Stürzl, Alois Knoll. Erratum: Sharpening of directional selectivity from neural output of rabbit retina
781 -- 0John R. Cressman Jr., Ghanim Ullah, Jokubas Ziburkus, Steven J. Schiff, Ernest Barreto. Erratum to: The influence of sodium and potassium dynamics on excitability, seizures, and the stability of persistent states: I. Single neuron dynamics

Volume 30, Issue 2

211 -- 223Cheng Ly, Tamar Melman, Alison L. Barth, G. Bard Ermentrout. Phase-resetting curve determines how BK currents affect neuronal firing
225 -- 240Amit Lal, Yoshitaka Oku, Swen Hülsmann, Yasumasa Okada, Fumikazu Miwakeichi, Shigeharu Kawai, Yoshiyasu Tamura, Makio Ishiguro. Dual oscillator model of the respiratory neuronal network generating quantal slowing of respiratory rhythm
241 -- 254Joon Ha, Alexey Kuznetsov. Frequency switching in a two-compartmental model of the dopaminergic neuron
255 -- 278Silvia Daun-Gruhn. A mathematical modeling study of inter-segmental coordination during stick insect walking
279 -- 299Michael Chrostowski, Le Yang, Hugh R. Wilson, Ian C. Bruce, Suzanna Becker. Can homeostatic plasticity in deafferented primary auditory cortex lead to travelling waves of excitation?
301 -- 321Eric B. Hendrickson, Jeremy R. Edgerton, Dieter Jaeger. The capabilities and limitations of conductance-based compartmental neuron models with reduced branched or unbranched morphologies and active dendrites
323 -- 360William Erik Sherwood, Ronald M. Harris-Warrick, John Guckenheimer. Synaptic patterning of left-right alternation in a computational model of the rodent hindlimb central pattern generator
361 -- 371Henry C. Tuckwell, Jürgen Jost. The effects of various spatial distributions of weak noise on rhythmic spiking
373 -- 390Srisairam Achuthan, Robert J. Butera, Carmen C. Canavier. Synaptic and intrinsic determinants of the phase resetting curve for weak coupling
391 -- 408Robert Clewley. Encoding the fine-structured mechanism of action potential dynamics with qualitative motifs
409 -- 426Aurel Vasile Martiniuc, Alois Knoll. Sharpening of directional selectivity from neural output of rabbit retina
427 -- 445Lakshmi Chandrasekaran, Srisairam Achuthan, Carmen C. Canavier. Stability of two cluster solutions in pulse coupled networks of neural oscillators
447 -- 454Dirk Fey, Sean Commins, Eric Bullinger. Feedback control strategies for spatial navigation revealed by dynamic modelling of learning in the Morris water maze
455 -- 469Patrick J. Bradley, Kurt Wiesenfeld, Robert J. Butera. Effects of heterogeneity in synaptic conductance between weakly coupled identical neurons
471 -- 487Beth A. Lopour, Savas Tasoglu, Heidi E. Kirsch, James W. Sleigh, Andrew J. Szeri. A continuous mapping of sleep states through association of EEG with a mesoscale cortical model
489 -- 499Harel Z. Shouval, Jeffrey P. Gavornik. A single spiking neuron that can represent interval timing: analysis, plasticity and multi-stability
501 -- 513Jeffrey P. Gavornik, Harel Z. Shouval. A network of spiking neurons that can represent interval timing: mean field analysis

Volume 30, Issue 1

1 -- 5Alexander G. Dimitrov, Aurel A. Lazar, Jonathan D. Victor. Information theory in neuroscience
7 -- 16Pierre-Olivier Amblard, Olivier J. J. Michel. On directed information theory and Granger causality graphs
17 -- 44Christopher J. Quinn, Todd P. Coleman, Negar Kiyavash, Nicholas G. Hatsopoulos. Estimating the directed information to infer causal relationships in ensemble neural spike train recordings
45 -- 67Raul Vicente, Michael Wibral, Michael Lindner, Gordon Pipa. Transfer entropy - a model-free measure of effective connectivity for the neurosciences
69 -- 84Samuel A. Neymotin, Kimberle M. Jacobs, André A. Fenton, William W. Lytton. Synaptic information transfer in computer models of neocortical columns
85 -- 107Joseph T. Lizier, Jakob Heinzle, Annette Horstmann, John-Dylan Haynes, Mikhail Prokopenko. Multivariate information-theoretic measures reveal directed information structure and task relevant changes in fMRI connectivity
109 -- 124Simo Vanni, Tom Rosenström. Local non-linear interactions in the visual cortex may reflect global decorrelation
125 -- 141Ifije E. Ohiorhenuan, Jonathan D. Victor. Information-geometric measure of 3-neuron firing patterns characterizes scale-dependence in cortical networks
143 -- 161Anmo J. Kim, Aurel A. Lazar, Yevgeniy B. Slutskiy. System identification of ::::Drosophila:::: olfactory sensory neurons
163 -- 179Alexander G. Dimitrov, Graham I. Cummins, Aditi Baker, Zane Aldworth. Characterizing the fine structure of a neural sensory code through information distortion
181 -- 200Jeremy Lewi, David M. Schneider, Sarah M. N. Woolley, Liam Paninski. Automating the design of informative sequences of sensory stimuli
201 -- 209James B. Gillespie, Conor Houghton. A metric space approach to the information channel capacity of spike trains