Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 31, Issue 3

453 -- 484Jonathan Touboul, G. Bard Ermentrout. Finite-size and correlation-induced effects in mean-field dynamics
485 -- 507Jonathan Touboul, Olivier D. Faugeras. A Markovian event-based framework for stochastic spiking neural networks
509 -- 532Alexander Hanuschkin, Markus Diesmann, Abigail Morrison. A reafferent and feed-forward model of song syntax generation in the Bengalese finch
533 -- 545Stefan Lang, Panos Drouvelis, Enkelejda Tafaj, Peter Bastian, Bert J. Sakmann. Fast extraction of neuron morphologies from large-scale SBFSEM image stacks
547 -- 561Tatiana Kameneva, Hamish Meffin, Anthony N. Burkitt. Modelling intrinsic electrophysiological properties of ON and OFF retinal ganglion cells
563 -- 579Patrick Jahn, Rune W. Berg, Jørn Hounsgaard, Susanne Ditlevsen. Motoneuron membrane potentials follow a time inhomogeneous jump diffusion process
581 -- 594Shahid Khan, Yixiao Zou, Asma Amjad, Ailia Gardezi, Carolyn L. Smith, Christine Winters, Thomas S. Reese. Sequestration of CaMKII in dendritic spines in silico
595 -- 607Christophe Magnani, Lee E. Moore. Quadratic sinusoidal analysis of voltage clamped neurons
609 -- 613Ranjit Arulnayagam Thuraisingham. Analytical expressions for the transfer matrix to standardize scalp potentials to infinity reference
615 -- 623Changfeng Tai, Dong Guo, Jicheng Wang, James R. Roppolo, William C. de Groat. Mechanism of conduction block in amphibian myelinated axon induced by biphasic electrical current at ultra-high frequency
625 -- 645Mini Kurian, Sharon M. Crook, Ranu Jung. Motoneuron model of self-sustained firing after spinal cord injury
647 -- 666David Arthur Stanley, Berj L. Bardakjian, Mark L. Spano, William L. Ditto. Stochastic amplification of calcium-activated potassium currents in Ca2+ microdomains
667 -- 677Woochang Lim, Sang-Yoon Kim. Statistical-mechanical measure of stochastic spiking coherence in a population of inhibitory subthreshold neurons
679 -- 684Peter Neal Taylor, Gerold Baier. A spatially extended model for macroscopic spike-wave discharges
685 -- 699Yili Zhang, Jorge Golowasch. Recovery of rhythmic activity in a central pattern generator: analysis of the role of neuromodulator and activity-dependent mechanisms
701 -- 711Natalia Toporikova, Tzu-Hsin Tsao, Terrence Michael Wright Jr., Robert J. Butera. Conflicting effects of excitatory synaptic and electric coupling on the dynamics of square-wave bursters
713 -- 724Marifi Güler. Persistent membranous cross correlations due to the multiplicity of gates in ion channels
725 -- 748Wei Wu, Anuj Srivastava. An information-geometric framework for statistical inferences in the neural spike train space

Volume 31, Issue 2

159 -- 182Tamara Perez-Rosello, John L. Baker, Michele Ferrante, Satish Iyengar, Giorgio A. Ascoli, Germán Barrionuevo. Passive and active shaping of unitary responses from associational/commissural and perforant path synapses in hippocampal CA3 pyramidal cells
183 -- 0John L. Baker, Tamara Perez-Rosello, Michele Migliore, Germán Barrionuevo, Giorgio A. Ascoli. Erratum to: Journal of Computational Neuroscience, DOI 10.1007/s10827-010-0303-y and DOI 10.1007/s10827-010-0304-x
185 -- 197G. Bard Ermentrout, Bryce Beverlin II, Todd Troyer, Theoden I. Netoff. The variance of phase-resetting curves
199 -- 227Rémi Monasson, Simona Cocco. Fast inference of interactions in assemblies of stochastic integrate-and-fire neurons from spike recordings
229 -- 245Pierre Yger, Sami El Boustani, Alain Destexhe, Yves Frégnac. Topologically invariant macroscopic statistics in balanced networks of conductance-based integrate-and-fire neurons
247 -- 271Boyuan Yan, Peng Li. Reduced order modeling of passive and quasi-active dendrites for nervous system simulation
273 -- 284Patrick Martineau. The Wagon Wheel Illusions and models of orientation selection
285 -- 304Cyrille Zbinden. Leader neurons in leaky integrate and fire neural network simulations
305 -- 328Justin R. Dunmyre, Christopher A. Del Negro, Jonathan E. Rubin. Interactions of persistent sodium and calcium-activated nonspecific cationic currents yield dynamically distinct bursting regimes in a model of respiratory neurons
329 -- 346Eric B. Hendrickson, Jeremy R. Edgerton, Dieter Jaeger. The use of automated parameter searches to improve ion channel kinetics for neural modeling
347 -- 368Atiyeh Ghoreyshi, Henrietta L. Galiana. Automatic classification and robust identification of vestibulo-ocular reflex responses: from theory to practice - Introducing GNL-HybELS
369 -- 383Oscar Avila Akerberg, Maurice J. Chacron. In vivo conditions influence the coding of stimulus features by bursts of action potentials
385 -- 400Sherry-Ann Brown, Ion I. Moraru, James C. Schaff, Leslie M. Loew. Virtual NEURON: a strategy for merged biochemical and electrophysiological modeling
401 -- 418Michael Marmaduke Woodman, Carmen C. Canavier. Effects of conduction delays on the existence and stability of one to one phase locking between two pulse-coupled oscillators
419 -- 440Selva K. Maran, Fred H. Sieling, Kavita Demla, Astrid A. Prinz, Carmen C. Canavier. Responses of a bursting pacemaker to excitation reveal spatial segregation between bursting and spiking mechanisms
441 -- 451Louis Nadeau, Didier Mouginot. New determinants of firing rates and patterns of vasopressinergic magnocellular neurons: predictions using a mathematical model of osmodetection

Volume 31, Issue 1

1 -- 12Michael J. Byrne, M. Neal Waxham, Yoshihisa Kubota. The impacts of geometry and binding on CaMKII diffusion and retention in dendritic spines
13 -- 30Michiel W. H. Remme, John Rinzel. Role of active dendritic conductances in subthreshold input integration
31 -- 42Myongkeun Oh, Victor Matveev. Non-weak inhibition and phase resetting at negative values of phase in cells with fast-slow dynamics at hyperpolarized potentials
43 -- 60Silvia Daun-Gruhn, Tibor Istvan Tóth. An inter-segmental network model and its use in elucidating gait-switches in the stick insect
61 -- 71Hui-Ying Wu, Peter A. Robinson, Jong Won Kim. Firing responses of bursting neurons with delayed feedback
73 -- 86Jeremie Lefebvre, André Longtin, Victor G. LeBlanc. Neural adaptation facilitates oscillatory responses to static inputs in a recurrent network of ON and OFF cells
87 -- 103Sachin S. Talathi, Paul R. Carney, Pramod P. Khargonekar. Control of neural synchrony using channelrhodopsin-2: a computational study
117 -- 136Xiangying Meng, Qishao Lu, John Rinzel. Control of firing patterns by two transient potassium currents: leading spike, latency, bistability
137 -- 158John L. Baker, Tamara Perez-Rosello, Michele Migliore, Germán Barrionuevo, Giorgio A. Ascoli. A computer model of unitary responses from associational/commissural and perforant path synapses in hippocampal CA3 pyramidal cells